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Happy Holidays!

To our customers and friends we extend our best wishes for a joyous holiday season.  
Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success it's a real pleasure at this holiday time to say "Thank You" as we wish you a year full of happiness and prosperity.


Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet 4-day Training

January 28 - 31, 2013 - Marietta, GA


This 4-day class prepares students for programming and implementing a Cognex In-Sight vision system using the EasyBuilder interface and the Spreadsheet programming environments.


The class features both EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet applications and an introduction to round trip application development. roundtripping


  • Hardware and Connections
  • Software Overview and Image Acquisition
  • Pattern Matching and Logic
  • Histogram and Edges
  • Blobs and Image Filters
  • Calibration
  • Digital I/O
  • Communication
  • GUI Building
  • Maintenance and Deployment
  • Lighting and Optics
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Cognex Machine Vision In-Sight Explorer Version 4.9 Released
New In-Sight software release features advanced defect detection
This latest version of In-Sight Explorer software includes the surface flaw tool and the scene correction filter. The surface flaw tool simplifies the detection of surface defects such as scratches, discoloration, burn/black spots, label wrinkles, small dents, tears or pinholes. The new scene correction filter balances images with uneven illumination to help present the defect detection tools with evenly lit images.
The surface flaw tool and scene correction filter greatly ease the setup of applications that inspect for defects on a part or product's surface.  Combined with previously released inspect edge and flexible flaw detection tools, In-Sight Explorer 4.9 software offers customers a suite of inspection tools that reduces costs and helps them protect their brand image. 

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Employee Spotlight

Harris Jones, Engineering Manager


Even after 15 years at ACS there is still a lot you probably don't know about Harris Jones.  Like did you know he enjoys alligator hunting?  


See what else you can learn about Harris.


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Murr Elektronic Murr Connection Technology

Making reliable connection easier, even in harsh environments


MURR Connectivity Products Murrelektronik offers solutions that provide fast, service-friendly, cost-effective connections to your peripherals. Connections that are uncomplicated, but also easily disconnectable for transportation or for working with modular machines.


Our control cabinet couplings are designed as bus and power supply interfaces. They feature IP65 protection and are produced as modular systems. Murrelektronik offers a complete range of data plug connectors for control cabinet couplings.


Passive distribution systems provide solutions for complex fault-prone wiring in the field terminal boxes.  Plastic or metal housings are universally installable. In the field of sensor/actuator connectors  offer an extremely wide range of cable types and colors. M8/M12 round plugs are quick and easy to install to fit with a torque wrench. Valve connectors from Murrelektronik are designed for all types of valves. They are fitted with captive seals and have an integrated LED and protection circuit.


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Murr Elektronic Murr Torque Wrench

Practical, consistent, error free


Make use of Murrelektronik's torque wrenches. These tools ensure consistent quality with all connections. 


If a connector is not screwed tight or if the connector is too tight, destroying the O-ring, medium can penetrate between the connector and the O-ring.  The practical torque wrenches connect all Murrelektronik M8 & M12 connectors ensuring that distribution box connectors are medium tight. 


The concept is simple: Just turn until you hear the click. The torque wrenches helps you connect even with fully equipped distribution boxes.


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