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Cognex Machine Vision Workshop

December 3, 2013 - Marietta, GA



Cognex In-Sight and EasyBuilder 4-day Training
January 28 - 31, 2013 - Marietta, GA 




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Baxter 2.0 Software from Rethink Robotics
Baxter 2.0 Software from Rethink Robotics

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Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet 4-day Training

January 28 - 31, 2013 - Marietta, GA


This 4-day class prepares students for programming and implementing a Cognex In-Sight vision system using the EasyBuilder interface and the Spreadsheet programming environments.


The class features both EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet applications and an introduction to round trip application development. roundtripping


  • Hardware and Connections
  • Software Overview and Image Acquisition
  • Pattern Matching and Logic
  • Histogram and Edges
  • Blobs and Image Filters
  • Calibration
  • Digital I/O
  • Communication
  • GUI Building
  • Maintenance and Deployment
  • Lighting and Optics
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Rethink logo Baxter the Robot Game-changing Software Release
Announcing Baxter 2.0 - This changes everything!
The 2.0 software introduces a new set of applications, making Baxter an even more effective productivity tool for American manufacturers. Existing customers will be able to easily download the new software and upgrade their Baxter robot.
  • Baxter is now able to pick and place parts at any axis!
  • Customers can now define Waypoints with increased accuracy
  • Users are able to define the exact trajectory that they want Baxter's arms to follow, simply by moving them
  • The robot can be taught where to move its arms in and out of a machine while it cycles 

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Murr Elektronic Compact Fieldbus I/O Station

Cube 20S fieldbus system


Murrelektronik's expands its field-tested Cube family with the decentralized Cube20S fieldbus system - a modular and extremely compact system that allows you to buy what you need, when you need it. 


The space saving modules are only 12.9mm wide and the integrated backplane with power supply allows for quick and easy connections. Simply pull one module out from the terminal and replace it while your wiring and mounting remains unchanged.

  • Fieldbus Interface
  • Cage clamp connections
  • Easy exchange modules
  • Highly modular with 2, 4 & 8 channel modules


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Piab logo piGRAB - The Gentle Grabber

The most cost effective efficient alternative to mechanical grippers


piGRAB is a vacuum based gripping tool.  Since it is vacuum based the gripping/clamping force is softer than when using a pneumatic gripper.  The big advantage is that you can grab sensitive items for applications like; Vision guided bin-picking, pallet lifting, gentle handling of parts such as glass or fruits without risking breakage or damaging by the force of the grip.


This vacuum activated gripper/grabber is suitable for gentle and compliant gripping operations as well as locking/holding.  It is easy to fine-tune the gripping torque/force by controlling the vacuum level.  piSAVE optimize and piSAVE on/off are excellent products for vacuum level control.


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