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I love this time of year! Springtime is when the dormancy of winter, with its gloomy, cold, dried aspect of nature (not always true for some of you reading this who live in sunnier more tropical climes) bursts open with flowers, ornamental trees, and the palest green of new leaves. Not only is the spirit rejuvenated but with longer days and easier temperatures, it's also time to launch new projects or dig deeper in endeavors you already have been working on.
There's a Tarot card - the 7 of Pentacles - of a guy, having planted the seeds of his work, who is waiting patiently for things to grow and come to fruition. I very much have that feeling now, almost an intuitive validation. On May 9th, I'm set to launch something new which I'm calling Meta Meet, that will bring together a group of spiritual seekers to discuss the concepts in my new book and many things that I have gleaned during a 43-year journey... things that I've learned from gurus, swamis, rinpoches, mystery school teachers, astrological colleagues, psychology, and plain ol' life, all woven into the umbrella header (what I've called my business), the Wisdom Path. I'm looking forward to a gathering of friends who are open-minded, sociable, passionate, and above all desirous to learn. So they fit under the title of Student. And as they learn and pass some of this stuff along to their own clients or the people they interact with, they can then be called Disciples. But it is not myself wanting disciples; I feel it is part of a greater path that I have been directed towards that connects my consciousness to a much vaster realm, and a soul mission in order to connect other people to theirs.
The vaster realm, of course, is called The Brotherhood of Lightworkers - a stepping stone into much higher awarenesses.
The group that will gather will be local. It may be that, someday with somebody's tech help, I can turn this into a webinar. I have the strongest feeling that I have been pushed in this direction for decades, and that this is its growth and fruition.
Happy Spring, everyone! Let's get our projects launched and our spirits brightened. It's May!


--With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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META MEET - Teachings from my new book The Wisdom Keys, and from over four decades on The Path - May 9th, 7 PM.

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"USE TAROT'S WISDOM TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES" (broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
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In her new book, "The Wisdom Keys" Ms. Thomases guides the reader into higher realms of consciousness where we come face to face with our true selves.  On this show we will explore our soul nature and our individual journey using astrology as our guide.  CLICK HERE

  Discussion of luck vs merit, karma, the role of choice, and the four changing worldviews as you progress in your evolution.
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When it comes to studying past lives using astrological means, it's all about Saturn and the South Node of the Moon, according to astrologer Judi Thomases,
who shows what they can tell us about the lessons we still must learn, as well as our soul's age and the state of our karma. Look for Judi's insights in Dell Horoscope magazine, November 2015 issue, on newsstands everywhere.

Looking at patterns between the horoscopes of President Obama, the United States, and Obamacare - how does it all stack up?


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- News-Journal, 4/23/16 (Prediction: "He will encounter difficulties from the 23rd-24th. Will he shoot himself in the foot? Is it over for him?) - Spirit's Words, Feb 2016

- Fox News, 4/20/16 (Prediction: "Donald Trump's prospects during most of April are quite good... and his energy level is high." - Spirit's Words, April '16)

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"It's a blessing to use astrology as a tool to set yourself free from yourself." - Judy Hennes (astro student)
          The world chart, with five planets in retrograde motion, is becoming introspective, looking for an alternate approach to problems. May 6th offers an excellent start for matters relating to land, territories, real estate, and economies (New Moon in Grand Earth Trine with Pluto and Jupiter). This is emphasized on the 9th and 22nd, as excessive hopefulness balances with large-scale efforts (Jupiter station direct in Virgo, opposite Neptune, square Saturn, and sextile Pluto). However, ideological aggression interferes on the 21st (Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars). The 22nd, though, gives a "green light" for property or financial matters, practical plans for long-term security, and specific factors facing territorial issues such as borders (Mercury station direct in Taurus; Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo). The 11th and 14th are nice days for pleasures and/or gain (Venus trine Jupiter, trine Pluto).
          For most of May, our nation feels very confused and perhaps gullible (Neptune conjunct U.S. progressed Sun, soon to square U.S. Ascendant; Solar Arc Mercury in H9 opposite U.S. Neptune). Growth and protection vie with excessive spending (Jupiter sextile U.S. Sun but square U.S. Ascendant). Many emotions play out including indulgence, patience, and anger (U.S. progressed Moon square U.S. Solar Arc Jupiter, semi-sextile U.S. progressed Saturn, semi-square U.S. Mars, and quinqunx U.S. progressed Venus). Mid-month offers stability even during a very difficult period (Saturn sextile U.S. Saturn, conjunct U.S. Ascendant, and opposite U.S. Solar Arc Saturn). The 22nd can be a pleasant day (Venus conjunct U.S. Jupiter), but the last half of the month is economically troublesome (Saturn square U.S. progressed Sun). By the last day of the month, we are experiencing a huge and empowering shift in our role on the world stage (progressed Pluto trine U.S. progressed MC) but the mood internally is more like a civil war (Mars conjunct U.S. progressed IC)!
President Obama reaches a career milestone on the 20th (Full Moon conjunct his MC) but finds himself in a harsh power struggle on the 23rd (his progressed MC sesquiquadrate his Pluto). The 24th is much better for domestic harmony (his progressed Moon trine his progressed Sun), and the 27th is happy (Venus conjunct his Moon). By the end of the month, he is chafing at the bit, wanting to be freer (Uranus quinqunx his progressed Saturn), yet he is kept super-busy and aggravated (Mars retrograde conjunct his MC).
Hillary Clinton begins the month either confused, fantasizing, or outright lying (her progressed Mercury square her Neptune). But this is a period that can bring sudden disaster with everything falling apart (her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her MC). From the 4th - 12th, she will be fighting tough against strong pressures, even by way of sub-rosa enemies (her progressed Pluto square her progressed MC; her progressed Moon semi-square her Ascendant, semi-sextile her progressed Mars)!
Now through early July, Bernie Sanders will be raking in the dough (Pluto conjunct his progressed Venus in Capricorn), and from the 9th until late June, he has a success pattern (Jupiter station direct conjunct his Virgo Sun), and is especially loved and popular on the 11th (his progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Venus). His power struggle against a female is obviously against Hillary (Solar Arc Pluto quinqunx his Aries Moon). He is busy and aggressive on the 29th-30th (Mars retrograde conjunct his progressed Sun). 2017 shows a strong shift in his life path, either as a major player in his party or (miracles happen!) as the new president (progressed Sun, progressed Neptune, and progressed Ascendant all changing signs)!
Donald Trump wants to break free of rules and to be his own man (Uranus sextile his Sun, square Saturn) but he is toning it down, and slowly and steadily gaining (Saturn sextile his progressed Venus/Chiron). On the 15th, he'll be in an argumentative mood (his progressed Mars square his Mercury).
Since 4/25, Ted Cruz's best aspect for popularity is waning (progressed Venus conjunct his Sun), while a strong blockage is now forming lasting into June (his progressed Sun square Saturn). So he will lose his momentum.




