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I guess I would say that I've been working on the concept lately of "letting go and letting God." What this means to me is to hold an intention but not make myself nuts about having it be fulfilled. Let's say it's about taking a trip requiring the overcoming of a major obstacle which at this point still doesn't look feasible. Or maybe it's about necessitating certain types of weather patterns for an occasion. Or even the need for a good cash flow. Some of my issues may be specific to me, but others might be pretty universal. The usual approach is to recognize the need, name it in your thoughts, and then either ignore and procrastinate or address it with dynamic energy to make it happen.
The letting go and letting God part of this approach may not be what you think. It requires faith that the universe will conform to your stated desire (even if that statement is quietly internal), and then the assured belief (not just hope) that that which you have sent out into the universe will be seen and in due time realized. There are other phrases that match this: "Go with the flow" is certainly one of them. So is the Biblical phrase "Rest in the Lord". And one might even use the term Surrender. None of these imply stagnation or a refusal to act, or anxiety about getting one's needs met. Instead, you must develop this new type of faith that sets gears in motion.
Faith is giving me patience. It's not religious faith; it's spiritual faith - the knowledge that the appropriate gratification will sooner or later activate and return to me. I'm not as frantic or nervous about things. In fact, my attitude now is one of curious expectation: "Okay, I put that out there, into the universe. Now, how is it going to be returned? In what form will it take to fulfill that request?"
The surrender stuff requires some leeway, some degree of looseness to allow the universe to work in its own way. I would say that this approach is kind of amusing. And then there's delight when you see how the universe is going about fulfilling that particular desire. "Oh, here's how it's going to happen!" you realize.
This technique is certainly conducive to a more relaxed state of mind, and I like it.


--With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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TRUMP'S SELF-FUNDED CAMPAIGN NOW IN NEED OF HELP - AOL, 5/29/16 (Prediction: "Donald Trump is under much hidden pressures, even threats, all month , and is spending excessively because of high emotionality." - "Spirit's Words", May 2016)

OBAMACARE IMPLOSION: HAS THE 'DEATH SPIRAL' BEGUN? - Newsmax, June 2016 (Prediction:  "In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources especially regarding childcare, homecare aides and medical personnel; in its attempt to reform healthcare, it would encounter blockage." - "Spirit's Words", June 2012)


