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March 6, 2013  

Family Bible Records added to Manuscripts


Historically speaking, family Bible records have been an important source for vital statistics. These records contain birth, death, and marriage dates and sometimes other personal and family information. Centralized recording of vital statistics did not begin in Tennessee until 1914. Even after this date, vital stats were not always reported or forwarded to the Tennessee Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Thus, in order to supplement information contained in county governmental documents, the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism has

collected originals and photocopies of numerous family Bible records over the years.



Latest Bible Records added to Manuscript Collection


The latest addition to the Archives Manuscript Collection is some 175 facsimiles of family Bible records pertaining to Sullivan County and adjacent counties.  The records were donated by Mary F. Carter and are part a permanent part of the Mary F. Carter Manuscript Collection.  To see the full list of newly added Bible records, please visit our website.  


How to Have Your Family Bible Records Placed in the Archives 


Family Bible records represent an extremely valuable source of information for the researcher. As a result, the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism actively seeks copies of privately held Bible records related to Tennessee-Virginia residents.


If you can bring your original Bible to the Archives, we will make arrangements to copy the family information for the collection at no charge.


If you cannot visit the Archives, please make good quality photocopies of the title page of the Bible showing the date of publication, and any pages which record dates of birth, death, marriage or other important family information. Send the copies you make along with information about the counties of residence of the families shown in the record to:


Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism

P.O. Box 3179 | Blountville, TN 37617


Potential donors may contact:


Shelia Hunt

Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism

(423) 323-4660

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