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There was a big response from you, the readers, from last month's note regarding the great divide in our nation. That tells me that everybody is feeling this stressful and upsetting experience that we are being put through. The times are very challenging leading up to our new election, and forcing us to consider schism versus oneness.
During this last month, there was a lot of progress made in the small sphere of our Meta Meet groups. People have begun applying the concepts to their own lives, and realizing a measure of liberation. Since I'm a guide but not a master (i.e., not without my own stuff), I found the need to do my own work during this period in order to transmute negative emotion - mainly anger and discouragement - into sweetness and peace. I walked my talk, and it worked! (Actually, I could say it's working on a daily basis - continuously - because it's a journey and we have to stay eternally vigilant to reach our new levels of joy, empowerment and love.)
Did you ever stop to wonder what your purpose is, what are you doing here? Have you found good answers, or an answer? For me, life is a playbook without rules, a school where you only realize what the lesson plan was after you had to muddle through the course. I think life for me is to use experience to make my life, and the life of everyone on the planet, better. To figure out how to create a loving world. For me, that's a good life purpose, and sufficient.
Our current world is pretty far from that ideal, probably because each of us is far from that place within ourselves. So that's our job, our task, our homework right now. Brotherhood, love for others (who may look like they don't deserve it whatsoever!), and that continuous work that produces a sense of self at peace and whole.
However we need to get there, those are the steps. Namaste.

With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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"Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy"
Judi Thomases has four decades of experience as an astrologer, helping clients navigate their energy patterns to make good choices. Judi is author of
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Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy
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  • What does "getting out of the hologram, and into the energy field" mean?
  • What is the Surge?
  • What does "piercing the veil" mean?

(broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
Archive of "New Perspectives" Radio Show with Judi Thomases and host Paul Lamb. 

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When it comes to studying past lives using astrological means, it's all about Saturn and the South Node of the Moon, according to astrologer Judi Thomases,
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"In the beginning there was a dream world, in which consciousness formed a dream of physical reality, and gradually became awake within that world..."
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PREPARED TEXTS JOINING OTHER CHANGES IN TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN: REVISION MEANS LESS OFF-THE-CUFF COMMENT AND MORE SUBSTANCE - USA Today, 8/22/16 (Prediction: A milestone period shifts his energy from showmanship to practicality - Spirit's Words, August 2016)

- USA Today, 8/17/16 (Prediction:
"Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources.) ... Spirit's Words, May 2012)

(Prediction: "
The 22nd sees the end of the Republican Convention expressing a healing energy, while the 26th sees the end of the Democratic Convention fraught with anger or aggravation." - Spirit's Words, July '16

"Donald Trump is under much hidden pressures, even threats, all month , and is spending excessively because of high emotionality." - "Spirit's Words", May 2016)


          In the world chart, harsh reality undermines wistful dreams for most of the month (Neptune square Saturn). On the 10th-11th, a new energy is helpful for peace (Jupiter into Libra) but economic tension remains (Venus square Pluto). There is great inventiveness on the 17th (Mars trine Uranus). From the 22nd-26th, significant negotiations and powerful speeches are shown (Pluto station direct trine Mercury; Mercury station direct trine Pluto).
          Our nation hears upsetting news regarding transportation from the 1st-3rd (Uranus square U.S. Mercury/progressed Node). There is a show of strength on the 9th (Mars sextile progressed Mars), but excessive spending from the 10th-12th and again from the 24th-27th (Jupiter square U.S. Venus). Mid-month indicates a mixture of weakness (Mars square U.S. Neptune) but bright potential (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Midheaven). A peace-making effort is attempted on the 19th (Venus square U.S. Mercury/progressed Node), with good news to follow on the 22nd (Mercury station direct sextile U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter). People's emotions are volatile on the 25th (progressed Moon opposite progressed Uranus). The 26th indicates the peak of festering revolutionary pressures (Pluto station direct t-square U.S. Saturn exact, opposite U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter).
President Obama feels tense all month (Uranus square his progressed Saturn). He is getting his way during the first third of the month although wasteful (Jupiter trine his Jupiter, square his Venus). The 1st indicates a fresh start regarding a power struggle (Solar Eclipse conjunct his progressed Pluto in H7). The third week is good for speeches (Jupiter sextile his Mercury). The last week find him feeling hopeful (Neptune trine his Neptune). He is self-indulgent at month's end (Jupiter opposite his Moon).
Donald Trump also feels tension all month (Uranus square his Saturn), and is likely to quarrel from the 7th - 16th (Mars opposite his Uranus/Sun, conjunct his Moon/South Node). He'll be up in the polls during the third week (Jupiter sextile his progressed Midheaven/progressed Saturn), but will encounter money problems around the 26th (Pluto station direct square his progressed Venus). There is much good planning in the last week (Saturn trine his progressed Mercury/progressed Pluto).
Hillary Clinton feels freer all month (Uranus sextile her progressed Uranus) but is sustaining either confusion or a major deception (progressed Moon conjunct her progressed Neptune). The 1st brings new efforts (Solar Eclipse conjunct her Mars in H10). There is some pleasantry on the 11th (progressed Moon trine progressed Venus) but much inner conflict and poor aspects for clear communications from the 10th-12th (progressed Moon square progressed Sun/progressed Mercury). From the 15th-20th, a very difficult and clumsy pattern could bring another fall (Mars opposite her Uranus, square her Moon), and the 16th shows an emotional turning point in the family (Lunar Eclipse conjunct her Moon in H4). The 22nd is a good day for speech-making (Mercury station direct sextile her Midheaven), but the 26th shows extreme tension, possibly a seizure (Pluto station direct quinqunx her Mars/Pluto exact). This is the date of the first debate scheduled between the candidates. She finds support during the last week (Saturn sextile her progressed Venus, sextile her Neptune).




