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Regarding my personal journey recently, I can finally say that I'm looking in the rear view mirror at one of my life's major events, a full hip joint replacement. A lot of people in my active adult community and in my age range are going through various such major surgeries (with good results) so a friend of mine labeled us "the replacement parts generation"! I guess we're finally living out the bionic man stuff. The type of surgery I underwent was a new procedure that doesn't cut the muscles and so was a faster recovery (which I'm grateful for) but nevertheless has taken a good nine weeks to overcome debilitation and pain. Ergo, no December 2015 newsletter. But I'm happy to say that I'm driving again and in physical therapy so it won't be long until I get back most or all of my mobility, and maybe even get stronger from all this work at the gym.
Considering the difficult energies at work globally at this time (Pluto finishing up its square to Uranus), we have been left with lots of residual upset and even revolutionary transformation. Many people in my sphere are being tremendously affected and challenged. Friends have suddenly been given frightening diagnoses, and family an immediate ultimatum to relocate 1,400 miles away. The weather has been devastating to parts of the nation - blow after blow. And the threat of terrorism hangs over Europe, Israel, Syria, and the United States. It feels like we are living through our personal "end times" or a global one.
If the picture is grim, one must do the only thing possible which is to stay in the present moment, lift one's thoughts and spirit to a place that is at least comfortable and serene if not happy (even better), and take it day by day. The difference between a serene state of being during challenges versus a depressed or agitated one can make a great difference not only in your physical wellbeing but in what you attract to yourself, and how the challenge plays out for you. If you are one of the people who are going through misfortune or (as they meant in the old days when they called it dis-aster) disaster, meaning bad stars, try hard to stay calm and remain upbeat no matter what, and see if that doesn't bring greater help your way.
Throughout my ordeal, I can say truly I never succumbed to negative thinking or if I did it was very quickly altered. There is only one way to get through this life, and that way is with wisdom. I hope your new year is celebrated well and enjoyably, and I hope 2016 brings us and the world more peace, more brotherhood, and more love.
Signing off until next time.
With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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JULY 2014
Looking at patterns between the horoscopes of President Obama, the United States, and Obamacare - how does it all stack up?

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"Mentor", (channeled through Meredith Lady Young), Agartha

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OBAMACARE DEATH WATCH - New York Post, 12/11/15 (Prediction: "Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources.) - Spirit's Words, May 2012)
Gov. Chris Christie rejoins the main stage for debate - News Journal, 12/14/15 - (Prediction: "[he] will continue to get stronger despite challenges...his high hopes, perhaps about a presidential run, may not be realistic.") - Spirit's Words, Feb. 14

- News Journal, 11/7/15 (Prediction: "From the end of November onwards, however, he will probably see a drop in popularity." - Spirit's Words, Sept. '15)

Hillary Clinton May Go to Prison
Up to 20 Years Over 'Top Secret' Emails
- internet, 9/25/15 ;
The Buzz on Hillary: Advisor warns Clinton to lawyer up - as brushed-off 'e-mail thing' spirals into a 'cancer on her candidacy' - NYPost, 10/4/15 (Prediction: "Hillary Clinton will encounter strong career obstructions by mid November 2015 ... By December '15, she will face a huge legal battle." - Spirit's Words, Oct '15)
In a recent interview [Carly Fiorina] says YES, without question, she would support The Donald for President. WOW!
- Internet, Political Insider, 10/3/15 
(Prediction: "... before Election 2016, from 10/27-11/5/2016, [Fiorina] can stump well for a team." - Spirit's Words, Oct '15

