Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
A Walk In Their Boots: A Salute to the American Soldier

Walk through the 200-plus year history of the American soldier in one day!  From the days of the frontier and the American Revolutionary War through America's Civil War to World War II and beyond, come and interact with period historians as they demonstrate the life and hardships of the American soldier throughout time. See the gear and equipment they used to survive and how it evolved throughout history.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to see demonstrations and full-blown battle skirmishes that define each era, including an assault on a Revolutionary War fortress, a Civil War skirmish and a WWII period battle featuring an ambush by German Fallshrimjaegers on an American 101st airborne unit from WWII.
The event will be held from 10 AM to 4 PM on Veteran's Day weekend, Nov. 7-8, 2015, at Sycamore Shoals State Park, 1651 W. Elk Ave., Elizabethton, TN.  The event is free and open to the general public.