           Tensions and insecurity usher in the month in the world chart (Pluto opposite Venus; Neptune square Saturn). Struggling against obstacles while keeping idealism alive is the tenor of the first week (New Moon quinqunx Saturn, trine Neptune). Matters get dramatic after the 13th (Venus into Leo). On the 19th, economic actions are helpful (Full Moon in Capricorn sextile Mars). The 20th-21st indicates sensible plans and thrift (Mercury and Venus trine Saturn), and the 27th shows brilliant ideas (Mercury trine Uranus). The 29th offers very inventive concepts (Uranus station retrograde in Aries trine Mercury).         
          Our nation remains confused and uncertain all month, especially regarding media, government, and beliefs (Neptune conjunct U.S. progressed Sun). The focus is on the economy in the first week (New Moon conjunct U.S. Sun in H8), but there is blockage (Saturn square U.S. progressed Sun). Mid-month indicates dynamic talks and decisions (Mars trine U.S. Mercury/progressed Node). The second half of the month brings beneficial reforms regarding money (Pluto trine U.S. progressed Jupiter; Full Moon conjunct U.S. Pluto exact in H2). The 22nd sees the end of the Republican Convention expressing a healing energy (Mars sextile U.S. progressed Neptune), while the 26th sees the end of the Democratic Convention fraught with anger or aggravation (Mars square U.S. Moon). A nasty surprise on the 29th might involve youngsters (Uranus station retrograde in U.S. H5 square U.S. Mercury exact/progressed Node).
President Obama feels much emotional pressure all month (progressed Moon square his Pluto) as well as confusion regarding his identity and leadership (Neptune quinqunx his Sun). On the 19th, he succeeds in a hidden matter (Full Moon conjunct his progressed Jupiter in H12). He is super busy or aggressive during the last week (Mars conjunct his Midheaven), and realizes much success (Jupiter trine his progressed Midheaven). Tension on the 29th can arise from an upsetting but liberating breakthrough (Uranus station retrograde square his Saturn in H12).
Donald Trump is innovative and open on the 3rd (his progressed Moon semi-sextile his Uranus), but his promises are vague all month (Neptune quinqunx his progressed Mercury/progressed Pluto). He focuses on the use of resources and plans during most of the month (Saturn trine his Pluto/progressed Mercury). Throughout the second half of the month, he is bleeding money (Pluto square his progressed Venus). A big fight erupts on the 22nd-23rd during the Republican Convention (Mars square his Mars) but on the 23rd he wears the mantle of "king" (his progressed Sun conjuncts his Ascendant/Regulus at 29 Leo), after which he is excessively joyful (Jupiter sextile his progressed Moon, square his Uranus/Node, square his Moon in a grand mutable cross). On the 29th there is a mixture of upsets though luck (Uranus station retrograde square his Saturn/Venus, opposite his progressed Jupiter, and in grand fire trine to his Solar Arc Jupiter and Solar Arc Uranus).
Hillary Clinton is hopeful and inspired all month (Neptune sextile her progressed Sun), and is well-funded the first half (Pluto sextile her Venus), but her emotional state is disharmonious (her progressed Moon sesquiquadrate her Node). She makes practical headway regarding her dreams during Week 1 (Saturn sextile her Neptune). On the 27th-28th, she is at her best making speeches (Jupiter sextile her Mercury, trine her progressed Ascendant). The 29th brings upsets but greater freedom (Uranus station retrograde sextile her Uranus, t-square her Solar Arc Venus and Solar Arc Mars/Pluto).
Bernie Sanders is given a sudden chance on the 26th (his Progressed Ascendant trine his Uranus).




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People seem to be generally pretty confused nowadays. Emotions are running strong, and there are very deep feelings as to what set of values we should adhere to. This is certainly contained within the polarized decisions of the upcoming Election, but it is also by and large pervasive within society as well.
The section of society that wants to be all-inclusive, to tolerate differences, and to be open-hearted is much in fashion. But at the same time, there are forces at work that are consciously destructive and mean-spirited, and can even be defined by that old-fashioned word "evil". People who quite deliberately seek to harm others and foster chaos fall into this category, and are also deeply emotional, even passionate, about these choices. Some of these sorts of individuals are suffering from mental disorders but others are suffering from twisted beliefs. This is a true statement because the very definition of accruing negative karma is an action that harms another, especially intentionally. And most right-minded folk don't want to accrue negative karma since it is exactly that which causes suffering!
The word "tolerance" in the dictionary is defined as "the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with." To tolerate something implies that it is not to your liking; it doesn't resonate with your own vibration. It is dissonant to your feelings or your beliefs. So tolerance as a behavior means putting up with or allowing that which calls to you to repudiate.
I believe we're in an era of evolution of humanity, and these stresses and pressures are part of this process. We're being asked to love one's neighbor, one's fellow human. We're being asked to see humanity as one, without regard to color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or cultural predisposition. It's a very idealistic thrust and a great goal. But many of the human race are not ready, in the sense that they wish to adhere to a culture, belief system, or behavior pattern that harms their fellow humans. So we can deduce that this represents the painful transformation of a value system or moral compass.
There are behaviors in others that should not be tolerated because they are destructive. But there are commonalities and similarities that can be embraced and cherished during the transformation through loving kindness.

To tolerate goodhearted people, whatever their role or incarnational choice, is to be wise. It is to evolve into acceptance, love, and eventually oneness. But to be gullible, turn a blind eye, and willingly accept evil is to be unwise, impractical, and self-sabotaging. This is the fine line we walk, and we learn through experience what is desirable and what is not.
What can you tolerate? This is a major question in this era.