       The world continues to see abrupt and difficult sweeping changes all month (Pluto square Uranus). The 5th is both dreamily idealistic and argumentative (Venus square Neptune; Mercury station direct square Mars), and kicks off a period of reviewing documents or treaties (Mercury retrograde in Capricorn). From the 8th through mid-month, wonderful possibilities arise for choosing the right direction regarding healthcare and practical service (Jupiter station retrograde in Virgo, conjunct Node; Node conjunct Jupiter), while a serious approach to sensible pleasures and modest values is shown (Venus conjunct Saturn). The 14th to 15th brings lively, exciting events (Venus trine Uranus) and a terrific pattern for speeches, ideas and communication (Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter). The 16th to 19th is great for meditation or other means of healing (Mars sextile Neptune). However, the 21st-22nd indicates rash speech or hasty decisions (Mercury retrograde square Uranus) which can lead to an explosive or willfully impulsive act (Mars quinqunx Uranus). Powerful words can be used amid tensions on the 25th (Mercury station direct trine Pluto, square Uranus). The 30th is harmonious and spiritual (Venus sextile Neptune).
            For our nation, January sees economic growth (Pluto trine U.S. progressed Jupiter) despite old patterns re-emerging (Neptune square U.S. Uranus). From the 8th - 10th, there are excellent prospects to discuss ideas (Jupiter station retrograde sextile U.S. Mercury/progressed Node), and it will be a peaceful, even pleasant period (Venus conjunct U.S. Ascendant). The 10th - 19th indicates a desire to figure out longterm plans, and to get mature and serious about our image (Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Saturn, trine U.S. Venus; Saturn conjunct U.S. Ascendant). Confidence and might revive on the 13th (Mars trine U.S. Jupiter). The last third of the month encourages high hopes (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Neptune). On the 27th, we're torn between conservative desires versus pleasurable indulgences (Venus opposite U.S. Venus, sextile U.S. progressed Saturn). Much strength is observed from the 29th - 30th (Mars trine U.S. Sun) while good stability ends the month (Saturn sextile U.S. progressed Saturn).
President Obama starts the month with pleasantries regarding family and ties with helpful females (Venus opposite his Moon, sextile his Saturn), yet he can be quarrelsome on the 4th (Mars conjunct his progressed Mercury). From the 5th - 25th, there can be many speeches, some of which are over-long (Mercury retrograde trine his Jupiter, square his progressed Mercury). The 8th favors emboldened business choices (Jupiter station retrograde conjunct his Mars, trine his progressed Saturn), while the 10th shows a new start regarding a hidden agenda (New Moon conjunct his progressed Midheaven in H12). By mid-month he is likable, and more mature and patient (Venus sextile his Ascendant; Saturn trine his Sun). The second half of the month offers him nice fantasies but an inability to express his core ideas (Neptune trine his Neptune, opposite his progressed Pluto). He is getting tougher but may feel discouraged between the 19th-24th (Mars conjunct his Neptune, sextile his progressed Pluto) and very angry on the 23rd (Mars square his Sun). A big decision or important speech is shown on the 24th (Full Moon conjunct his Mercury).
Donald Trump is inventive and original this month (Uranus sextile his Uranus/progressed Node) but faces excessive expenditures (Pluto square his progressed Venus). On the 8th, he is too emotional but smart regarding business (Jupiter station retrograde square his Moon, sextile his Saturn exact). During the second half of the month, his message is inspirational (Neptune trine his Mercury). He may be furious on the 23rd (Mars square his Pluto), but can begin a gradual healing process on the 31st (Saturn sextile his Chiron).
Jeb Bush, quite the dreamer but lacking "lovability" (his Moon squares his Saturn/Neptune), is thrown a curve this month yet shows positive transformation (Pluto opposite his progressed Uranus, trine his Jupiter). By the 23rd, he enjoys honors and success (Jupiter station retrograde conjunct his Ascendant exact).
Hillary Clinton will feel weakened his month (Neptune opposite her progressed Mars).


