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Upcoming Training


Meet Baxter - Morning Session

April 3rd, 9:00-11:30 - Marietta, GA


Meet Baxter - Afternoon Session

April 3rd, 1:00-4:00 - Marietta, GA


Meet Baxter - Evening Session

April 3rd, 5:30-8:30 - Marietta, GA


Cognex Machine Vision Workshop
May 30, 2013- Savannah, GA


Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder &

Spreadsheet 4-day Training  

June 25 - 28, 2013 - Marietta, GA 

Area manufacturers learn about new technology
Baxter Robot
Technoloogy of the future featured on recent WTVA segment


Rethink Robotics


April 3, 2013 
It's your chance to come meet Baxter

  Meet Baxter the robot  

Baxter - an adaptive robot for manufacturing applications



Attendees will experience live

demonstrations and will be able to
teach Baxter™ on their own parts!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013



We are offering three Sessions:



Baxter™ is a revolutionary new category of robot that is redefining the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments.  It performs a variety of simple, yet critical production tasks while safely and intelligently working next to people. Meet Baxter
  • 360° sonar and front camera for human presence detection
  • Vision-guided movement and object detection for precision and versatility
  • 7-degrees of freedom per arm for maximum flexibility and range
  • Interchangeable end-effectors for easily switching tasks
  • Pedestal with licking casters

Change the Way You Think about HMIs 

groov is all you need to build effective HMIs you can use from any device, anywhere


groov provides a simpler way to build your HMI with easy setup, rapid development, responsive design, and fast changes. All gadgets are designed for use with both keyboard/mouse and touchscreen.

groov image


You can start building your interface in Desktop/Tablet view or in Handheld view and easily switch views and move gadgets around as needed. 


Everything scales automatically to fit on a larger or smaller screen: gadgets, buttons, labels, text, webcam video images, everything. Minimum sizes are built in for Handheld, so gadgets will never be too small to see or manipulate on your phone. 


With groov you can run data from other systems, like Allen-Bradley PLCs and Modbus/TCP systems-through a SNAP PAC controller and build HMIs.


groov has just three main components:


groov Box groov Box

 A self-contained, industrially hardened, web-serving appliance.


 - Two gigabit Ethernet interfaces

 -  One wireless LAN 802.11n 

 -  USB & SD card for upgrades, backup, and restore 


groov Build groov Build

The browser-based software you use to build operator interfaces.


 -  Runs in your web browser (like Firefox or Chrome)

 -  No software to install No plugins (no Java, no Silverlight, no Flash) 

 -  No tag limits


groov View groov View

The interface you've built, that users can view on just about any web-enabled device.


 -  Log in on a device with a modern web browser

 -  Monitor and control your system or equipment from anywhere

 -  No user or device limits; no keys; no user fees 


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Robotiq logo ACS Distributes for Robotiq 
 Adaptive Gripper Solutions


Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robot grippers and complimentary components. We work with robot manufacturers, integrators and end-users to deliver dexterous grippers that enable new applications and improve productivity. 

2 finger video


These flexible electric grippers with fingers adapt to any shape providing precise control and straightforward integration on a wide range of robots.


2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.


3 finger video

3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

Give to your robot hand-like capabilities with this rugged and agile electric gripper.


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Team Pilliod Takes on Olympic Bobsled Track

Bobsled team  

On a recent trip to Whistler British Columbia ACS President, Dave Pilliod and Engineering Manager, Harris Jones were able to get in a bobsled ride.


At the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics where the USA Team won Gold in the 4-man bobsled event, Dave and Harris did us proud by taking first place overall for the day.


watch Team Pilliod in action >

In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets 4-Day Training

June 25 - 28, 2013 - Marietta, GA

Cognex Training  

The In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet Standard product class gives new In-Sight users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems.


With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder and spreadsheet interfaces, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application, step by step in EasyBuilder and spreadsheet programming best practices.


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This interface requires no programming and uses intuitive menus enabling them to focus on solving their application quickly and effectively.  

VisionView 900 Operator Interface Display 

Visualization for machine vision and industrial ID applications


The new 9-inch VisionView®  touch screen is ideal for monitoring and controlling In-Sight® vision systems and DataMan® industrial ID systems on the factory floor, and allows operator controls specific to the application.  Visoin View 900

The larger nine-inch display allows operators to quickly identify issues on the manufacturing line so they can respond promptly; improving quality and reducing downtime. The nine-inch, IP65-rated touch screen allows users to view images and overlay graphics for up to nine In-Sight or DataMan systems simultaneously without requiring a PC on the factory floor.

  • Four Ethernet ports provide PoE.
  • LAN port allows you to connect a PC for setup or use with an external switch
  • Three USB ports
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