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Civil War Battle of Blountville -
A county divided.  The sleepy little town of Blountville, however, was largely pro-Confederate during the Civil War. Town residents were unaware of the pending doom in the early morning hours preceding the Battle of Blountville that began at noon on September 22, 1863. Leaving some 192 casualties and a badly burned town, the four-hour battle left scars that affected the townspeople for years to come. Stories and eye-witness accounts were handed down through several generations. Today, as you walk through downtown Blountville, you can close your eyes and be transported back to the Civil War era, to a time that most definitely is 
not "long since forgotten". The effects of the war clearly defined the town and its residents, regardless of their political affiliations or sentiments for the North or South. The Battle of Blountville became an unconscionable, unforgettable part of the town's history.
To commemorate the historic event, the 150th Anniversary Battle of Blountville Reenactment will be held on September 6-8 at the scenic Hawley Farm just outside Blountville. For additional information, please visit or call 423.323.4660.
Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
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