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The past two months have been interesting, to say the least. Many of you might have heard that there is a very intense large-scale pattern in the stars that is finally easing off, having peaked on April 23rd, and representing revolution, chaos, the individual against entrenched power structures, sudden accidents, and excesses of many sorts. This pattern has played out on the world stage with various incidents including the situation in Ukraine, the lost Malaysian aircraft, the Korean ferry disaster, turmoil in Venezuela... and the list goes on.


Some of us have had personal entanglement with this energy pattern. That would include the cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, especially people born close to the first of the month, who may have felt excessive problems in their everyday lives. Some people got affected by the celestial energy pattern on more than one front at a time, depending on how many planets or points in their horoscope were involved.


I was one of the latter. For a long, long time I saw the pattern forming and dreaded its outcome because I really didn't know what type of "disaster" to expect (many potential interpretations might have fit), but as the period drew near I was able to see that it was far less problematic than I'd expected. My husband's knee surgery and long period of recovery (for he needed extra surgery than the norm) presented me with a general upheaval of household routines, and tested my patience on occasion. It also represented something of a switch in family power dynamics, and on every level required me to muster all my hard-won emotional mastery and Zen adaptability.


In the long run, these annoyances were minor, and I was able for the most part to give service in a heartfelt, loving mode. Happily, while Carl is still somewhat invalided, he is beginning to improve, and my professional capacities have been tremendously expanded. My book has finally found its publisher and will soon be available, if you're interested, which I'll certainly explain more about as the months go by. Next month, a new article that I wrote for Dell Horoscope magazine will appear on newsstands. I'll be doing radio, and offering a Metaphysical Evening here in the community. And my creative juices are very inspired by a film project I'm consulting on with a movie producer.


Rather than being disastrous, as I had feared, the great alignment of planets has proved mildly discombobulating yet incredibly productive. There is a lot of vitality to be mined when so much energy is available. I hope you all have been able to partake of this cornucopia with joy and a minimum amount of stress. Write back and let me know! And if there is still stress, I hope you can apply your techniques of meditation, emotional mastery, and psychological insight to overcome the negatives, and dip into the pool of amazing innovative vigor.



With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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-- Judi Thomases

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"Through ignorance we err, but by experience we gain knowledge, and with knowledge comes power, and with power, liberty." 


- Mars Indicates Life Direction, by Irene T. Beale (Today's Astrologer)

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USA TODAY, 4/1/14 (Prediction: By the 14th, a low can be seen in jobs or real estate reports - Spirit's Words, Feb. 2014)

"CHRISTIE GETS WARM RESPONSE AT CPAC" - USA TODAY, 3/7/14 (Prediction: See below

New York Post, 1/29/14 (Prediction: "N.J. Governor Chris Christie will continue to get stronger despite challenges." - Spirit's Words, Feb. 2014)

"BENGHAZI FIRESTORM: New Bipartisan Report raps Hillarys's State Dept."
- New York Post, 1/16/14 (Prediction: see below)

"BURSTING THE BUBBLE (Obama's low approval ratings)" - New York Post, 1/19/14 (Prediction: "Destiny in the Balance" entire article - Dell Horoscope, Jan. '10 )

"OBAMA'S GRAND MISGUIDED THEORY OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE" - News Journal, 1/9/14 (Prediction: "A continuation of his enduring obstinacy and unrealistic dreams might become ever more visible to observers." - Spirit's Words, Nov. '13 )

- New York Post, 1/8/14 (Prediction: "If she hopes to achieve her goal, she will find it to be like pushing a boulder up a mountain." - Spirit's Words, Nov. '13 )

- News Journal, 1/4/14 (Prediction: see below of 12/19/13)

-, 12/19/13 (Prediction: Misplaced idealism and fog would lift once Neptune left the U.S. Moon - "Destiny in the Balance", article in Dell Horoscope, Jan. 2010)

"REPORT FINDS CONTAMINATION IN MOST CHICKEN SOLD IN US",12/19/13 (Prediction: Jupiter et al in Cancer puts focus on food supply promoting nurture over genetic modification - Spirit's Words, July 2013)

upworthy/, 12/20/13 (Prediction: see above)

News Journal, December 12, 2013 (Prediction: "Most of the month holds a hopeful and trusting aspiration [for Obama] yet with much continuing delusion even through January." - Spirit's Words, Dec. 2013.)

