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80/20 Design Team
Bruce, Jeremiah and Joseph combine their application, technical and design expertise to make up our 80/20 design and Application Team.
Cognex Machine VisionEnter to Win an In-Sight 7000 for Your
Manufacturing Line
Get the benefits of autofocus, flexible lighting and smart tools at no cost


The completely integrated In-Sight´┐Ż 7000 feature autofocus, fast image capture, integrated lighting and lens with powerful vision tools for inspection, color, OCR applications and more. You can also power and control a range of external lighting - all in a compact, industrial IP67 package.


For a Limited Time - Simply enter for your chance to win an In-Sight 7000!



Epson LS Series SCARA Robots 

High performance at a low price

Epson LS high performance, low cost SCARA robots are perfect for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance.


LS3 SCARA arms come with a 400mm arm length and LS6 SCARA arms come with a 600mm arm length and ISO 4 Clean models are available for both sizes.


When price/performance is critical the LS is the robot of choice, combined with our low cost, high performance RC90 Controller that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use and reliability all at an incredibly low price.


*ACS has a gently used LS3 Demonstration unit available at a discounted price.


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Exlar logo Tritex II AC Linear Actuator

Industry's most compact all-in-one actuator - AC POWERED!

TheTritex II Series actuators integrate an AC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear actuator in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Now you can distribute motion control and solve your application with one integrated device. Simply connect AC power, I/O, communications and go!

By combining the latest electronic power technology with advanced thermal management modeling technology, Exlar's has set a new benchmark for electric actuator performance versus size. 


Because the new AC powered Tritex II houses the servo drive, digital positioner, and actuator all in one convenient package, you eliminate the labor costs for mounting and wiring the panels.  Dramatically Reduce Space Requirements - Tritex II electric actuators are the highest power density, smallest footprint servo drive devices on the market, dramatically reducing the space requirements.


Murr Elektronic Connectivity Solutions
The choice between Discrete Wired and Pre-wired Passive Distribution


Discrete Wired


-  Changing wire Schematic

-  Exhaustive Bills of Materials

-  Many Individual Parts

-  Complicated Mechanical Process

-  Difficult Troubleshooting


Pre-Wired Passive Distribution


-  Predictable Components

-  Predictable Bills of Materials

-  Only One Part

-  Reduced Mechanical Efforts

-  Easy Troubleshooting with LEDs


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Cognex Machine Vision
Introduction to Machine Vision Workshop
February 19th, Marietta, GA
Cognex Training Join us for this 1-day introduction to machine vision workshop.
* Hands-on-training of the Cognex software
* Review principles with live examples of lighting techniques 
* Perform advanced vision inspection on your PC 
* Learn how to use the most common inspection tools 
* Solve multiple hands on applications 
* Learn to setup communications with the Cognex Insight Software

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