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I want to talk about "radar" - not the aeronautic kind, but the intuitive kind. I believe we all have it but it's undeveloped in many people, and ignored or repressed in some.
It works very strongly for me, and so I'm gifted with what they call psychic ability. Maybe if I describe it, you'll see that this is familiar, and on occasion you've experienced this too.
My "radar" kicks in as promptings or urgings. When it does so, I feel pushed to take action. In a recent case, I participated in a psychic fair. Before the event, about 10 of us gathered in a lovely living room to introduce ourselves to each other and to say a few words about our practice and where we were from. Everyone was accomplished and pleasant - the type of people you might be drawn to, or want to get to know, or simply feel enjoyment in sharing the day. But for whatever reason, one woman on the opposite side of the room stood out to me. There was no logic in it; it had nothing to do with the way she dressed, spoke, behaved, or even what her specialty was. I felt my "radar". The prompting was to reach out.
At the end of the hectic day, I tried to get a few words in with her but she was too busy so we quickly exchanged cards and moved along. Later I sent her an email. She responded by saying, "Did I know [another professional astrologer] fairly near my area?" I said I didn't, and would like to meet her. Thus, a three-way connection was made which would seem to have a wonderful potential now, and which fell into place because of the radar promptings. Of all the people in the room, only one set off my bells, only one is proving to be the intermediary between myself and someone I might even have been destined to meet and now work with, or at least enjoy the company of... and this simply would not have happened if the radar wasn't quite active.
This is just one example of stuff that happens to me frequently. I have learned to listen in. It's equally possible, and has happened, that the radar pushes me away from something I think I want or wish to go towards. Sometimes the radar works as resistance or caution. I listen to that as well.
The radar, which is my word for intuition, is like a navigation system, a guidance device. Go here, don't go there, it says. Act now, not later, it says. Trust in this non-logical yet powerful sense.
You have it too. It may not be well developed, but can be through practice in listening to your inner guidance and through faith that it is valid. You don't know where it will take you, or how propitious its timing might be. All you can do is become more and more of an intuitive listener. And if you do that, I'll guarantee that life will get a lot more interesting and possibly even more successful.
Try it. You'll like it.
Signing off until next time.
With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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JULY 2014
Looking at patterns between the horoscopes of President Obama, the United States, and Obamacare - how does it all stack up?

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Spiritual Quote 


"All the names and forms that fill up this universe and constitute its nature are but creations of mind.  Therefore the mind has to be calmed in order to see the truth.  The ever-flickering waves of the lake have to be stilled so that you can see the bottom clearly."

- Dr. John S. Hislop, paraphrasing Satha Sai Baba

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(Prediction: "August 2015 is his best chance." - Spirit's Words, July '15)
"Which universe is Hillary Clinton in?" - News Journal, Letter to Editor,8/24/15...      
    'Series of warning' signs hit Clinton's 2016 campaign
Data revealed that Hilary's standing fell among Democrats recently, with voters citing two particular reasons for their loss of confidence. AOL Today, 7/16/15 (Prediction: "Hilary Clinton seems to be quite deluded about her career prospects all month." - Spirit's Words, July '15)