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Recently, having been complimented on my skin yet again, especially acknowledging my large amount of accumulated years, I repeated an old joke about whipping up a potion - a witchy potion - that I take every night to keep that youthful appearance!
Actually, although I have some fun with this ridiculous notion, I'm pretty serious when it comes to facial care. I usually exhort anyone who brings up facial skin care, particularly young people, with the admonition not to use soap on your skin but rather to use a cream make-up remover and then various day or night products to moisturize your skin, especially around the eyes or cheek lines.
But it gets me in mind of my old yoga teacher with whom I studied for years when in my thirties. He was a silver-haired Russian in his seventies who taught yoga in a black speedo, and whose entire skin and body looked to be that of a man in his fifties. He had studied yoga in a Chinese school, and come to America by way of Australia. He taught us, among all the other bodily posture (asanas), several yoga exercises specific to the face. Regrettably, try as I might, I can't remember their Hindu names. I do, however, remember what the postures were, which involved making strange, almost creepy, faces such as an extreme pout of the lips, jutting them forward into an "O" shape, and then an immediate pulling back and widening as the lips turned inward toward the teeth, and the cheek muscles stretched. I also remember one in which the lower jaw pulled all the neck muscles tight and wide, and then released them.
A quick search of the internet revealed many facial yoga exercises, complete with pictures and videos of most - for around the mouth or eyes, the forehead, above the lips, under the eyes, between the eyebrows, and for sagging skin or double chin, to name a few. I would highly recommend doing any or all of these, along with the regime of moisturizer and cream instead of soap.
But my main point to share is what I noticed when talking to some of my twentyish-year-old friends: how are your thoughts affecting your face? Many of these young women and men were already unconsciously falling into frowns, putting blade lines between the eyebrows that eventually will not go away but will become permanent. Or, lifting and squeezing the brow so that horizontal lines of concern form. And these momentary expressions will wipe away easily in youth, but begin to rigidify in passing years until the recourse is only Botox.
If one realizes early on that the series of unconscious thoughts and moods are reflected in the face, and become the appearance that one presents to the world when one reaches forties and fifties, the process is relatively easily halted. Be mindful of your thoughts. If you are worried, relax your facial muscles; if you are depressed so that your mouth is turning downwards a lot, let go for a moment and bring your lips upwards into a smile and relax the muscles around your eyes.
The message is pretty simple: more important than your yoga exercises, your facial toilette, and Botox, is your daily ability to keep your thoughts on an even keel and make sure your worries or sadness are not reflected in your face. Sometimes your appearance in your sixties and seventies is due to your genes, but often it can be due to a combination of good facial care and self-aware patterns.
Remember the song, "Don't worry, be happy!" It's like the formula for the fountain of youth!

