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Much as I was happy to report back in late January that I had been healing well from surgery, a situation cropped up in mid-February regarding severe nerve pain in the operated-upon leg. This has been really interfering with my mobility and causing a lot of distress from constant pain in the leg, and also the anxiety about whether this problem will remain. Was the nerve just bruised, or has it been permanently damaged?
Now, when there's a medical problem in a part of the body, you may have been taught the trick of tagging it with a common slogan or phrase to identify its hidden psychological source. Similar to Louise Hay's book of the same name, you can ask yourself, "Who's the matter with me?" So I started to ask myself, "Who's getting on my nerves?" "Who's got some nerve?!" And "What am I nervous about?"
Even if there's a perfectly obvious physical reason for the condition, there's also something to do with a hidden often psychological factor. Yes, I realized, I was nervous about the outcome of my daughter and son-in-law's possible relocation a few thousand miles away. And yes, I was irritated by loved ones' behaviors recently and over time. Looking at my horoscope, the final piece of the puzzle was showing by a harsh Saturn aspect in my twelfth house of karma and health.
Anyhow, putting various factors together, I realized it would take time and patience to get past this, that even seeing specialists was going to delay the solution somewhat, and that the pain and restriction was meant to turn me inwards into a new direction, and restructure my usual daily and career tasks. But one thing I was sure of: I was not going to create in my mind the potential for a permanent situation of damage. Of this, I had control.
It's funny, but in putting two and two together to realize the irritation factor connected to nerve pain, I began talking to colleagues, neighbors, spiritual friends, and clients, and came to the awareness that irritation is rampant in this era in many people's lives. People are under stress; they are bothered, aggravated, troubled by concomitant health-related problems and we are not in anything near a condition of peace, neither outwards nor inward. We are in a state of chaos, disharmony, and personal irritation. What to do about it?
There's always meditation; there's always the chance to switch into pleasanter thought-forms; there's always the appreciation of life and of loved ones. But there's also the beautiful choice of patience. Just ride it out. Just tolerate... tolerate annoying people as well as personal suffering. Don't wallow in it, no. Just be at peace with life as it is right now. And do your best to change the vibe of yourself, your near ones, and of the whole world as best as you can each day and moment to moment.
So that's what I'm doing. And gradually Saturn will let go, and the specialists will begin to help me, and the condition will diminish. Halleluiah!
Always happy to hear from you if you want to give me feedback or if you want to share your own experience of this annoying era!

--With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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Looking at patterns between the horoscopes of President Obama, the United States, and Obamacare - how does it all stack up?


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SANDERS EXTENDS REACH TO WEST: Nails Washington, Alaska, vies with Clinton for Hawaii - USA Today, 3/27/16 (Prediction: "There is luck for [BERNIE SANDERS] in late March-April." - Spirit's Words, Jan. '16)

- CNN, 3/11/16 (
Prediction: "BEN CARSON is not ready to give up. He is becoming tougher." - Spirit's Words, Feb. '16)

          The world chart indicates a period of unexpected disruptions during the first week but also a gradual release from stress (New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus exact, trine Saturn). The 17th-18th are very active days, still turbulent but positive for economic gain, and influential discussions (Pluto station retrograde in Capricorn semi-sextile Saturn, trine Jupiter, yet still square Uranus; Mercury trine Pluto); there is a mix of weakness yet passion at this time (Mars station retrograde square Neptune, trine Venus). The 23rd brings excitement or windfalls (Venus conjunct Uranus).
          For our nation, most of the month offers exceptional opportunities for healing relationships or dynamic innovations in the health fields (Uranus conjunct U.S. Chiron). The first week is blessed regarding the stock market or economy (Jupiter sextile U.S. progressed Jupiter in H8), but the second half of the month indicates a weakening pattern of over-idealism or great confusion perhaps caused by the media (Neptune conjunct U.S. progressed Sun in H3). We can be bold on the 17th but there is a possibility of accidents (Mars station retrograde trine U.S. Node but opposite U.S. Uranus exact). Anger and lack are the themes on the 18th (Pluto station retrograde square U.S. progressed Mars/Saturn). Our standing in the world improves, especially economically, during the last third of the month (Jupiter sextile U.S. Sun in H8). Home values see an uptick on the 22nd (Venus conjunct U.S. Chiron in H4).
President Obama saw a conclusion of some type of funding under last month's Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd (in Libra conjunct his Sun in H8). He'll feel enormous pressure and be enraged on the 17th (Mars station retrograde square his progressed Pluto exact)! A legal matter - perhaps the nomination of the replacement Supreme Court candidate - reaches a head on the 22nd (Full Moon conjunct his progressed Mercury in H9).
Hillary Clinton finds the second half of April limiting and slowing, perhaps even affecting her health (Saturn conjunct her progressed Jupiter in H1). A combination of patterns by September could indicate the long-dreaded indictment (Pluto station direct quinqunx her Mars/Pluto exact in H9; Uranus opposite her Solar Arc Mars/Pluto; Lunar Eclipse conjunct her Moon; and Solar Arc Uranus onto her Midheaven).
Donald Trump's prospects during most of April are quite good. There is a big outlay of money (Pluto square his Jupiter in H2); new ideas, friends, and his message, especially regarding women, are helpful (Uranus trine his Moon, sextile his Node/progressed Uranus); cash flow is smart (Saturn sextile his progressed Venus); and his energy level is high (Mars station retrograde sextile his progressed Mars). However, he'll encounter an obstacle, possibly regarding secrets revealed, on the 22nd (Full Moon in Scorpio H3 square his progressed Saturn in H12).


