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This has been an interesting month for me in presenting metaphysical, astrological and philosophical concepts to the public. I was able to do a radio show explaining how to use Tarot to make better choices; I was able to give a talk at a Reiki center, giving the basics of astrology; and I was able to do a joint presentation at our community's clubhouse to help attendees develop psychic abilities by opening one's Third Eye. The responses were excellent. People seemed hungry for new thought, different philosophy, and new ways of approaching the stresses of today's world and their personal lives.


People who are aging want more than rote to face their mortality; people who are younger want techniques and understanding to navigate dangerous times and life's tensions, and I feel good and right in this role. I'm a little bit therapist or counselor, a little bit teacher or professor, and a large percentage a wisdom guide. I think that, in true Capricorn fashion, I'm hitting my peak later in life. It's not over because there's a lot more on my schedule, and I kinda feel like I'm - not just getting started, but certainly reaching my stride.


I think one common factor is the yearning for a path that makes sense in a world that doesn't. A world that looks very insane. One of the things I talk about is the waning of the incredibly tense and revolutionary energy pattern that has created chaos, disruption, danger, and confusion for several years (Pluto square Uranus), but I make a point of emphasizing an equally strong second energy pattern (Neptune in Pisces) that's furthering spiritual growth, psychic development, and an enhancement of the human ability to be compassionate.


If as a race we are walking a razor's edge I'm glad I've been blessed and called to help push us in the right direction.


Last but not least I want to point out that it is overwhelmingly the women who are open, searching, and participating in this spiritual quest. Groups at my talks and in our community are significantly female in attendance, and I think this is true across the board. It is women who will save the world.


Signing off until next time.



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With blessings and always, with Smiles,

Judi from Del-Aware 


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'God dreams the world.'
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CHARLESTON, NATION START THE HEALING - USA Today, 6/22/15 (Prediction: "The last week [of June] is very active; ...there will be sporadic attempts to heal the country despite the volatile mood." - Spirit's Words, June 2015 )

(Prediction: "The ascendancy of feminine energy (Yin) is being, or will soon be, seen around the globe." - The Wisdom Keys)

LADY GAGA AND TONY BENNETT - on the Internet (Prediction: "...we can see more emphasis on teamwork, partnerships." - Spirit's Words, Aug. 2011)

          For the world, July begins on a pleasant note that could be hopeful for business (Venus conjunct Jupiter; Full Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune exact). Plans lend towards brilliance (Mercury sextile Jupiter, sextile Uranus), but underlying aggression is brewing (Node in Libra square Mars). From the 13th-14th, social activities cool off (Venus square Saturn) but inspiration remains (Mercury trine Neptune). The 16th is tense and unsettled with perhaps a forced attempt to negotiate (New Moon square Uranus; Mercury opposite Pluto). Sensible choices will be made on the 24th (Mercury trine Saturn), and health & fitness issues are spotlighted on the 25th (Venus station retrograde at 0 Virgo). The 26th brings great tension, perhaps even an earthquake (Uranus station retrograde square Mars exact). On the 31st, there is a humanitarian thrust ("Blue" Moon in Aquarius).

We are moving into a phase in which many things that have been dark and dirty regarding government and business are being brought into the light in order to be cleansed - we can only hope that this pattern proceeds favorably (Pluto into mid Capricorn, finishing its t-square with Uranus and Mars).

For the U.S., pressures regarding resources and power issues are evident during the first half of the month (Pluto t-square U.S. Saturn, opposite U.S. Sun). The first week shows reevaluation to find sufficiency (Saturn sextile U.S. progressed Pluto). The 3rd is very lively (Mars conjunct U.S. Jupiter). On the 10th, the nation's natural tendency towards kindness and caring for the needy is apparent (progressed Moon in H12 sextile U.S. Neptune). Some of our popularity returns by the 12th (progressed Ascendant sextile U.S. Venus). From the 15th-22nd, the market shifts (New Moon conjunct U.S. Mercury in H8) as confrontations arise (Mars opposite U.S. Sun; Mars square U.S. progressed Mars), and things are stymied (Mars square U.S. Saturn). From the 18th-19th, we get a boost (Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Jupiter) as responsible efforts are put into place (progressed Saturn sextile U.S. progressed Ascendant). The 26th can see a fresh start regarding healing or healthcare (Uranus station retrograde conjunct U.S. Chiron exact, sextile U.S. Mars). We're feeling assertive on the 28th (Mars trine U.S. progressed Moon), with harsh words on the 31st (Mars conjunct U.S. Mercury). Month's end sees overspending (Jupiter opposite U.S. Moon, in Grand Fixed Cross with U.S. progressed Midheaven). The 31st indicates worn-out financial habits replayed (Blue Moon conjunct U.S. South Node exact in H2).