"POLL FINDS LOW APPROVAL OF CONGRESS, OBAMA"- News Journal, December 12, 2013 (Prediction: "Matters are very turbulent with the courts and legislative branch of government, with few willing to bend or cooperate with [Obama]. - Spirit's Words, Dec. 2013.)

"WOES MOVE BEYOND WEBSITE: Carriers may drop millions of insured"- News Journal, October 30, 2013 (Prediction: Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable! - Spirit's Words, June 2012.)


As this is being written, the key event date of April 23rd has not yet occurred (Grand Cardinal Cross at 13 degrees including Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto), but by the time you are reading this, the crisis and turmoil inherent in its pattern will be on the wane, so we'll look at some of the participants to see if this can clarify matters. I will especially focus on Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Ukraine.


Putin (10/7/52, 9:30 AM, Leningrad St. Petersburg) is a very secretive, manipulative person, a user for whom power and might is everything (Pluto, chart ruler, conjunct Leo Midheaven in H10; Scorpio Ascendant). He is distrustful, perhaps paranoid, can certainly be fooled or dupe others (Neptune/Mercury in H12), would make enemies, and could be his own self-undoing (bundled package called a Stellium of four planets in Libra H12).  He has hard karma (Sun/Saturn in H12).   This a true KGB type from the old regime!


Perhaps he was a king in a past life (South Node in Leo conjunct MC), but in this life he's supposed to be of service (Node in Aquarius; loaded H12 including Saturn). However, he can't trust people. His inner experience is lacking peace, and his emotions are very turbulent. He probably had a difficult childhood. He is insecure, willful and hasty - the lone wolf type - probably not truthful (Uranus from H9 square Sun/Saturn/Mercury). There is an odd mixture here: you would think he'd be a sentimental romanticist (Stellium in Libra; Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini; Venus in H1). However, he is overgenerous with his lovers, but finds his lovelife to be painful (Venus square Node, opposite Jupiter in a t-square; Sun/Saturn/Neptune in Libra H12). In short, Putin may want to be the nice guy, but requires control and power above all because of his deep psychological insecurities.


Ukraine was formed recently when the Soviet Union broke up, so for the new Ukraine we use the new birthday (August 24, 1991, 6 PM, Kiev, Ukraine). Ukraine has a favorable chart concerning help from allies (Venus/Jupiter/Mercury, Sun and Vertex all in H7). Ukraine nationally wears its heart on its sleeve, and the world would respond sympathetically to its people (Venus/Jupiter/Mercury opposite Moon in H1). It is a practical entity that strives for healthy capitalism (Node/Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn sextile Pluto in H10; Sun and Vertex in Virgo). It has a hard road but has potential for positive transformation (Sun quinqunx Saturn in H12, sextile MC).


Ukraine vis-�-vis Putin indicates a well-matched combo (Ukraine's Midheaven is conjunct Putin's Ascendant; their Plutos are conjunct). It is possible that, with help from allies, and with inherent positive karma, Putin's power grab would not be favored, whereas Ukraine would be well-liked, and in general the situation results in a reduction of Putin's resources (Ukraine's Uranus/Neptune squares Putin's Sun/Saturn; Ukraine's Pluto squares Putin's Node, opposes Putin's Jupiter; and Ukraine's Saturn squares Putin's Ascendant). Putin is not in a winning position in this match-up. From March through November 2014, both Ukraine and Vladimir Putin must deal with obstacles (transiting Saturn will square Putin's MC/Pluto, while it does the same for Ukraine's Moon).