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I can provide a special report regarding this concept. It's called "Finding a New Relationship with Money: Forcing the Universe to $upply It for You," and it is very much in keeping with this new approach. Some have called this general approach "conscious capitalism", and I would support that definition in these terms.

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(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "Memories of Heaven: Children's Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth", by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnis (Hay House, 2015)
There is an amazing and comforting similarity of statements made by very young children, some as young as two years old, and in one case a verbally precocious 18-month-old, on the average four or five years old, and even one as late as eight years old, describing previous lives and between-life choices. The similarity includes frequent off-the-cuff statements of profound impact after which the child returns nonchalantly to his or her play, or other activity. The perspective of choosing the parent with the help of God from an elevated position before birth, and the commonality of the description of God or guide, and heaven or the realm before their birth, frames these reports as entirely natural to the child despite the diversity of backgrounds and birth places.
The children's statements, though brief, often contained startling wisdom. However, the memory of their choice, of the realm called heaven, and of their life's purpose uniformly began to fade past age seven or eight. The parents - usually the mother - remembered the statements and circumstances to this day although their children might not now, being adults, and often having had completely lost all memory of what they had said or known in their earliest years.
A book like this, fitting into a certain popular category nowadays, serves to lend proof of reincarnation, of the continuation of consciousness after death and before birth, and provides comfort for many who need this reassurance. As I've said in previous reviews, for some of us however who have psychically reconnected with our own past lives as adults, through astral travel, visions, past life hypnosis sessions or the like, we can read this not needing that reassurance but simply knowing that this is further evidence of truth.
Babies and very young children can be old souls. Even if they are young souls, they have been here before. These memories, which can be of other mothers in other times and other places, or of switched genders or family roles, help us to understand the entire game of karma and reincarnation. One child remembered "you were my mommy and you weren't nice to me then." I guess they have a new chance this time. When the parents were aware, during one of these random episodes, they had the presence of mind to attempt to further the conversation and ask deeper questions. Often, one more sentence might be given, and then the entire thing dropped by the child.
There was an interesting variety of children's names, and of places around the globe from which these reports were culled, but regrettably there was mainly a Western (Christian) framework to these remembrances (e.g., mention of Jesus etc.), thus seeming to pigeonhole this universal experience that actually happens in every culture or religion. Because these reports were culled from their relationship to the authors who are prominent or long-standing in the spiritual or new age field, most of the parents reporting were "believers" (not skeptics). Nor were they atheists, Buddhists, Jews, etc. In my opinion, it would have been interesting and even more powerful to hear similar stories from non-spiritual types of parents or those from every religious group.
Other than this apparent lack of a certain type of diversity, this is a well-rounded book. Its chapters include Memories of Heaven, Memories of Past Lives, of Choosing Parents, of Family Reincarnations and Role Reversals, of Spiritual Connections to our Source, and ties things up with three more chapters, Mystical and Precognitive Wisdom, Invisible Friends and Spiritual Visitations, and finally Angel Stories.
I enjoyed this book and recommend it.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

cvr design
Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - September '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:Compilation of BoLW's Messages 

In the quiet of the mind can be heard a song, even when there is no instrument playing. The song in your mind is not of earthly origin; it is not necessarily the sound of music as you know it. It is a thread, a note, a vibration to which you respond at all times. And even when not knowing, you respond with attraction and joy when you hear what is pure to you, calling to you, resonant with your own energy.
And conversely, you respond with distaste or the desire to remove yourself when that note or thread is dissonant to your energy.
This, then, is the sound - unheard but present - of your particular individual pattern. As you begin to become aware and then acknowledge its presence in your mind, and then in your life, you are attuning to that which is remarkably well-suited for you, and you are letting go, dispersing, and removing yourself from that which is not true to you.
Think, then, what occurs when you join with another whose thread is similar, whose calling is resonant to yours. There is an enhancement of that vibration. There is a continuation of its sound, its noise, within you. A strengthening. And that is good.
Now, think when you find your tribe, your others, your "peeps", how symphonic this sound is registered, how powerful, how life-enhancing, how strengthening. Sit for a while in quietude. Listen within. It is not necessary that you hear music or even a note. What you are attuning to is your own personal vibration, your particular thread of energy that reverberates throughout the universe. You will know when you find it, for it will in a way find you, make itself known, and register more loudly in your life. And it will be good.
All humanity is a great symphony, a harmony of notes. Find your place in this great orchestration and be joyful for it.

� 2016 by Judi Thomases

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