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Cognex Machine Vision
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The In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet Standard product class gives new In-Sight users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems. With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder and spreadsheet interfaces, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application, step by step in EasyBuilder and spreadsheet programming best practices.

80/20 Black Anodized Profiles and Parts

Low reflective and sophisticated finish - IN STOCK

80/20 has expanded their stock of black anodized profiles. With over 1,000 items in the black anodize line, 80/20 makes it easy to design your custom project. Choose from architectural or organic anodizing processes; both meet Military Spec 8625.

Black anodize is ideal for low reflective projects, photo booths, military applications and vision systems. It adds a sleek look to any project and is commonly used in furniture and displays because of its aesthetic appearance.

By stocking these materials and machining them AFTER the anodize process, we can offer significant savings and faster turnaround times.

Exlar logo Powerful Electric Actuators Replace Hydraulics
FT Series Roller Screw Actuators


The FT Series delivers high load capacity, high speed, and exceptionally long life compared to acme and ball screw solutions. At equivalent sizes, under moderate to heavy loads, you can expect the FT Series to deliver up to 15 times the working life of other solutions. Greater power, exceptional durability and a much smaller footprint make the FT series a superior electric alternative to hydraulics.


Exlar FT Series force tubes use a roller screw mounted inside a telescoping tube mechanism. The follower is attached to the moveable force tube, which then extends and retracts as the screw rotates.

Exlar� electric actuators perform on Sim-zilla, an extreme racing simulator.
  • Maximum force up to 40,000lbf (177 kN)
  • Speeds up to 59.3 in/s (1500 mm/s)
  • Strokes up to 96 in (2400 mm)
  • Sealed housing options for severe environments
  • Multiple models and sizes with planetary roller screw drive


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Single-point Laser Measurement for 3D Thickness, Height and Surface Roughness
Gocator 1300 Series Displacement Sensors

Gocator displacement sensors are non-contact laser distance measurement devices that are ideal for determining 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness. The sensors operate at speeds up to 32,000 Hz and ideal for closed loop control or inline inspection of manufactured parts. These sensors are available in various pre-calibrated models for different measuring ranges and resolutions and include built-in support for encoders and multi-sensor synchronization to support demanding inspection needs.


Ideal for real-time closed-loop automation, Gocator displacement sensors operate at exceptionally high speeds. They are ideal for in-line inspection, non-contact dimensional measurements, such as height and thickness, or surface roughness. Important features include:

Gocator Profile Mode allows you to generate part profiles
  • Pre-calibrated and ready to measure
  • Scalable to a synchronized multiple sensor network
  • Small footprint
  • Set-up and control via a web browser
  • Rich I/O and PLC support
  • Open source SDK

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Cognex Machine Vision Win a chance to increase efficiency and improve product quality on your manufacturing line

In-Sight vision systems deliver unmatched ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These stand-alone systems combine a library of advanced vision tools and image acquisition and processing to speed production, minimize defects and reduce costs on your production line.

Complete the form below and enter to win an ultra-compact five megapixel (MP) In-Sight 8405 to put on your line. This system features a flexible form factor which can be deployed at angles up to 45 degrees and delivers high-performance vision tools and high resolution - ideal for integrating into any space.


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Click the button on the right and enter to win the In-Sight 8405. Overcome your toughest inspection and defect detection challenges using the smallest stand-alone 5MP vision system!

Meet the Winner of Our "Meet the Robot" Drawing

Every customer that had requested an in-house demonstration of the Epson Robot capabilities by June 30th were entered to win an Epson All-In-One Printer.


Congratulations to Brian Travis of Industrial Design and Fabrication  in McEwen Tennessee - enjoy your printer!


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