I'm sure you know several tried and true methods to change a negative mood. These might include things as simple as taking a nap, taking a drive, having a cup of tea, putting a smile on your face, or any other number of diversions. Now that Saturn and Neptune are in square aspect to each other, gloom often prevails, and we could use other more powerful techniques.
The most powerful to be considered is the one I've called The Quantum Shift, explained in my new book "The Wisdom Keys". It's a practice that can alter your disposition fundamentally and turn your gloomiest moods if not into joy, at least into a calm, peaceful and neutral mindset.
In order to understand what The Quantum Shift is, and how to do it, we first must get to the root of depression. Regardless of what type of event you're living through, its ramifications to your health, relationships, career, parenting, or whatever, you have to understand that you are creating it moment to moment by the story you're telling yourself about it. You're constructing a narrative. The narrative might be based on what you've already lived through so that you're going over it, around and in and out, again and again, chewing it and grinding it into the fibers of your being... or it may be that your thoughts are perpetually gloomy about life in general and you keep drawing to yourself events that "prove" it by mirroring that which you are expecting.
OK, so fundamentally the method first requires that you acknowledge, accept, and take responsibility for your personal narrative. This is big. Most people can't do it. Most people would rather put the blame on the rest of the world, and continue to enjoy being the victim. So we have a huge first step of acknowledging the creation of reality based upon personal thoughtforms.
Well, having come to this realization, now you can work with this. Whether events are depressing you, or your thoughts about events are depressing you, it's the same thing. You can now make a different decision simply by choosing to have a different thought. Wow, that sounds pretty simplistic! If you're angry, find something else to think about then and there - it could be about the angering situation, or it could be about something totally different. Nevertheless, you will disrupt your continuous thoughtform and replace it with something different. (Notice, I didn't say "better"; I just said "different".)
Emotions are thus similarly disrupted. And a powerful emotion connected to your previous narrative - which could be fear, rage, or gloom - can be disrupted as easily as that by a changed or replaced thought. A disrupted emotion means it stops. It shifts gear. You, "inside" that emotion, may be bewildered for a moment. Something has shifted; it's changed. The entire swirl of thoughts, actualities, and beliefs that you were just so deeply entangled with has given way. You're in a new pattern.
You can take advantage of this by recognizing what has happened. You can go with the new, and hopefully better, pattern by enjoying different thoughts about a very changed perspective or revised reality, and in so doing you can feel a little victory. A victory over yourself; a victory over negativity; a victory over the clutches of depression.
This disruption and change is called The Quantum Shift because it happens instantaneously. You who are in one reality are suddenly in a different reality. You've passed through a doorway. No doubt this will take practice. It is similar to Buddhist mindfulness. You have to be mindful of what reality you're in, and make decisions consciously and responsibly to move yourself into a different reality. This gives you power - control and power over the self. (This is another theme for later: what happens transformationally under a Pluto station. To be continued...)
Meanwhile, enjoy your newfound ability to get yourself out of your funk within seconds. Hooray!

