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Employee Spotlight
Rob McIver, Account Manager


He holds a patent for a leaning vehicle suspension system, built a Ducati trike, put together a home studio and is building his own DIY synthesizer and drum machine.  All this in his spare time.  That's the kind of guy you want helping with your automation needs.  


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Cognex Machine VisionIn-Sight 5705 5 Megapixel Vision Systems
World's fastest stand-alone 5MP vision systems


The In-Sight 5705 series offers high performance with high resolution making it the fastest 5MP self contained vision system in the world. The In-Sight 5705 color is the only standalone 5 MP color vision system in the world! Both systems support Gigabit Ethernet and the new blazing fast PatMax® Redline™ tool.


The In-Sight 5705 series' dramatic speed increase reduces cycle times or allows more time for running more detailed inspections. Like all In-Sight vision systems, these 5MP models are conveniently set up with In-Sight Explorer software.


In-Sight 5705C true 24-bit color processing provides True Color Filtering and easy-to-use Color ID and Color Extraction tools make color inspections easier than ever


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Cognex Machine VisionDataMan 150/260 Series Barcode Readers
High-speed reading of the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes


DataMan 150/260 series fixed-mount barcode readers achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms.


1DMax™ with Hotbars II™ and 2DMax® with patent-pending PowerGrid™ technology decode damaged or poorly printed 1-D and 2-D codes, despite code quality, printing method or surface that the codes are marked on, and can even read 2-D codes without visible perimeters or quiet zones.


  • Straight or right-angled configurations 
  • Modular lighting and optics
  • Tune and Trigger buttons for easy setup

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Piab logo Piab Value Line
 Good performance at a value price

The new Value Line products, comprising of 21 suction cups and 2 small light-weight ejectors


The suction cups are available in flat-concave, bellows and long bellows shapes with diameters from 20-75 mm. The durable TPE-U material provides good wear resistance.


The small and lightweight vacuum ejectors can be installed directly on the hose very close to the point of vacuum. This feature provides the benefit of faster evacuation times to keep up with higher cycling machine speeds. The inline vacuum ejectors are also suitable for cleanroom environments and are ideal for applications in the range of 20-50% vacuum levels.


This product line is ideal for more basic applications, where machine speeds and surfaces to be gripped are less challenging, such as with case/carton erectors, loading/unloading or sorting sheets into metal forming machines and parts removal from injection molds.  All products are available globally with "off-the-shelf" delivery.


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The BEST 80/20 Picture Contest

Send us your 80/20 project

Our Best 80/20 Picture winner this month also included a video and comes from Joe Scoccimaro at Peachtree Tooling.  Joe utilized 80/20 extrusion to fabricate end of arm tooling to allow an Epson robot to load and unload forming and bending machine for automotive trim pieces. 


Send a picture of your 80/20 project to ACS along with a one sentence description.  Each month we will draw a winner from that month's pictures, and they will receive a unique 80/20 desk organizer.

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Cognex Machine Vision
In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet 4-Day Training
Cognex Training
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The In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet Standard product class gives new In-Sight users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems. With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder and spreadsheet interfaces, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application, step by step in EasyBuilder and spreadsheet programming best practices.

Introduction to Machine Vision Workshop 
Join us for this 1-day introduction to machine vision workshop.

What you will learn & do... 

* Hands-on-training of the Cognex software 
* Review principles with live examples of lighting techniques 
* Perform advanced vision inspection on your PC 
* Learn how to use the most common inspection tools 
* Solve multiple hands on applications 
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