The rare celestial pattern that the world is under right now reflects directly in the dilemma posed by the thousands of migrants pouring out of the Mideast because of the brutality of ISIS/Da'esh and its jihad against innocent people, which has led to an influx of homeless refugees on a numerical scale we have seldom seen, in an accelerated time period that is without precedent, and comprised of an agglomeration different than anything heretofore.
Whatever one's political leanings, it is undeniable that ghastly crimes against humanity are ongoing as we are forced to learn of indisputable reports, photos and very rare video footage of savage cruelty such as beheadings, drownings, mass murder, and the destruction of priceless antique artifacts. Questions do remain as to why able-bodied males are not standing together to fight for their land. However, the upshot is that these voluminous migrations of people streaming out of Syria and other Mideastern countries is an established fact.
When images are seen of the atrocities, or when intentions of genocide are broadcast by the perpetrators, it is hard not to open one's heart to the plight of these people who are left searching for a new life. How poignant when we see that their perilous journey by boat or over land can spell their death even at its inception, or to witness the faces of the elderly and the very young, and imagine oneself in their shoes struggling so deeply with the misfortune that life has dropped them into.
Many countries in Europe, responding perhaps to their own history of genocide or of the horrors of two world wars on their soil, have opened their borders and their arms to offer succor, and been in some cases overwhelmed by their compassion (such as Germany and Denmark). America is a nation of kindness and sympathy, as witness the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty, asking the world to "give us the wretched refuse of your teeming shore", but we have not yet seen the vast influx that can easily overwhelm social services and take jobs away from our own poor.
Of course, all humanity is left to ask the question, "what to do? How can this challenge be met?"
I said that this was not a normal migration of people such as because of famine as was with the Irish, or persecution as was with the pilgrims, or poverty as was with Europe's Italians or Jews. These earlier people came seeking a better life and a chance at the pursuit of happiness; they did not come with a different (revolutionary) agenda.
Ay, there's the rub!
Compassion is what Neptune in Pisces is all about - the sensitivity to feel another's pain, and the desire to heal suffering. But when that pattern forms an aspect called a square (or 90 degrees apart) from another planet - in this case Saturn, representing boundaries, limitations, realism, and even harsh discipline - there results a configuration in which these two principles are in conflict. In our contemporary world the suffering of the homeless refugees clashes with the need to secure and protect those countries - especially ours (the declared enemy of ISIS) - against an agenda or intention of deliberate destruction and overthrow of western civilization's way of life.
It's telling that the wealthy Mideast neighbors of Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai, will not accept any Syrian refugees whatsoever. If postings on social media can be believed, one tells of a Saudi prince who "says he'll pledge his $32 billion to advance 'the Islamization of America', including Sharia law."
Another posting shows a young child laying on a bed of candies, and asks "If there were one cyanide candy amongst ten thousand normal ones, would you let your child eat them?", thus playing up the risk that there would be terrorists hiding amongst the thousands of regular immigrants, and posing the question, "Would you risk it?" This is the Saturn part of the equation. There are no pat answers now, for a square between outer planets brings the issue to the forefront as long as the pattern holds. In the case of Saturn square to Neptune, we can see that the pattern holds at least through the Fall of 2016, after which the issue may not be resolved but the conflict of principles - i.e., compassion vs. realism - begins to wane or be resolved.
May we all make the right choices or at least the best compromises... and until then, may our governments, charities, agencies and personal decisions be guided by the best wisdom under the circumstances.
For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

