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Employee Spotlight
Thomas Pilliod, Account Manager


In this month's Employee spotlight, Thomas tells us, 'Technically I've been a part of ACS for 18 years - actually working here full time for 14 months".  


Find out how that can be possible and read more about Thomas.


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Cognex Machine VisionIn-Sight Micro 1500 Accelerates Vision System Performance
Cognex introduces high-acquisition speed vision system


The high-acquisition speed In-Sight� Micro 1500 is a compact, smart-camera vision system that achieves acquisition speeds greater than 200 frames per second (fps).


The In-Sight Micro 1500 combines fast acquisition speeds with high power processing to carry out inspection tasks on every item, on even the fastest production lines. This allows food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers to distribute inspection at critical points along very high-throughput production lines to improve product quality and reduce costs. 


In-Sight Micro packs a complete vision system into a remarkably small package that measures just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm, which makes it ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on robots, production lines and machinery.


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Cognex Machine VisionCognex Advances Industrial ID with Powerful New DataMan Software Release
Software update expands tuning and test mode options


Cognex announces, DataMan� 5.2.1 software release with expanded tuning and scripting capability as well as a new test mode for the popular DataMan 300 and 503 series of barcode readers. The new software significantly increases read rates by decoding  lower resolution 1-D codes and extending intelligent tuning capabilities to all symbologies, including Aztec, MaxiCode and PDF417. The software release includes the high-performance Hotbars™ algorithm, which handles both 1-D and PDF417 barcodes.

The DataMan 5.2.1 software release extends the easy-to-use 2-D intelligent tuning capability that was introduced by the popular DataMan 300 Series.
  This intelligent tuning capability decreased set up time while increasing read rates for Direct Part Mark (DPM) code reading applications.


Rethink Robotics Act by July 31st to get a Second Baxter Robot FREE*
Get twice the speed, precision & quantity
We're so certain that once you've seen what Baxter with Intera 3 can do, you'll have a need for not one, but multiple robots on your production floor.
So if you buy a Baxter by July 31st and deploy it onto your production line by September 15th, we'll help you accelerate your fleet by providing a second Baxter free of charge.  That's right, free*


To get more information on the second Baxter offer or to get a demonstration of the power of Baxter with Intera 3 software, email us or call us at  800-969-7772 


Cognex Machine Vision Cognex Machine Vision Workshop
Cognex Training
Introduction to Machine Vision using Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder
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