In a comparison between Putin and Obama, it looks to me as though they squared off in another life (Putin's Node conjuncts Obama's Ascendant exactly, and therefore opposes Obama's Descendant exactly). Putin puts pressure on Obama (Putin's Pluto squares Obama's Midheaven, and conjuncts Obama's Node/Uranus). Obama is critical of Putin, or will not listen (Obama's Saturn squares Putin's Mercury). It's very unlikely there would ever be any cooperation between the two (Putin's Mars squares Obama's Mars). They happen to be similar emotionally and temperamentally (their Moons are conjunct, and their Suns are sextile). Putin really doesn't know what to make of Obama (Putin's Ascendant/Venus conjuncts Obama's Neptune), whereas Obama can "game" Putin (Obama's Pluto squares Putin's Moon).


Throughout the month of May, it's possible that Putin's bluff is called, especially around the 14th (Pluto squares his Sun; Saturn retrograde squares his Node; and Full Moon squares his Pluto exact), at which point he may have to ramp up his military moves or ease off as his sham is exposed. This may be not Obama's doing alone, but a joint effort such as NATO or the G7, i.e., a contingent of allies that favor Ukraine's sovereignty for their own reasons.


During May, President Obama continues to be unpopular (Saturn square his Ascendent), but he can realize successful actions or negotiations, especially on May 14th (Full Moon sextile his Mars; Mercury/Venus in good aspect to his Sun). For the world, there is a release of some tensions (the Grand Cardinal Cross moves on). For The U.S., all month long external pressures to deal with debt and the economy are the focus, and can easily involve the insurance industry, such as with Obamacare (Pluto opposite U.S. Sun in H8). The job market will remain uncertain and restless (Neptune square U.S. progressed Uranus). The month is not calm, and many upsets can be due to health-related issues (U.S. progressed Moon quinqunx U.S. Uranus in H6). People will be rebellious against the new system (Uranus opposite U.S. Saturn). From May 2nd-7th, crops are good and there is abundance in the food industry (Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Jupiter in Cancer). From the 19th-24th, the tendency might be to be overly aggressive (Jupiter square U.S. progressed Mars). On the 20th, legal fighting over financial issues can reach maximum intensity (Mars station direct in Libra square H2).


(c) 2014 by Judi Thomases

Movie Review: "HEAVEN IS FOR REAL" (Sony Pictures), starring Greg Kinnear   


I was very happy to see the topic of a near-death experience handled gently and with great sensitivity yet depth.  The movie is based upon a book of the same name, describing a true-life incident of a four-year-old boy, Colton Burpo, who nearly dies in hospital from a burst appendix.  It's made clear that he never actually dies because his heart never stopped and his breathing never ceased.  However, under anesthesia during emergency surgery, he lifts up out of his body, sees a beautiful vista of clouds and sky and beings of light that he interprets as angels, and sits on the lap of a figure he knows as Jesus.


The beauty of this movie, for me, resides in the slow and subtle way his family begins to discover what this four-year-old experienced.  Gradually in the course of his normal life after recovery, he begins to mention casually the wonders that he knows he encountered, and as proof that it was not the workings of his young imagination, he gradually gives details of the behaviors and the separate placements that his parents went through in the hospital as the mother called friends to pray for him, or as the father berated God in the hospital chapel.  He also eventually lets drop the key piece of knowledge he, as a four-year-old, could not have known, which is that his mother had a miscarriage - a girl who was never named, who greets and hugs him in heaven.


During the course of these gradual and earth-shaking revelations, his father, who is a minister and a volunteer fireman, grapples with his belief system as many platitudes are challenged by his child's reports, and as his congregation wrestles with the challenges to their comfortable religious routines that such innocent revelations cause.  Skepticism, mockery, rejection and distancing are all natural responses of those who can't wrap their head around what the child is reporting.  Greg Kinnear does a wonderful job of being a confused, bewildered and even devastated loving father and husband as well as minister.  As he slowly comes to terms with the truth of a near-death experience and the unbelievable aspects of the rendezvous with higher planes of being and blissful states of non-physical existence, he realizes that the point of it all is to open the heart and love one another.  We see this clearly portrayed by the end of the movie.  There is also a wonderful tidbit that I will not give away here in this review that, for this parent's quest for the truth of his son's far-out experience, puts the cap upon its reality in a delightful way.


