December 2, 2015

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Few things are as terrifying as realizing that your greyhound is lost. Panic comes in waves and you don't know what to do first. We wanted to share some ideas you can implement immediately that might help get your pup back. Please take a look and save this list where you can easily refer to it.  
  • Call your adoption organization immediately. If you leave a message, include your name, the dog's name, the location the dog went missing and your phone number. GALT's lost dog report phone number is 972-503-4258. GALT dogs come with an ID tag with this phone number. You should always keep this ID tag, as well as an ID tag with your address and phone number, on your dog. In fact, the GALT adoption contract requires you to do so. GALT dogs are all micro-chipped and the tag is provided to you upon adoption; please keep this tag on the collar as well.
  • Post to is a free social media network similar to Facebook, only centered around your neighborhood. Set up your account and get familiar with posting today so that you're ready to go. If your dog gets lost away from home, you'll need a resident of the area to post for you. Your post should include a current photo, a physical description of the dog, the location the dog was last seen, and your contact information. Ask anyone who sees the dog to call you and not to chase.  
  • Ask a good friend to take the lead in helping you. As word gets out, you will likely need help filtering advice and responding to inquiries, especially on social media. You can also delegate many of the ideas on this list so that you can go look for your pup.
  • Post on Facebook or other social media. On Facebook, make sure your privacy setting for the post is "public" so that the post can be shared widely. In addition to the information in your post, your Facebook post should conspicuously identify the city and state in which the dog is lost. 
  • Share your Facebook post in local lost pet and community groups. While not really local, Facebook's Greyhound Amber Alert is worth trying. Its members tend to share widely and might reach others in your community.   
  • Create a sign for posting in the neighborhood. Signs are the most often cited source of leads and are critical to finding a lost dog. Print the sign on bright, heavy paper and include a current photo of the dog standing (likely how the dog will be seen). A silhouette of a greyhound running will work in a pinch.  Also include "Lost Dog" and "Do Not Chase" prominently as well as your phone number and address. In some neighborhoods, stating that the signs will be removed when you find the dog can help keep your signs up longer. 
  • Get your sign copied and buy lots of clear packing tape. Make the signs and the tape available to volunteers outside your front door. Consider leaving bottled water and snacks to show your appreciation. A tablet of plain paper and pens for volunteers to note where they have already put up signs can save volunteer time too.
  • Call local shelters to let them know you want your dog back if it is brought to them. You cannot count on them to contact you though and will need to follow up with them daily.
  • Contact local vets and make sure they have a copy of your sign. People who find dogs take them to the vet either for medical assistance or to check for a microchip. 
  • Call the nonemergency numbers for your local law enforcement and fire departments. Many are dog lovers and paid observers. They will likely want to help. 
  • Never lose hope. If your hound is lost for more than a few days, you'll want to take additional steps, depending on the circumstances, such as hiring professionals, placing live traps, contacting the City, and working with local businesses and construction zones. Continue to post updates in    social media so that volunteers know you're still looking and make sure your signs remain up.  
A lost hound can happen to any of us. Take a moment now to snap a current photo of your dog and to make sure the contact information associated with your dog's microchip is current. If you need to update your contact information with GALT, email Keep those pups safe, everyone! 
PHOTO OF THE WEEK              

Beautiful senior gal Breeze went to her forever home in November! We can't think of a better way to celebrate National Adopt a Senior Dog Month than sending our seniors to their forever homes. Here she is, pre-adoption, proving she is the princess and there better not be a pea.  We hear that she is doing well in her forever home and that her new mommy bought her all kinds of area rugs so she wouldn't have to walk on the hard floor. If you have a photo you would like to share with us, please email it to

The GreytStore Holiday Charity Shoppe, at 5803 Greenville Avenue in Dallas, is open for ONE MORE DAY ONLY, December 5th, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm! The GALT Christmas party will be at the Shoppe the same day from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please join us and bring your hounds (including fosters)! Refreshments will be served to go with your GreytStore shopping!
And for your shopping pleasure, the Shoppe will have several new GreytStore items, new sales, and the special selection of vintage Hermes designer scarves! It's an awesome time - just check out these marvelous photos! While you're there, you can also take a look  - in person - at the marvelous pink greyhound Hermes scarf. Once you see it, we know you'll be ready to place your bid in the on-line auction. Bidding on this beauty closes on December 5th!

Cartier Scarf In addition, the Shoppe offers awesome raffle prizes that can double as fantastic holiday gifts! For example, you can win the gorgeous, bold Cartier leopard scarf, vintage circa 1981, pictured here. It's valued at $300 but raffle tickets cost only $10 for three! The raffle drawing for 18 amazing items will be held around 4:00 pm on December 5th, during the GALT Christmas Party!  You do not need to be present to win. But, raffle tickets are available exclusively in the Shoppe. Come by to enjoy the party and refreshments!

Saturday, Dec. 5, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Orvis, Preston
8300 Preston Road, Map
In attendance: Dana & Ringo
Sunday, Dec. 6, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Petco, West Plano
1601 Preston Road, Map
In attendance:  Stella, Money, Gezabel, Atlas

Through December 14th, Northcoast Greyhounds is holding a raffle for the benefit of GALT! Carol Orwin, British Sculptor, created this beautiful piece from iron resin. The iron shavings mixed with resin provide natural metallic color while keeping the weight down for more economical shipping than solid iron. This two greyhound sculpture measures 24" by 14" and will astound your visitors with your rare and tasteful art choice. And the best part - a generous supporter will match all funds raised! Get your raffle tickets today:
Consider fostering!


Lewis, 2-yr-old male, stray
 Clark, 2-yr-old male, stray

Red, fka IZA BBad, GALT #1574, April 8, 2005 - November 29, 2015, beloved and cherished by Marsha Andersen 

If your hound has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please let us know by sending a note to

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