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For awhile now, I've felt the urge to speak up more about my values and preferences regarding some of the things I see happening in our country. Now, previously I had worked diligently - or so I thought - to maintain a kind of neutrality. (Probably that was an illusion, because I'm sure my preferences leaked out.) However, what's driving me now is a desire to stand for something as the teacher, or as a guide for those who follow my counsel.
Chaqun à sont goût is the French way of saying, "To each his own". And there's no arguing with that, for we come to our values, our decisions, our sense of right and wrong by the very experiences of our journey. In my case, my horoscope comes into play because I have Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in an earth sign trine my Sun, which is a textbook pattern for a strong sense of conscience.
What's bothering me lately is corruption more than braggadocio, sleaze more than ego, low consciousness soul goals more than perhaps a perverted sense of idealism. It's hard - very hard - to sort this out without close knowledge of the individuals who are portraying themselves as this or that. I am tending to see the lower values as much in Hollywood as in the political arena, and I'm certainly not telling you what conclusion you should come to insofar as whom you wish to champion or admire. But for me, part of my mission right now in the sense of teaching whatever it is I feel I've come to realize in the hard-won drama of life, is to say "wake up". Wake up and evaluate. Evaluate against a higher good.
This highest good is always compassion, and along with that is service to others. Egoless service. Some of us actually make our living doing a job that is service, getting paid for it, but not necessarily taking glory or identity from it. In Buddhism, this is called right livelihood. There are many people out there, especially in a young-soul country such as America in our era, who are shooting for fame, power, wealth, and lust. That's the panoply of young soul values. If you feel your "hero" or "heroine" is displaying an inordinate desire to reach one of these lower goals, take stock.
Meantime, I'm just in a new mood, and I'm going to speak up for whatever I feel I see as displaying the negative characteristics (or not). Until our country reaches an overall level of old-soul wisdom (which it certainly won't in our lifetimes), we will bear witness to the strange dramas now in play of famous, powerful, wealthy but low consciousness young souls in positions of strength or power, and the wreckage they can leave in their wake.
It doesn't have to be so, but that's what it is for now.
With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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JULY 2014
Looking at patterns between the horoscopes of President Obama, the United States, and Obamacare - how does it all stack up?


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"...time is an illusion produced by successive states of consciousness 
as we travel through eternal duration.'"
- Harvey H. Bird, "Towards an Esoteric Cosmology" (The Quest,  
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FIORINA, CARSON STRAIN TO BE HEARD: Their 'outsider' campaigns have lost luster since November" - USA Today, 1/17/16 (Prediction:  "From the end of November onwards, however, he will probably see a drop in popularity." - Spirit's Words, Sept. '15)

- New York Post, 12/11/15 (Prediction: "Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources.) - Spirit's Words, May 2012)

