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Week of July 1, 2013




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It's okay, you can sniff this Elmer - he's not glue. But he may stick to you like glue! Elmer, aka Gable Elmer, is a 2-year-old brindle male born July 29, 2010. His sire is Gable Sour Cream and his dam is Tip Renee. Elmer has 68 races to his credit on all at Gulf Greyhound Park. His first race was on December 14, 2011 and his last recorded race was on November 30, 2012. Elmer retired because of a plantar ligament tear that occurred at the track on January 21st. His leg was repaired by Dr. Stephen Kerpsack of Central Texas Vet Speciality Hospital. Four screws were placed in the calcaneous and two in the fourth tarsal bone. Dr. Kerpsack feels that Elmer has made a very good recovery. If the screws cause irritation in the future, they may need to be removed.

Elmer should not live with cats.



Elmer's vacation foster for a week wrote this great tribute to his wonderfulness:

Elmer is visiting us this week while his regular foster mom is on vacation and I just can't understand why this wonderful, sweet, gentle loving boy has not been adopted yet! We are fostering a young puppy and he is wonderful with the little guy. I had my young grand children over and they were running around and playing with him and he was a perfect gentleman with them. He got along instantly with my senior greyhound girls and my ten month old perpetual puppy Skater, playing with him, zooming around the back yard. He loves being with people, and is happy just to be in the same room as everyone. Elmer is a dream and just about the most perfect greyhound ever.



-Elmers Vacation Foster Mom





Even though July 4th is over, some people may be setting off left over fireworks, so keep these tips handy through the weekend: 

*Keep your dog indoors, where the outside noise is minimal
*Make sure all your gates/fenced areas are secure 
*Make sure your dog has on a collar with proper tag information. If your dog should happen to  escape your yard, having proper identification will be crucial
*Do not set off fireworks with your dog outside. In addition to being a scary noise, your dog could  get curious and end up getting burned!
*Put your dog in a thundershirt if anxiety is high
*Place your dog where he or she feels most secure. This might be in a crate, or a special spot in the house. A warm lap is good too



Merlot and her puppies have been in GALT's care for a little over a week now (see Incoming Dogs below), and while we've endured some tragedies, we are hopeful that their continued care will bring bright futures ahead. To aid in this, GALT is hosting an online auction to raise money for Merlot's medical care, which has already cost over $4000. Please take a moment and check out the online auction currently in progress until July 10th. 





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Over the next few months we will be adding more new items to the store, including other dog breeds and cat items. So check back often because you can look forward to seeing items for the overall Pet Lover coming soon!



Leyla             Margaret Pennington
Arthur            Stacy & Nathan Barkdull
Gordon          Mathew & Sadaf Meckfessel
Chelsi            Faith Bishop
Cupcake        Helena & Leon Isbell
Salem           Joy Moss
Cathy            Debi Joynt
Sizzle            Wendy & Craig Misfeldt
Bolts             Charlzann & Richard Mitchell
Martha           Lara & Rob Seume
Diane            Diane Lee & John Walker
Asia              Jhon & Eddie Estrada
Delilah           Michael & Kathryn Kusbit


Saturday, July 6 from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Orvis - Dallas

8300 Preston Rd.

GALT greyhound attendees: GQ, Pepsi, Copito



Saturday, July 6 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Petco - Carrollton

2722 N. Josey Lane

GALT greyhound attendees: Tina, Daniel, Sammy, Caesar, Celia



Sunday, July 7 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Petco - West Plano

1601 Preston Rd.

GALT greyhound attendees: Timex, Dutch, Midnight, Celia, Sammy



More Future Meet & Greets
Timmers is an approximately 3-month-old dark brindle male. He arrived at GALT via Paws of Paradise Orphanage. Timmers, as he has been re-christened by his foster mom instead of Tiny Tim, has a previously broken leg that will be evaluated by Dr. Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. Please follow the link to his page for more info.

Merlot and her 7 pups, born on June 26th, were found in an abandoned dog house in Ft. Worth by FWACC, and GALT was called in immediately to take custody of this precious family, our seventh. Merlot appears to be a saluki/greyhound mix who is approximately 2 years old; the father's lineage is unknown. Unfortunately, Merlot was covered in engorged ticks plus seed ticks and is running a very high fever after giving birth to these 7 plus 3 stillborn pups. She spent this last weekend at the 24 hour emergency clinic to get the care that she so desperately needs. Rest assured, the pups are in the care of loving, devoted GALT volunteers who are working diligently to get them started on the right foot. There are 4 boys and 3 girls and they will be bottle fed until they can eat solid food. Please follow the links for more updates.


If you have been considering fostering, or know someone who is considering fostering, now would be a great time to jump in! If anyone can help, even temporarily, please contact 
Jennifer Vilches at jennifer@vilches.orgGreys waiting on foster homes at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are GQ and Caesar.


  GQ   caesar

                 GQ                              Caesar                            




Merlot's Puppies:

Spark, June 26, 2013 - July 2, 2013                          Gracie   June 26, 2013 - July 5, 2013

Beloved and cherished by his foster mom, Brandi       Beloved and cherished by her foster mom, Madelyn




Maya   June 26, 2013 

Beloved and cherished by Carole Clark


Keeper, fka Keeper Wildfire,   March 11, 2003 - June 14, 2013  

Beloved and cherished by Pat Freytag

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