Book Review: "Past Lives: An Investigation into Reincarnation Memories", by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick (Berkley New Age)
As I began to read this serious and scholarly book, at first I became annoyed by the authors' approach because they seemed to follow each report of a reincarnational memory with every reason to shoot down the idea of the possibility of reincarnation. They took what can be called a scientific approach emphasizing after each anecdote how it could be picked up unconsciously from other sources such as a parent or relative's stories, or a book laying around the house or encountered in early childhood, or even the phenomenon that I had never heard of called cryptonesia, which is described as "forgotten memories that resurface under hypnosis".
In their attempts to offer every possible alternate explanation of the occurrence that can be labeled reincarnation memory, the authors went to great lengths to serve up anything and everything as a prospect, even going so far as to weigh the odds of telepathy.
The book offers hundreds of cases of this phenomenon, and spends quite a good deal of time on the instances when it occurs in very young children. In the latter it would seem to preclude the chance of forgotten earlier memories or of the influence of other people's discussions or exposure to a variety of media (because some of the very young children were barely able to verbalize), and in fact, quite amazingly, some just-able to verbalize youngsters when recalling a reincarnational memory spoke in the tone of voice and vocabulary of an older, more adult figure than their chronological age, after which they would usually lapse back into normal childlike speech and behavior.
Eventually, it seemed to me, that the authors were addressing the (to Western minds, at least) incredulous concept of reincarnation with as reasonable and scientific a mindset as possible so as to rule out very many of these alternate explanations.
The one very enjoyable aspect of this book was the abundance of anecdotes from a variety of cultures, nations, through historical records as well as contemporary instances, and across the gamut of ages, so that even when the authors were presenting roadblocks to the belief in reincarnation, the profusion of examples rather built up a tendency to accept such a possibility.
Some scientific studies were referenced, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson's on young children who had not been exposed to television and such, especially because of their cultural and geographic status.
Overall, certain conclusions became obvious. In most cases of reincarnation memories, especially those of children, the spontaneous descriptions were more like snapshots of an episode in the life rather than a continuous story, tended not to be dramatic or ego-driven but simple, normal and ordinary in the description of that previous life, and brought the individual temporarily out of the normal flow of time so that with a change in tone of voice, vocabulary usage or the glazing of the eyes, it seemed as though the person were temporarily transported back to their previous experience, and then just as easily returned to normal once more. Some of the chapter titles give an insight into the research and conclusions, such as "Culture and Reincarnation", 'My Other Mummy', and "The Psi Hypothesis".
Best of all, the book wraps up in a wonderful way, finally addressing pure scientific concepts from pre-Copernican to Newtonian, all the way to quantum mechanics, finding a scientific route to observe and address how reincarnation memories might be real, concurrent with present reality, and consistent with our newest understanding of consciousness. This, I felt, was the most successful part of the book, for more than the entertainment of reading past life stories is the substance in which a serious approach could find a legitimate answer.
The book even includes a full index of the variety of terms used, and an extensive bibliography of reference material. I would recommend this book as more substantive than dramatized works such as "The Search for Bridey Murphy" and that ilk. It was well-written and quite enjoyable.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - Jan. '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:

 If there were a way in which all goodness could be sustained at all times - i.e., in every moment in every separate consciousness - the earth would be transformed into a heaven. For it is in heaven, by definition, that goodness always prevails and that there is not even a drop or touch of the negative. However the human mind was not designed as such, nor is this a mistake. The human mind was designed to be constantly placed upon a tight walk, to find the path between the contrasts of good and evil. To exist within a duality of opposites. This is what life on earth is all about, and what humanity "signs on for" when a life is chosen and inhabited.
The point being that, by remaining in a purely blissful situation or environment or circumstance, no growth occurs - no learning, no experience, and no wisdom is obtained. One never moves from Square One. And what would be the point?
So it is by definition that life will present the good side and the bad side, and choices must continuously be made. That is not to say that earth cannot improve, that the global experience of taking a life, having a life, living a life cannot aspire towards continuous sweetness and delight. Written into one's DNA is this goal.
For most, it is quite personal. How can I get to a situation in my life that is always without suffering, always all good? For some, this is expanded, whereas the goal becomes: How can I help the world achieve this? And for the few, it is the only motivating goal; there is no longer a sense of personal need, only of that of the world's.
When one looks around, one realizes the world is far from being there as yet. It is not an impossibility to attain, but it requires something. That something can be called time, progress, or evolution. When one sees this perspective, one gains the understanding that things are awakening. The more each person sees the goal, figures out how to establish it within their own circumstances, and then spread it to others, the closer the world comes to attaining heaven on earth. For those who are pessimistic and feel that this will never happen, we say this is false. But for those who are over-optimistic, and feel it is just around the corner, we say no way! For the game is in play, and is not near its finality.
Live as though heaven is on earth. Change your world. No matter your challenges, choose the good way, the way of kindness and no harm, and you will do your bit to lift the world to its heaven that much more rapidly. Let go of all else, and you will play your role in bringing this dream into manifestation.
� 2016 by Judi Thomases




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