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Week of June 30, 2014




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It's not just about dogs in cars; In Texas, it's about dogs outside. Please read on.


In Texas in the summer, we must be vigilant about keeping our dogs cool, not only because of the heat, but that combined with the humidity, can be a lethal combination to our beloved pets.  Unlike humans who sweat to cool themselves, dogs cool by panting.   This draws air over the moist membranes of the nose and tongue and cools by evaporation.   But panting only works for a short time.   Prolonged panting can critically upset your dog's metabolic system.   High humidity diminishes the cooling effect of panting, increasing the possibility of heatstroke.   Dogs often survive hot days yet succumb on cooler days that are more humid.  Black dogs absorb the sun's rays, so they get hot more quickly than lighter-colored dogs.  Don't encourage exercise during the hottest part of the day.  In Texas, waiting for cooler, evening or early morning hours to exercise and play still usually means temperatures are in the 90s.  Your dog does not know when to quit exercising.   Keep in mind a good walk for a greyhound in good temperatures is 20-30 minutes, so in bad temperatures, it should be less than that. It is up to YOU to protect your dog


Heat Stroke - Signs include:   excessive panting, drooling, a bright red tongue and gums,  the skin on the inside of the ears may become flushed and red, weakness, wobble in walk, fainting or loss of consciousness.

Response:  If your dog is exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, cease all activity immediately.  Cool your dog down as quickly as possible. YOU MUST TAKE EMERGENCY ACTION.  Do not wait to get to the veterinarian's office.  Hose down or shower your dog with cool, not cold, water or give it a cool water rubdown right away.  However, cooling the body back to normal is often not sufficient to save your dog's life. Follow your veterinarian's emergency procedures to secure professional medical assistance for your dog AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.   If you are unfamiliar with your veterinarian's emergency medical procedures, contact him or her for instructions.   And, if you are unable to contact your vet, or are out of town, proceed to the nearest available emergency veterinary facility as soon as possible.   IT IS ALWAYS BEST to have these plans in place BEFORE an emergency situation arises.

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Tomorrow is July 4th, and as a reminder, dogs are not fond of this holiday. The loud noises of the fireworks are frightening to many dogs, and if they have a chance to run, they might take it (out of fear). 
Here are some tips to keep your dog safe over the weekend: 

1. Keep them away from fireworks.  In your yard or at a show, it is better to leave your dogs at home and indoors. 

2. Keep your gates locked. Let visiting friends come through your front door instead of backyard gates for outdoor cookouts.

3. Have a thundershit nearby. This can help comfort them like during thunderstorms. 

4. Avoid going for walks over the weekend. Even on lead, it is possible they might get scared and maneuver out of their collars or take off unexpectedly. And keep in mind many people shoot left over fireworks over the rest of the weekend, not just July 4th! You don't want to be caught outside of a protected, fenced area if this occurs. 

5. Citronella candles and glowsticks are dangerous for your dogs. Don't leave them out where dogs might get them! 

6. Alcohol is poisonous to dogs. Don't give them any. 
It's time for one of GALT's "Fan Favorite" events - Cooking for the Hounds at The Mercury! Join us on August 16th from 2-5pm as Executive Chef Chris Ward opens his kitchen for a cooking demonstration and sampling of some of his favorite dishes! A menu will be announced soon, but we recommend you buy your tickets now before it sells out! Your $60 ticket includes a sampling of tasty appetizers, main dishes and desserts; one drink ticket with additional drinks available for purchase; and entrance to our silent auction featuring wonderful jewelry, art, doggie gifts and more! VIP tickets are available to sit at the cooking bar for $100 and include a special gift from GALT! Buy tickets 
Saturday August 16
The Mercury
11909 Preston Rd. #1418


It's Independence Day! It's a three-day weekend! Help a hound with Virtual 4th of July Goodies for the Hounds! Each hound has a virtual Fourth of July Celebration on their page - a $5 donation will put a Cupcake on their page, $15 will give them a Picnic Basket. Either can be inscribed with the donor's name or an in-honor-of name.

It's Calendar Sponsorship time again. Sponsor a page in the 2015 GALT Calendar for $100. or the Cover for $500. Several months are already sponsored, so hurry to get your choice before it's taken!!! 

 Sunshine - 4 year old red female - fractured left front leg

 Brooklyn - 4 year old brindle female

If you have been considering fostering, or know someone who is considering fostering, now would be a great time to jump in! If anyone can help, even temporarily, please contact 
Jennifer Vilches at 


      Jennifer              Kristy                 Eddie            Brooklyn             Flame               Rocky




Saturday July 5, 11:00am-1:00pm
Orvis - Dallas
8300 Preston Rd.  
In Attendance: Hoss, Sandra Lee, Tacinga, Juno, Ricco
Sunday July 6, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Petco - West Plano
1601 Preston Rd.
In Attendance: Tacinga, Juno, Sandra Lee, Flipper, BeeBee

More Future Meet & Greets

JUNE ADOPTIONS - Congratulations!

Rosebud         Louise & Paul J.
Dish               Sarah & Tristaan J.
Jammie          Kyra & Davis B.
Joy                 Hilary C.
Carrie             Laureen C. & Wally R.
Gypsy            Sandra P. & Dick K.
Bingo              Chris & Alexandria G.
Shawnee         Bryan C.
Indy                Judy H.
Dennie            Daisy B. & Gabriel T.
Sammy, GALT# 1917, June 2002 - July 3, 2014
Beloved and cherished by Sandra Lyman
Bruce, aka Pin Oak Bruce, GALT# 148, April 10, 1999 - June 27 - 2014
Beloved and cherished by Marian & Lonnie Jones
If your greyhound has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please let us know by sending a note to

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It's that time of year again - when we strut our stuff for the GALT greyhounds. The best part is that you can strut anywhere - in your neighborhood, at the gym or even by just kicking back on your couch if that is your preferred style. You don't need a greyhound to strut; you don't even need a dog! The Central Texas GALT representatives will be stepping out this year in Austin on September 13th in the Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Walk and need our support. If you're interested in participating in the actual walk in Austin, please contact us for more details. We can, of course, be with them in spirit, Please join us for this fun-filled event either by registering for our team to raise funds or by donating to one of our existing team members. Your donation is tax-deductible and all the money raised will go to help GALT's greyhounds. Together, and through your support, we can live up to our standard of "No Grey Turned Away!"

To donate via CASH or CHECK instead of CREDIT CARD, please make the check out to Greyhound Adoption League of Texas or enclose a note with the cash and send to: 

Best Friends Animal Society
Attn: Strut Your Mutt
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT 84741
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