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(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

Book Review: "Life After Near-Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers", by Debra Diamond (New Page Books)
The premise of this book is to collect case studies that acknowledge the experience of leaving the body (in various ways) during near fatal experiences, and forever after upon returning know a changed perspective and a new life's purpose (or mission).
There is some expository stuff about what Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are, and about the author's background, but the meat of the book is called Stories of Transformation. Of the case studies used, one presents "new-found athletic talent"; another, "electrical interference"; another, "bodily protection"; and additionally, "spontaneous healing", "cognitive transformation", "song-writing ability", "enhanced hearing", "electromagnetic sensitivity", and more. These case studies are the most interesting part of the book, although I'm not sure that the minutiae of the interview needed to be added, for example, the author's sip of orange juice to whet her throat during an interview.
The point made consistently is that the Near-Death Experience transforms the individual in a profound way that is carried into the remainder of life's days with a new purpose, sometimes unexpected talents, and usually a removal of the fear of dying. There are descriptive passages about the different ways that people experience their death's journey, with the known features that have been much written about previously, such as deceased loved ones greeting or advising the soul to return, or the experience of great light, unknown colors, and other such phenomena.
Passages that I found meaningful indicated that some of these chosen individuals had emotional trauma early on, and were more "malleable, as if there's already a 'switch' that's waiting to be activated". Many of these people previously yearned for something beyond earthly life but couldn't put it into words. The experience itself brought great clarity - a new level of awareness of everything that was occurring in the entire universe as in one moment. Descriptions include a doorway to infinity, a ball of light (some called it an 'orb') to greet us, i.e., a ball of our collective energy or essence, a visual experience of bright light that is otherwise unable to be described in our vocabulary.
In many cases, a turning point occurred that heralds the proper time for this experience, and the author implies, creates the accident or medical situation etc. that precipitates the near fatal engagement as though the person is "pulled out of their bodies to be awakened and to return to carry on. On a different path. A path of a higher purpose." In this, the author is extrapolating a divine plan in the person's life that meets the requirements of a cosmic purpose, to the benefit of the universe.
Some mathematical and scientific approaches are added in terms of sacred geometry to identify and discuss the patterns that are shown - the mystical symbols that have existed throughout man's history. Certain points are brought forward as a universal conclusion in the research into these phenomena such as: "Intention, at the level of deep consciousness, persists across the universe".
An excellent point that the author makes is that one should not yearn for a near-death experience in order to bring forth latent talents or superpowers. There are side effects to these experiences that can linger, in some cases for years. There is a down side, such as impracticality, over-sensitivity, lack of boundaries, losing track of time, altering the sense of smell, feeling frustration, and last but not least, having difficulty conversing with "regular" people who don't share your new perspective.
All in all, the idea of a mission being activated by a near-death situation must be accepted psychologically by the scientific community, for there are innumerable such cases nowadays. And for the individual, a purpose-driven life can be satisfying and catalyzing.
One small caveat for this book is that most of the case studies show individuals who would already be the types predisposed to spiritual work or living that type of lifestyle - musicians, artists, sensitives, psychics, etc. I would've liked more evidence from case studies of those who are contradictory types, such as concrete, rational people whose minds are closed to mystical notions, and who generally resist alternate worldviews (realities), and/or those who prefer to live a very grounded life, cerebral and logic-based, perhaps even atheistic... representative of the least credible candidates for epiphanies and changed life purposes.
Otherwise, this is a perfectly good and interesting book to continue one's investigation into the quintessence of these unusual experiences, not just their factual existence. The author also gets kudos for keeping the spotlight mostly on those she has interviewed (her case studies) rather than on her personal beliefs or own paranormal experiences. RECOMMENDED.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - May '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:

First, we would wish all happiness and success... although a wish is merely a nice intention. It will take, in addition to this type of projected thoughtform, the combination of exerted energy and full-blown heart's desire to bring these two nice intentions to fruition.
Each person can make such a contribution. You, the reader or listener, can jump on-board the well-intentioned thought - also called the well wish - and let it carry you forward. That is to say, let yourself add to the hope and blessing that which you desire strongly, that which you consider the epitome of happiness. And also, the sincere willingness to put your energy and effort day and night towards its attainment.
Bearing in mind that happiness is a state of mind, and not the achievement of the goal, as you move along on this pleasant thought you can preempt the end goal by beginning to feel happiness into the movement itself, and well before reaching what you imagine is your heart's desire. This way happiness can be attained during the journey to it rather than waiting for some type of completion.
Similarly, success - usually defined as achievement, reward, or even recognition - can be visualized as either a thing that you can possess or a condition that you can reach and own.
If you want and need the world's recognition and reward, you will need to apply yourself with strength, courage, persistence, discipline and energy no matter the hurdle, no matter the blockage, no matter the length of time. But if you are already in a state of happiness, moving in that direction, the goal or attainment of success won't be as urgent or important if you are already happy, for there is something about inner happiness that equates to peace and contentment, and reduces the drive for success.
We do not say it obviates it, for that is not true. You may have your goal set as a soul mission or an unfulfilled desire, and we do encourage you to pursue that, not as an end in and of itself but as a fulfillment of some purpose. Also, as the life lesson in itself to not give up, but to persevere.
Happy and fulfilled is the one who reaches joy during the movement, the drive towards the goal. And even happier is the one who, while working hard, aligns with universal thrust to help the goal be within reach. Thus, we repeat, we wish you happiness and success.
2016 by Judi Thomases

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