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ACS is Now an Authorized 80/20 Distributor 

The Industrial Erector Set

80/20 modular aluminum framing is a universal construction system that can be used to build virtually anything; the only limitation is your imagination.


ACS is now a local resource for the 80/20 modular T - slotted aluminum framing system throughout Georgia and Tennessee.


Offered in both inch and metric profiles, it is an extremely cost-efficient solution to building machine frames, guards, work stations, retrofit projects and more. 80/20's modularity is based upon the T-slot concept of their profiles. The "T" shaped slots present on all 80/20 profiles allow for infinite positioning along the axis.


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Cognex Machine VisionDataMan 8600V Handheld Verifier
Ensure data matrix code quality and contract compliance

Cognex DataMan 8600V Series Verifiers deliver a portable and compliant handheld verifier with superior ease of use and cost effectiveness. This enables manufacturers to perform verification on the factory floor, rather than at a remote or fixed verification station.

The DataMan 8600V is both a calibrated AIM-DPM verifier and a handheld barcode reader in one device. The 8600V is available in corded USB, RS-232 or Ethernet versions, and comes with a snap on 8600 Stand-Off accessory that allows the verifier to maintain a fixed distance and controlled 30 degree angle lighting relative to the Data Matrix code.

Integrated Light:
 30 dark field lighting is ideal for verifying nameplates and other flat parts
Mechanical Standoff:  Ensures uniform illumination and a fixed working distance
Reliable:  Compliant results to the AIM DPM Quality Guideline 2006-1

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TSLOT Extrusion LED Light Series
Adaptive LED illumination
Smart Vision Lights' new TSLOT Series of linear lights are specifically designed to slide directly into the T-channel of the most popular extrusion manufacturers including 80/20.  It offers the ability to direct-connect up to 6 modules lengths of 300mm to 1800mm are achievable in 300mm increments.  

Simple to mount and easy to use, the TSLOT lights are ideal for use in applications that include limited-distance or tight areas such as control panels and under-conveyor requirements.  
  • LED lighting slides into the extrusion; no extra mounting needed  
  • Low-voltage 24V DC keeps installation green
  • Able to direct-connect up to 6 modules with one 24V power supply
  • Cost- and energy-saving replacement for fluorescent lighting
  • Simple to mount and easy to use
  • Suitable to illuminate robotic work cells by embedding in gating
  • Ideal for use in tight areas such as control panels and under-conveyor
MidOpt Machine Vision Filters

Image quality begins with MidOpt filters


MidOpt provides filters, lenses and accessories for machine vision systems. MidOpt Filters are available in shortpass, longpass, bandpass, polarizing, neutral density, IR and UV types. Most types and sizes are in stock for same-day shipping to anywhere in the world.  


MidOpt's machine vision filters increase the contrast of the subject under inspection, improving the ability of the system to distinguish desired characteristics. Increased contrast allows for increased accuracy and speed.


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