            For the world, by the end of week 1, there is little interest in war, and a healing has begun (Mars opposite Neptune). Smart decisions or treaties can be rendered (Mercury station direct at 0 Libra sextile Saturn, conjunct Node). The 10th-11th are poor days for socializing (Venus square Saturn) but the 12th-16th are excellent for investors (Jupiter trine Pluto). The 13th brings the start of rapid changes (New Moon opposite Uranus). There is high-mindedness on the 17th (Venus opposite Neptune) but also the need to play to strengths (Mars trine Pluto). The 18th can see a bounce (Mars conjunct Jupiter). The 24th-26th shows new values and reassessment (Venus trine Pluto), leading to a celebratory mood (Venus conjunct Jupiter).
            For our nation, the whole month sees old problems rear up (Neptune square U.S. progressed Uranus), and upsets triggering aggression (Uranus opposite U.S. progressed Mars). The first week shows important transformation (Pluto semi-sextile U.S. Ascendant). On the 9th, significant decisions or signings are likely (Mercury station direct conjunct U.S. Midheaven). From the 12th-13th, there is kindness yet with caution (Venus conjunct U.S. progressed Ascendant, sextile U.S. progressed Saturn). The last two-thirds of the month brings much pressure for economic change (Pluto, from H2, opposite U.S. Sun), but the second half of the month is excellent for growth and prosperity (Jupiter sextile U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter). On the 21st, there can be disappointment with peace efforts (U.S. progressed Moon quinqunx U.S. progressed Venus). From the 30th-31st, there is a poor pattern for aggression as we can be seen as weak (Mars conjunct U.S. Neptune, square U.S. Mars).
For President Obama, he remains under pressure the first week (Pluto quinqunx his Sun) but feels freer afterwards (Uranus sextile his Ascendant). His anger is stoked from the 5th-9th (Mars conjunct his Pluto), perhaps tied to an important speech or signing on the 9th (Mercury station direct trine his Jupiter, sextile his Mercury). He feels happy on the 11th (progressed Moon trine his progressed Jupiter), and is making sensible decisions by mid-month (Saturn trine his Mercury).   However, the last third of the month finds him blue and feeling unloved (Saturn opposite his Moon). Irritable on the 20th (progressed Moon quinqunx his progressed Mars), then off his game on the 25th (progressed Moon square his Node).
Carly Fiorina (9/6/54, Austin TX, time unknown) might get a boost in mid-November (progressed Moon trine her Jupiter) but will find it hard going through late February (hard progressed Moon aspects; progressed Saturn semi-square her Moon). However, before Election 2016, from 10/27-11/5/2016, she can stump well for a team (her progressed Mercury station direct in Libra conjunct her Venus, semi-sextile her Mercury; her progressed Mars semi-sextile her Node).
Hillary Clinton, even if born in the morning - her birthtime remains yet another of her secrets - will encounter strong career obstructions by mid November 2015 (Saturn square her 5 Virgo Midheaven), and can't afford to be complacent (Pluto, chart ruler, square her Neptune in the legal sign of Libra). By December '15, she will face a huge legal battle (Pluto quinqunx her Mars/Pluto in H9).
At the Republican National Convention July 18th-21st 2016 in Cleveland OH, Donald Trump fights to get "out of the box" (Uranus opposite his Jupiter, square his Saturn), and can probably succeed (his progressed Moon semi-sextile his Uranus). He is nothing if not a gambler now (Jupiter square his Node/progressed Uranus, square his Sagittarius Moon), but can make smart choices regarding his resources (Saturn trine his Pluto). His focus shifts from grandiosity to true service (progressed Sun leaves Leo, enters Virgo, and moves into H1).



The astrological pattern referred to is shown by Saturn's entry into, and passage through, the sign of Sagittarius, which will last until December 2017. It will bring forth clashes of ideologies, workable and unworkable solutions to mankind's different religious beliefs, and, because Saturn represents tests and restrictions, it will certainly reflect the problems inherent in belief systems that are fanatical and intolerant, i.e., limiting.
Right now, as of this writing in mid September 2015, the passage of Jupiter in early Virgo is square to Saturn's entry into early Sagittarius, and brings excessiveness to the problem (a pattern that may be repeated again in May 2016). A phrase on the internet referred to the tsunamigration of Syrian refugees steaming into Europe and America... and in fact, overwhelming Western civilization with their numbers.
With Saturn square to Jupiter, we have one part of a frustration, namely, not just feeding and caring for a humanitarian crisis but also the problem of resistance to assimilation. If Islamicists maintain an agenda of blanketing the world with their own version of religion and their own set of ideologies, this creates conditions for battles. Wars have often been fought over incompatible religious beliefs.
Adding to this difficult mixture is the third pattern of Neptune in yet another mutable sign, that of Pisces, forming a square to Saturn. This pattern, at its height now, and again in September 2016, brings forth Neptune's principles of idealism and compassion - a perfect reflection of a fundamental Christian concept of turning the other cheek - which could certainly be undermined by gullibility and even betrayal. This would be the downside of excessive kindness or optimism in the face of this overwhelming mass migration of individuals from one land to another, and one culture to another.
Of course, everyone is aware that there can be deception; that the open-heartedness can, in fact, let in the threat of terror internally. That is something that must be considered. Leadership plays a very important role, and a country's leader should not under these aspects particularly follow misguided idealism which would be a formula for disaster, but find some way to balance aid and succor with strength and defense.
A key question was left dangling on Facebook, i.e., would Islamic countries accept millions of Christians under similar disastrous conditions? It is something we should all ponder, for balance and equality, and love and light, represent the cosmic goal of becoming one people and one world. It would seem that this cosmic goal is far distant from us at the moment, and may move closer to realization in the coming years depending upon cultural assimilation, gratitude, and tolerance between very diverse people instead of betrayal, terror, and zealotry.
We're being pushed forward in an accelerated way, and our next choices, decisions, and leadership will play a powerful role in the world outcome.
For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2015 by Judi Thomases


