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Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet 4-day Training


This 4-day class prepares students for programming and implementing a Cognex In-Sight vision system using the EasyBuilder interface and the Spreadsheet programming environments.


The class features both EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet applications and an introduction to round trip application development.

  • Hardware and Connections
  • Software Overview and Image Acquisition
  • Pattern Matching and Logic
  • Histogram and Edges
  • Blobs and Image Filters
  • Calibration
  • Digital I/O
  • Communication
  • GUI Building
  • Maintenance and Deployment
  • Lighting and Optics
Employee Spotlight 
Panel Shop Team: Bruce White & Steven Morrison
ACS' panel shop and fabrication group leverages their application and design expertise to work with customers through all stages of engineering and design process. 
Bruce and Steven are responsible for Panel Shop operation at ACS. 
So, because they work as a team we thought we would feature them as a team.

Murr Elektronic Murrelektronik Fights Installation Costs
This year it's all about installation costs
This year it's all about installation costs! Of course it's no surprise that conventional wiring takes longer than connecting pre-wired cables. But did you really know how big the difference is? 
Murrelektronik has a lot more ideas like this that can save you time and money just by choosing the right product. 
North Georgia Technology Fair
Advanced Control Solutions is bringing you the latest

innovations in Industrial Control and Automation in a unique 

venue featuring our innovative vendor partners. 



The latest developments in cutting-edge products, systems and solutions designed to help boost your productivity and reduce costs.


Participate in hands-on demonstrations and interact directly with industry experts from Cognex, Emerson, Balluff, Opto22 and several other manufacturers exhibiting in a trade show like atmosphere.



The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, located on the Oakwood, Georgia campus of Lanier Technological College, is a truly unique training facility. 

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Robotiq logo 2-Finger Grippers on Baxter Robot
Flexible Robot Grippers Now Packaged for Baxter
The research version of Baxter from Rethink Robotics can now benefit from the flexibility of Robotiq's 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper.

This means you can have one robot using a pair of Robot Grippers to handle a wide variety of parts in a single application or you can have a Baxter robot which is easily transferable from one application to another without having to change anything in terms of robotic tooling.


To make integration as easy as possible for end users, Robotiq has designed an installation package for the 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper and Baxter:


  • The 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper - 85 and its controller
  • A specific mechanical coupling to install the Robot Gripper on the robot arm
  • A ROS stack to easily program the Gripper
  • A "How-to" video showing how to install the Robot Gripper on the robot arm
  • A "How-to" video showing how to install the ROS Software stack in the Baxter Research program
  • A "How-to" guide to have on hand explaining all the important information you will need.  


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