President Obama is likely to feel guided all month (Neptune trine his progressed Neptune), yet also stymied from his peak career goals (Saturn conjunct his Midheaven, t-square his Uranus). He'll have luck with allies in the third week (Jupiter conjunct his Uranus/progressed Node). On the 25th, he can enjoy offering a good speech or attending a nice social event (Venus station retrograde sextile Venus, sextile progressed Mercury), but may have a domestic fight (Mars conjunct his progressed IC). The 30th indicates aggravation (Mars opposite his progressed Saturn). However, he has luck with helpful contacts at month's end (Jupiter conjunct his Node).

Hilary Clinton seems to be quite deluded about her career prospects all month (Neptune conjunct her Solar Arc Descendant in H10; progressed Sun/progressed Mercury square her Neptune). The 12th -13th indicate mixed patterns for her health or domestically, although she is very persevering (progressed Moon semi-sextile her Sun; progressed Saturn conjunct her progressed Ascendant).

Dr. Ben Carson is a caring, idealistic person who is kind and perfectionist (Mercury/Venus/South Node/Sun in Virgo; Node in Pisces) but can also be tough (Mars/Pluto in Grand Fire Trine to Moon and Jupiter). He is very fortunate in general. He feels God is in his corner now (Neptune station retrograde conjunct his Node in Pisces exact). August 2015 is his best chance (Jupiter into Virgo), but September will bring great challenges to his quest (Pluto station direct in Grand Cardinal Cross to his Uranus, Jupiter, and progressed Saturn/Neptune, and quinqunx his Mars).


(c) 2015 by Judi Thomases

On the internet recently, the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying "The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred." There it is in a nutshell!

Anger is a subject I know something about, and it's been a lifelong challenge to deal with and master it. When something pushes my buttons I can be like a dragon spewing smoke and fiery words, or like a bull who has been provoked. My experience with anger is that it causes me to struggle with sleepless nights and feel trapped in loops of contentious thoughts that go 'round and 'round, using up my energy and taking up too much space in my brain. So I have found my way past it for the most part.  


There are two ways to deal with anger, in my opinion. One is to work on shifting those thoughts of outrage, retaliation, and hurt, for these are the major effects of anger. The person who has said or done something to trigger your fiery and negative emotion may have done so deliberately or unconsciously. In any case, they may have moved on, and you're stuck with the overwhelmingly difficult feeling of rage, or its cousin, irritation.


In my book, "The Wisdom Keys", there are a number of exercises designed specifically to move one's thoughts out of the loop of anger and into greater calm. Some of these techniques include the use of humor, meditation, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and many others. In today's era, out-of-control emotions are understood as the cause of a lot of illness, unhelpful behavior, and poor life choices. Anger management courses are available. My guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers, have said (in a similar way to the Dalai Lama's quote, though years before I read it) that the mastery of emotion is such a powerful victory, it is "no less that that on a battlefield, or an achievement worth as much as a Nobel Prize!"


The second way to manage emotion, in my humble opinion, is very old and very true. We can say the following: "Give it up to the universe." "Let go and let God." Or even biblically, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord." What does this mean? It means that you stop spending your time creating ways to get even or retaliate, or have a harsh and cutting comeback, or even in extremes, hitting, cursing, or getting violent. I never did that but I'm sure I thought about it back in the old days before I had achieved some mastery. "Vengeance is mine" is a really cool way of saying that the universe will take care of the person whose actions have been harmful or detrimental. Karma will catch up and bite them!


Here's another good quote from Facebook: "Instead of saying to people 'Have a nice day', say 'Have the day that you deserve', and let karma sort it out." There's a lot of truth in that funny line.   Once you let go and let God (or Source or universe), your emotions get soothed and calmed down, your thoughts can turn to more important matters, and you sleep like a baby. Emotional mastery is the best thing that we can do for our troubled world, and for our own inner peace. And one of the most difficult emotions to master is the emotion of anger.


Think about it. Think about ways to shift and transform. If the world masters emotion, there will be no more need for war.


For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2015 by Judi Thomases

Book Revi
ew: "Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories", by Dr. Brian L. Weiss (HarperOne) 


    This is a delightful book in the genre of case studies of reincarnational experiences by hypnotherapists, similar to Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls".

Dr. Brian Weiss, the author, had a best-seller prior to this book called "Many Lives, Many Masters". The approach is almost always the same: clients or seminar attendees are put through a regression and touch upon previous occurrences that are affecting their lives currently, sometimes regarding phobias, sometimes relationship issues, sometimes health, etc., and at least in the cases of those included in the book, gain positive results from this unusual yet powerful experience.