This is definitely a feel-good movie and may evoke some tears.  The theater was packed when we saw it on a Tuesday afternoon, much more so than most movies nowadays that the ladies find when we do our Movie Day.  There is a great yearning for answers, spiritual understanding, peace and love in our world today, and the timing could not be better for movies with spiritual themes, such as this one. 


Although the incident - the true story - occurred in a family steeped in Christianity, the movie made clear that the near-death experience of holiness could have been similar although different for Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Asians, and others of different bents.  In this way the topic was approached sensitively.  In metaphysics and in Eastern thought, it is understood that the soul structures its encounters after death along the lines of its belief system during life - i.e., all those concepts that were built up and given weight for years during one's life are the first things that one encounters after the passage.  The movie was very gently done in this regard. 


Highly recommended.  Don't miss it!




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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- May '14

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:



Ring, ring! Ding, dong! Wake up, you sleepy heads!


The time is now to bring awareness into full focus, to look around and perceive what is happening on all scales - local, national, and global. To make the effort to make sense of it all, and to take off blinkers and reach once more into your true center to find what it is you really want, what you have come here for, what you still desire, at the same time you gaze afar to figure out what's happening on the world stage, and how you can make matters better for yourself in view of this.


We speak of coming out of coma, and of coming into compassion. We speak of the need to remove the fog that covers the lens of your inner eye, to shake yourself awake, to adjust the clarity of your vision so that you may see in a more crystal clear way what can be done, how you can change, and what is the best motivation that will serve your process from this point on.


There are very simple things to do. For example, helping others will always recenter you. In fact, it is one of the best ways to lift your spirits out of anxiety or gloom and into proactivism. It is not necessary for you to change the whole world, only your own world. Comfort, ease and laziness are now perhaps your enemy; they are lulling you, causing you to slip back into sleep. But we do not say to exist in the state of anxiety, for that is go-nowhere energy, a drain on your store of it, and pointless in achieving results. Anxiety is wasteful behavior.


No, neither sleep nor anxiety is the route. Take your cue from the hibernating bears that begin to stir at this time, and to shake off their slower metabolism in order to scamper through their fields. Wherever you scamper now, look around and find opportunities to restore your energy, to reawaken your passion, and to make a difference (however small) on the planet, in the world, and thus in the universe. This is the true meaning of spring: to spring forward and come awake is the right way. And do it now, and do it henceforth.


Glee will follow. 


� 2014 by Judi Thomases

Unsolicited Testimonials:


"Judi, just listened back to our reading the other day. You never cease to amaze me with how completely accurate you are in your interpretations of the stars and the cards!  

What I often find, is that listening to the original reading days or even weeks later I hear an entirely different message and end up saying "Ahhhh.... NOW I get it!!"  

I guess that's why I always return and have been relying on your Wisdom over the last 30 years!!! You're truly gifted and it is my great fortune to have you in my life. 

Thank you." - M. Gaudier, nurse, (NY)




"So happy you have finished the book! I can't wait to read it; you're so brilliant it's ridiculous!" - Rebecca B., psychic (CA)





"Your newsletters are so amazing.  What a tremendous amount of work you put into that each month. You should be so proud of yourself." - Nancy G., artist (NY)




"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 




"Thank you, Judy, for channeling the Brotherhood of Light Workers.  This month's uplifting and inspiring, "Be The Eagle" was very helpful to me, touching and inspiring me.  Yes, times have been chaotic (Uranus squaring Pluto) but as astrologers, we intuitively know that everything that is happening and everything we are feeling is part of the process to move us higher up in our spiritual evolution.  Your monthly newsletter helps us to understand the process.  You and the Brotherhood of Light Workers can clear the fuzzy cobwebs out of our frightened minds.  Thank you for sending out your monthly newsletter.  It has brightened my month!"


Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry, astrologer (email) 




"Thank you for your inspirations... I look at your portal of happiness and sensibility every day and am finding my way."


Wendy, DE 



 "I received your newsletter, and it is great.  I really liked the Astro Bits sections, it is exactly what I am looking for in astrology.  You have the astrology stuff in small letters to back up the interpretation in the bigger font.  This makes it easy AND interesting to read.  Thank you for sending it to me."


Kathy Bird, Wilmington DE




"Thank you so much for the article in February Dell Horoscope on Neptune and Quantum Physics.  Your explanations brought together many experiences I have been having in a meaningful way.  In one word, brilliant!  Blessings to you, Judi."


Elizabeth Dally (on Facebook) 




Hello Judi
While wandering through pathways of positive personal energy
I was blessed to find your portal of inspiration. You are a
gifted person whose life and work kindle a light of creativity
and spirit. I enjoyed everything. You are truly impressive. Thank
you for sharing who you are as doing so is living your highest self.
I wish you joy on your journey.
May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and
May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that
embrace a higher vibration.
Yours in Freedom and Creativity"


MicHEAL Teal , The Ancient One (email) 



"Judi and I go back several years. She inspires my creativity and through her guidance, I have achieved so much more. Thank you, Judi."
Laura Dunnigan (Colorado, formerly New York)


"Each month, Judi does some very good 'big picture' astrology of trends that we might see on a national and global scale.  This alone is worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is free).  So, if you have a moment, be sure to send Judi your email and get on her mailing list!"


James Lee (Futurist, DE) 



"I find you so easy to talk to and finally have found someone who affirms and encourages my journey."


Sonia Brakowski (Delaware)



"Your level of expression and understanding put a smile in my spirit. Thank you."


Morene Massey (Montana)



"I enjoyed your podcast 'All Is Chosen". It brought clarity to me on a few things. Thank you!"


Josette Blackburn (California)



"Thank you for coming on the show.  It was a great one.  You shared a lot of valuable insight and wisdom with our audience." 


Paul Lamb, Host of New Perspectives radio show (New Jersey)



"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter, in part because you've been using astrology to focus on the 'big stuff', not just personal sun signs.  Keep it coming!" 


 Jim Lee (Wilmington DE)



"I feel very moved by hearing your words and so grateful to have been given the gift of insight into my own psyche." 


 G. Ryder (New York)


"Had I not had the CD of our conversation, it would have been very easy for me to have lost hope but things came through as you were able to predict and I am so grateful to have had you as a resource."


 D. Blackburn (California)  



"Was reading along and thinking, 'Who on earth wrote this?'  Thanx for the article (9/11: Ten Years Later).  Comprehensive, beautifully written.  Intelligent + and so helpful.  Merci,"

 Marnie (Toronto)



"I have been rereading your article because it is so very good.  In fact, I have been wondering for a long time when some astrologer was going to write an article as good as yours about our current times and have it published in Dell Horoscope.  It seems to me that your article has really been the very best to come out in a very long time.  So thanks!  I feel very blessed to have found you and very blessed to have you do a personal reading for me!" 9/11 Ten Years Later article".

Elisabeth Barry, Dell magazine reader



"This is the best astrology article I have EVER read.  I intend to keep it handy for the future."


  R Patterson, Dell magazine reader



"Thanks again for a great presentation last night!  Very credible and very good."


 Jim Lee, Foresight Salon



"Dear Ms Thomases,

 "You did an amazing job [in your new book "The Wisdom Keys"] of putting together such a huge span of work!  Quantum physics, mysticism, and personal experience all flowed together seamlessly...    Thank you so much for letting me read the manuscript ahead of time!



 Katie Critelli, Student


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When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including our contact and copyright information.  


Thanks and enjoy! 

Judi Thomases 

Wisdom Path


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