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Book Review: "Living in the Heart", by Drunvalo Melchizedek (Light Technology Publishing)
When it comes to books in the spiritual or metaphysical vein, you win some, you lose some. I don't consider this one a winner.
I had this book on my shelf from a few decades ago and did not remember reading it so I began it again and very quickly felt some warning bells ringing. The bulk of the book consists of personal stories of the author who had his heyday giving workshops around the country in the 70s and maybe 80s, but whose stories consist of too many far-out claims of wonders without very many details or realistic data.
Some of these claims included supposed dates of perfection or elevation into a "new dimension" that would be fulfilled in the New Age, dates of which have already passed with the world being far from spiritualized (as everyone can see)... claims about a metal device that, along with meditation, was able to produce clear holes in the polluted atmosphere above areas such as Denver and even China... claims that the device was not even needed if meditators learned how to use light energy alone... claims about psychic children who saw the future as a giant television screen ringed with small screens, and whose vision coincidentally tied in with a blind woman who was also able to see in this fashion... and further claims involving a lost South American tribe, the Kogi, whose shamans took the author under their wing, teaching him ancient shamanistic techniques.
My husband says, "Oh, you believe in everything!" but the truth is I retain a healthy skepticism. I also am attuned to intuitive feelings when something doesn't seem kosher. As the warning bells rang deep within, I began to remember that I had a friend back in the 70s in my field of interest who at one point was very taken with this author's theories, claims, and concepts, but who then suddenly recanted it all and would not have anything further to do with this path, even to the extent of becoming silent and withdrawn regarding mere discussions.
Further evidence of my sense of discomfort came from tidbits throughout the book giving insight into the author's lifestyle which seemed extremely disconnected from solid roots, living as he stated, in fringe areas of the American southwest deserts with little in the way of a home or evidence of his supposed success. I looked him up on the internet, and there were many who posted stories of disillusionment and even accusations of bunk and con jobs.
In the book there are many boasts of his worldwide following and his unique and effective meditation achievements. The book is simplistic, and we are asked to take his word on faith that these things occurred or that he reached levels of mastery. There has always been a fine line between souls who reach ascendance and souls who delude themselves as such. The seeker must learn to discriminate and evaluate. How? By reading between the sentences, perhaps, looking for the truth of the person's actual lifestyle, i.e., if they seem together or flaky; of the person's ego, i.e., whether vanity lies behind the claims; and whether there is mental stability. In some books that I've reviewed over the years, I have even found evidence of wholesale delusion, the copping of others' knowledge as claims to have been communicated from the other side, and other such troubled if not outright false material. I think it's equally important that the reviewer point out the fakes as well as the good stuff, much like they do on Antique Roadshow.
Towards the back of the book, there's the inclusion of several meditation techniques. These constitute the best to be gained from this book. There is a meditation called The Unity Breath, another called Exploring the Sacred Space of the Heart, and instruction To Dream a Dream of a New World. I feel this part is valid, useful, and even beautiful. But it's hard to wade through all the unpleasant autobiographical material to reach this section of the book.
I cannot give my recommendation for this book and even for this author.

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - Sept '15

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:

In the peace of the day, when chores are done and the sun is setting, allow yourself to take several deep and easy breaths. It may not seem much, but for many there is never this deliberate cessation of striving, of thought-production, and of energy dispensing. And thus we have the phrase that "life is a rat race".
The training for oneself to do the calming breathing is of course a form of meditation, but it is more than going within and stopping the world. It is of course the centering moment (we will not say "exercise" for that sounds too laborious for the concept here) which is done in order to remember the self. The self creates the to-do, the ambitions and stresses of life, the crises and also the joys. The self is the center and source of it all.
But how to remember this when there is no deliberate cessation of worldly striving? And so we say, align yourself with nature's own cessation and calming towards the end of the day's rushes. Align yourself momentarily but deliberately. Turn within. Find a satisfactory way: deep breathing, quieting of mental energy, even appreciating the flora and fauna of the world can do it. Others may find more luxuriant ways such as a bath or shower, but the mind doesn't always calm even then.
Train yourself to stop the world in this way each day. It is powerful and it is sufficient to re-attune yourself to your ultimate truth. The world can always wait until tomorrow.
2015 by Judi Thomases

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What I often find, is that listening to the original reading days or even weeks later I hear an entirely different message and end up saying "Ahhhh.... NOW I get it!!"  

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