            The world chart shows the likelihood of misunderstandings for the first two days, and is unsuitable for agreements; there is a possibility of broken treaties (Mercury square Uranus). Chaos continues (Pluto square Uranus). On the other hand, the first week is very helpful for the continuation of positive results regarding healthcare and general cleansing (Jupiter rx conjunct Node). From the 4th-5th, anger is being worked out constructively (Mars sextile Pluto), but on the 6th, stresses upon the world's economy are obvious (Venus conjunct Pluto). Aggression is keyed up on the 8th, with the possibility of cyber attacks (New Moon in Aquarius square Mars). A boost is encouraging from the 14th-15th (Jupiter rx sextile Mars).
            For our nation, there is a chance for karmic issues to be positively resolved (progressed Moon at 29 Scorpio in H12 sextile U.S. progressed Pluto), with more stability in the stock market (progressed Saturn rx trine U.S. Venus), and better likability (progressed Ascendant sextile U.S. Venus). The first half of the month is calming (Saturn sextile U.S. Saturn), perhaps with hope and an urge to turn in a spiritual direction (Jupiter rx conjunct U.S. Neptune). Excessive idealism and rose-colored glasses should be avoided, especially mid-month (Progressed Venus quinqunx U.S. progressed Neptune). From the 6th-15th, there can be military over-confidence (Jupiter rx square U.S. Mars), with might easily applied on the 8th (New Moon in Grand Air Trine to U.S. Mars and U.S. progressed Mars). Some gloom hangs around on the 19th (Progressed Moon semi-square Saturn). On the 22nd, we are taking a new look at our shared beliefs or values (Full Moon conjunct U.S. Progressed Ascendant in H9). New brighter energy is on the horizon by the 25th (Progressed Moon into Sagittarius). The last week brings a flare-up of tension (Uranus opposite U.S. Mars); from the 28th-29th, we are angry but strong and forceful (Mars in H11 square Moon, sextile Pluto). There is the potential of very profound and positive transformation in 2017, which might signal a deep change in the administration (Progressed Midheaven trine U.S. progressed Pluto).
President Obama is feeling bold, even arrogant during the first week (Jupiter rx conjunct his Mars). On the 8th, he has reason to be happy (progressed Moon semi-sextile his Venus), but can be seen as aloof or eccentric despite being humanitarian (New Moon in Aquarius conjunct his Ascendant). From the 12th-14th, he feels bored with pleasures or love, and may not be liked (Venus conjunct his Saturn in H12). He reaches a peak of power on the 22nd (Full Moon conjunct his Pluto/Node in H7). He is good with words and ideas on the 23rd (progressed Moon sextile his Mercury), and during the last week he is feeling freer (Uranus sextile his Ascendant).
Donald Trump can become ever more outrageous and confrontational (Uranus sextile his Uranus; progressed Uranus conjunct his Sun; Mars in H3). This aggressiveness would be seen especially on the 16th (progressed Moon semi- sextile his Mars). However, he will encounter difficulties from the 23rd-24th (progressed Moon square his progressed Ascendant; progressed Mars sesqui-quadrate his Midheaven). Will he shoot himself in the foot? Is it over for him? (progressed Midheaven and progressed Moon into H12; progressed Venus past conjunction to his Chiron; progressed Sun past conjunct to Regulus; progressed Jupiter square Saturn; progressed Mercury past conjunction to his Pluto; Solar Arc Uranus square his Midheaven).
Ben Carson has been sad (Saturn conjunct his Moon) but is not ready to give up (Jupiter in Virgo conjunct his Sun). He is becoming tougher (Pluto conjunct his progressed Ascendant, trine his Sun).
Bernie Sanders is one angry guy (natal Moon/Mars in Aries; transiting Uranus conjunct them)! He can pack a punch against Hillary (his Saturn squares her Saturn; his Pluto squares her Sun). There is luck for him in late March-April (Jupiter conjunct his Sun) - does that mean Hillary drops out?
Hillary Clinton is in denial in late January, hoping against hope, or evading (progressed Sun square her Neptune). She is quite vulnerable now.
Ted Cruz (12/22/70, Calgary, Canada) is not a likable guy (his Saturn opposite his Venus), is rebellious and emotionally volatile (his Moon conjunct Uranus), and gets into verbal power struggles (his Pluto square his Sun/Mercury). He is now under enormous pressure (Pluto square his Libra Moon).

I bet you never had that thought.

I bet you never thought that you had control over your thoughts - the amount of them, the rapidity of them, or the quality of them.
Most people feel that they are their thoughts; they derive their very identity in life by whatever crosses their mind on a daily basis and remains in their thoughts year by year as the structure of their self. In fact, it requires a leap of understanding to realize that you are not your thoughts but rather something greater and apart from them.
The leap is what's gained by meditation. The leap is into a gradual (or sometimes sudden) insight that the essential you is apart from your thoughts and is eternal. But that's getting beyond what I'm talking about now.
Before you can make that leap you must come to the discovery that the essential you has control over the amount, quality and speed of your mind's engine. Let's say something has made you angry and your thoughts are churning about it. Grrr. This one's to blame, and that should have been said. What if you handled it differently? What will you do next time? How dare that person act that way! You feel helpless against this barrage of messages, don't you?
Suppose you're not angry but depressed? Gloomy thoughts abound. Despair. It'll never go right. You've failed. Others dislike you; you never find love. You feel worthless, guilty, thwarted, etc. How do you know this if not via your thought-constructs?! Is it even true?
Here's another typical routine: distraction. I'll let my mind wander so I don't have to deal with the important but challenging stuff. I'll daydream. I'll procrastinate. Maybe I'll watch the boob-tube to while away the hours. Mental paralysis is not the same as inner stillness!
There's a term for these unproductive mental states, and that's called Monkey Mind. Never still, jumping all over the place, using but wasting your energy. Why let your own mind lead you down roads you'd rather avoid? Did you know that you can control your thoughts just as you'd control any other machine? You can switch from one thought to another (better) one in the blink of an eye. You can thereby control your emotions. (This is called self-mastery.) You can see certain types of thoughts as trivial or passing. You can calm the body's whole energy system in this way.
Some thoughts are profound. These can be given more attention, more leeway; they bring light and empowerment. But even these can be put to rest whenever you choose to. I'm talking about taming your mind, directing it along chosen lines, deciding which type of emotion you wish to reside in, and ever-so-often putting it to rest as you just breathe... breathe... go inwards, let go, discover your higher self in there, and find peace.
For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