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

Book Review: "The Chinese Art of Face Reading", by Henning Hai Lee Yang  
Because a friend of mine had bought a book on Chinese face reading, and because I've had some interesting conversations with my Vietnamese nail salon guy about Oriental traditional face reading, I ordered a book off of Amazon on the subject, so I had no way of knowing how accurate or useful such a book might be, but with my background in reading Tarot cards and horoscope wheels I thought this might be different and fun.
When I first tackled this, I used a mirror and tried to ascertain which of my features fitted to which in the book. Eventually, I recruited my husband and we attempted to do each other's reading. Turns out it was neither easy based upon the rough sketches in the book to determine which was which, nor when we agreed on this or that was there a lot of accuracy to it.
Just to give you an example of what's in this book, there are chapters called The Shape of the Face, the Upper or Lower Part of the Face, and specifics such as the Mouth, Laugh Lines, Chin, Eyebrows, Forehead, and many many more. A great drawback of the book is the hand-drawn rather rough sketchy illustrations for the various components. I found that it was difficult to pinpoint either mine or my husband's features when they didn't fit exactly into the illustration. When we both agreed that he or I had a certain type of feature, and then read the description, sadly, it was often (not always) inaccurate to our history or personality. To be specific, for example, a person with a wider upper lip than lower lip - that is, an asymmetrical lip - was supposed to lose the father before the mother... and the exact opposite was true in my husband's case.
The section on the shape of the forehead was very hard to determine, as was the section on cheekbones. To my great surprise, I discovered that I didn't have any philtrum (which is the little space between the nose and the upper lip) - I have instead a single line, not an indented area. Maybe I'm lacking something altogether!
There are sections on Teeth and Noses, and some of the names (titles) are hilarious, for instance, Garlic Nose, Monkey Nose, and Goat Nose are not very flattering to the wearers, nor are Leaky Teeth, Devil's Teeth, or Dog Teeth! I'm sure these are traditional Chinese names but to the Western ear they certainly are distant from what one would choose to own. More agreeable are descriptions of chins as pointed, square, round or receding, as well as dimpled.
Therefore, just perusing the book can be off-putting. But at times educational. As the book goes forward, it talks about moles on the face and body, and their placement; it talks about freckles and pimples; it talks about an aura of color coming from the forehead. It talks about facial expressions. And there is an Appendix connecting face reading with the animal kingdom.
I find the subject fascinating. Its treatment in this book seems woolly, simplistic and rather inaccurate, so sadly I cannot recommend this particular book although I'm sure there's a lot left to be researched about this tradition by the Western mind.

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - Apr. '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:

At first, if you don't know which way to go, which decision to make, which path to pursue, hesitate for a bit while you check out your instincts. What we are naming instincts is similar to intuition for it is another sense - the sixth sense - that lies below the surface of the analytical brain and waits until it is given permission by its owner to send forth its knowledge.
The intuition instinctually knows something about the present choice. It has feelings about it, and has a sense of interest or even enthusiasm in going in one direction, while simultaneously has a sense of resistance or even anxiety about going in the other direction. Here we have the stereotypical "fork in the road". Shall I do this or that? Shall I go forward or step back? Shall I pursue or let go? And other such questions. These are life selections and they pop up pretty frequently all day long, from the mundane to the great choices in one's life.
Why is it, then, that intuition is often a lost or forgotten ability? Or it is repressed and tamped down by societal factors, even parental injunctions? Why is this treasured gift - a navigational tool for one's journey through life - set aside, unacknowledged, or wasted? Why don't we always allow instinct and gut feeling to rule? We have been taught to subordinate this talent behind the use of reasoning. We have been taught to weigh and evaluate options.
All well and good, helpful for caution, and certainly useful for people who must do research or due diligence, but not so good in a crisis. Not so good when timing is everything. Not so good when one must decide quickly between different possibilities. It is then that intuition should be allowed to come forward and rule the day, for intuition will almost always help keep you safe and wise in your choices.
Listening to intuition is something to be practiced, even daily. Do I pick up the phone and make the call now, or do I wait? When shopping, do I buy that item because I need it or because there's a little tingling about it in the back of my mind telling me it may become important later? Intuition is both a talent and a technique; it must be stoked, practiced, utilized frequently, and kept available so that in crisis when the logic is turned off, instinct and the guidance system of intuition comes to the forefront immediately to protect and guide its owner.
Trust your intuition. Hone it as you would a sword. Trust it as you would a guardian angel. Instinct is your friend.

� 2016 by Judi Thomases

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