     I enjoy reading these case studies but would characterize such books as for beginners in the field of metaphysics. I say this because, for myself and many of my colleagues, we have already gone through our own past life visits or in other ways have been able to access the Akashic Records and know what previous lives resonate. I feel that it is part and parcel of a journey of spiritual evolution to eventually reach a point in which one pierces the veil of amnesia and begins to remember who one was in one's past. I don't want to make light of the fact, however, that this is very new and engaging information for the majority of people who are not in metaphysics or who may not have had a past life experience of their own as yet.


     Reading such stories confirms the validity of the entire eternal cycle on the wheel of incarnation, what the lessons are, and hopefully whets the appetite for more exploration of such.


     In this book, I like the way the stories are organized and their chapter titles, which are pretty straightforward. For example, a chapter called "How Understanding Can Heal" gives examples of people who, upon recalling or being regressed into a past life, gain insight - and in some cases, spontaneously let go of their conditions. Following that, there are chapters on "Freeing from Emotional Pain" and "On Healing Physical Symptoms and Illnesses". Another concept is shown in a chapter called "Eternal Relationships" where we see people exchanging roles within relationships, family, loves, tormentors, etc., and learning compassion and the eternity of love.


     There's even a chapter called "Lessons that Animals Teach". This reminds me of my own deceased cat, Sabrina, whom I felt I had known and loved in probably many past lives, and whose spirit felt very connected to me.


     In between the chapters, Dr. Weiss and his wife Amy present some discourse about the meanings and further wisdom to be gained from such explorations.


     Perhaps the best thing about these books, written by formerly left-brain scientific types who were trained and then entrenched in the medical or psychiatric professions, is the growing openness of medicine and science to what could be called mysticism but is really just as normal as anything that we go through physically. I'm glad authors such as these are bestsellers, and I hope the whole population of the world reads and gets enticed, and finally seeks more knowledge about reincarnational journeys and past life regressions. Recommended.





Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- Jun '15

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:




In the blush of a morning, take time to reevaluate your life, your existence, and the meaning for you to be here.


As you awaken, breathe in the sense of self, recognize that you are approaching your new day with anticipation, and be it of joy or distress, exult in the fact that you have this moment, this chance, this opportunity to move ahead in your journey and to work on and participate in what you have chosen this time around. As you awaken, gradually become aware of your surroundings. Are they nice and pleasant? Are they distasteful and not enjoyable? At every moment there is opportunity - opportunity for change, for creative potential, opportunity to manhandle the things you have been given - your abilities, your desires, your talents, and your willpower. These are the things that you can work with today.


Amongst your surroundings there will be objects but also perhaps people. Some people will be in your home environment, some where you work, and many just strangers that you brush up against or walk past. All of this encompasses your world, and believe it or not, all of this can be manipulated, controlled, and transformed. You do this inside your head. You do this by the nature of your thoughts. Are they encouraging, strengthening, bold... or are they fearful, anxious, and weak? Will you tackle this or that? Will you alter some of the givens? Will you change your life today?


Change does not need to be dramatic. It can be miniscule. Without change there is no growth. There is stagnation. But with any slightest amount of shift - in your thoughts, in your emotions, in your desires, and in your willpower - change begins. And thus begins your new day. It is always new. It is always fresh. You are always here to experience life in all its variety.


Banish sadness and inhale exuberation. That is the best way to start each fresh day.


We bid you well.


© 2015 by Judi Thomases

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"I can finally see what was going on in my life. I could not have survived with out your help!" - D.B., singer/composer (SC)  




"SUPER excited to get Judi Thomases new book, The Wisdom Keys, her first book Wisdom's Game is truly brilliant.  I HIGHLY recommend y'all get this NOW!  it'll change the way you look at reality and how you live your life!" - Tim Martin, spiritual consultant (DE)




"As usual, I can say with complete honesty, you are amazing!!  ...when I read your email I immediately felt a wave of 'calm'.  Never knew that energy could travel over fiber-optics like that, eh?" - D. Keckley, computer programmer (CT) 




"Judi, just listened back to our reading the other day. You never cease to amaze me with how completely accurate you are in your interpretations of the stars and the cards!  

What I often find, is that listening to the original reading days or even weeks later I hear an entirely different message and end up saying "Ahhhh.... NOW I get it!!"  

I guess that's why I always return and have been relying on your Wisdom over the last 30 years!!! You're truly gifted and it is my great fortune to have you in my life. 

Thank you." - M. Gaudier, nurse, (NY)




"So happy you have finished the book! I can't wait to read it; you're so brilliant it's ridiculous!" - Rebecca B., psychic (CA)





"Your newsletters are so amazing.  What a tremendous amount of work you put into that each month. You should be so proud of yourself." - Nancy G., artist (NY)





"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 


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