For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

The author is attempting to apply science and the scientific method to psychic phenomena and paranormal experiences. In doing this, he explains that this scientific community has been resistant to investigating these universal experiences that have been reported in every culture through the millennia, and why there has been this resistance. He also addresses not only the evolving scientific basis for the reality of such phenomena but speculates at the end about all the practical applications for which real knowledge of these abilities could be put to use.
When I first started reading the material, I was a little disappointed. The first part of the book is filled with graphs and data that is in keeping and necessary for any audience of a scientific bent who are used to following traditional methods of examining phenomena. Radin explains that these traditional methods seek to address whether a phenomenon is measurable and replicable, and tells us he will consider five concepts: paranormal, supernatural, mystical, science, and the scientific method. This part for me was particularly strange since, having been a psychic for decades, many of the initial choices were second-nature and a daily norm. For example, feeling or seeing at a distance, mind over matter, intuitive hunches, the feeling of being stared at, etc., are very elementary to a psychic, and don't need to be "proved". (The daily experience of a psychic might include clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition, seeing auras, knowing intuitively whether to hesitate or move forward, receiving messages from dreams, and calling into being through intention that which one seeks to experience.)
Radin goes into experiments with random number generators, remote viewing, and cards to delineate the structure of the trial and to graph its results, all in the attempt to measure and replicate observations. He also spends time examining abstract phenomena such as time and consciousness.
The book did not get to be truly interesting for me until the chapter on Field Consciousness. He looks at the properties of consciousness and finally gets into the meat, about two-thirds into the book, in the chapter on Metaphysics. A very interesting point is made that in medieval times, the worldview of reality became split between science, defined as concepts including matter, objective measurement, impersonal value-free reality, versus philosophy and religion which included concepts such as subjective, personal, purposeful, value, and ultimately the "illusion". At this point, he speaks of a new worldview.
As he begins to deepen his foray into the examination of psi and the paranormal, it becomes obvious that the phenomena are real, are supported by some of the findings in quantum physics nowadays, but are threatening to the traditional worldview of science - so threatening, in fact, that science prefers to completely ignore this amazing direction, and rather than devote funding or seek verification, often dismisses it with ridicule or complete non-interest. In a way, the author, who is a scientist, can be applauded for courage in attempting to bring the scientific method directly to the exploration of psi, and be willing to challenge the scientific community to revise their entire worldview to accept "a deeply interconnected conscious universe."
As I said, he concludes with a chapter on the potential implications of psi research into applications that include biology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, medicine, technology, military intelligence, business, and politics. The author is a senior scientist at the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and founder of the Consciousness Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada.
My recommendation is mixed because many people will find this book a long slog through boring data, but others may be inspired and even excited by his findings.


Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - July '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:Compilation of BoLW's Messages 

Please give me an insight for this moment.

We agree that you are deeply processing the tenor of the times in that you are awaiting solutions and resolutions for the intense dilemmas. Nor are you, as the individual, alone in this, for it is worldwide. In various ways, there are deep divides in terms of beliefs, chosen paths, and end goals. These divides don't not necessarily reside in the mind but are often most alive in the heart. We can therefore say that humanity's heart is divided. A divided heart is an illness. It must be healed. When the heart feels passion and gives love to one thing while another's heart is doing so in the opposite direction, turmoil and chaos rule, and the patient is sick.
Humanity is that now.
Waiting for an outside force to stitch humanity's heart together is not the real answer. The heart must enlarge to encompass its other half (opposite). It may be that sections of humanity must play out this division to see where it leads before that end result can be discarded. For you see, humanity creates its own reality. It may be able to be convinced of a concept in the mind, but only the individual knows what his or her heart feels. The heart cannot be so influenced. It must grow of its own will. It must choose.
When enough people choose to heal the divided heart, the sickness of the earth will diminish and disappear. It is a long process. We are sending as much light as we can into this fray.
God speed to your quickened evolution.

2016 by Judi Thomases

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