Movie Review: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", dir. by J.J.Abrams 
I saw the new Star Wars recently, and I wasn't much enamored of it. It's a good action film, and sticks to the first version sufficiently to please most people. However, for me that was the problem. I felt there was little creativity in this movie. Furthermore, there wasn't that much humor as in the first one, and worst of all for me, there was a paucity of spirituality.
In the first movie, the little robot R2-D2 had quite a personality and acted almost autonomously to save the day on a few occasions. For instance, if memory serves, R2-D2 figured out how to get our crew out of the garbage compactor on the enemy ship, and plugged in on another occasion to free our intrepid heroes from their imprisonment. The banter between R2-D2 and the formal, rather stuffy C-3P0 was a treasure. Because they were so stylistically different, it added so much to the enjoyment of the first Star Wars movie, whereas in the recent one, the roly-poly little robot BB-8 is cute and certainly a good marketing item for spin-offs in the toy stores but lacks both personality and humor.
Secondly, another disappointing feature of a film called "The Force Awakens" is the lack of wisdom from a Jedi guru character (such as Yoda or Obi-wan Kenobi). Nobody is communicating with the hero at the penultimate moment to act and "trust the force". I'm sure this will be reserved for the next two movies. However, it was sadly missing from this film. Not to mention, the bad guy, Kylo Ren, was not nearly as scary as Darth Vader or the Emperor.
It was nice to see Harrison Ford in his old role as the cynical Han Solo (and I'm really happy to see a Hollywood actor who's aging normally without Botox or face lifts! He looks fine.) And it was also nice to see Cary Fisher as Princess Leia, now General Leia, who also eschewed Hollywood's unnatural physical mandates.
The movie did not pack the emotional punch of the first Star Wars, at least for me, but it was a fun entertainment. See it - you'll probably like it. But I thought it was a piece of hack work.

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cvr design
Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - Feb. '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:


Here we are, and there are you!
Who are you? Have you sorted things out yet? Have you begun to see the unity of all? The sameness of you and me? The non-existence of separation?
No, of course not. For you are confused by complex global events, threatened by natural, man-made, and interpersonal challenges, and frightened as individual identities in an overpowering world - a world seemingly on the brink. How can one see oneself as godlike when one feels puny, isolated, and perhaps even helpless? That is today's theme.
You are not that. You are that which exists eternally, and plays a game of separateness, of one against the other, of differentness, and of the weakness of the individual self. This is our game, and we play it with you. Please notice these pronouns. Again we ask, who are we, and who are you? Is it possible that we are the same as you, that you are the higher - not one's higher self, not Judi's higher self, but the higher that exists beyond who you are (or who you think you are)?
To participate in today's world, to rise to its challenges, to be active in softening its threats and learning to love and be kind, is the only game, the only dance there is. To reach understanding requires that the mind opens, expands, and transcends. And this is everything that is happening now. It is the root cause of the emphasis upon differentness and anger.
When you and we merge, all becomes peaceful. Kindness overcomes, and love prevails. If it were easy, it would not be a game that leads to wisdom and understanding. The times are hard but rich. You are players; you are aspects of the One. You are our voice made manifest in flesh and blood.
We might say now, "come into the Kingdom", for you begin your readiness.
© 2016 by Judi Thomases




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