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It's been difficult this month to put together this piece of the newsletter, and I was exploring why that might be.


It feels as though life is calm. Not that much to write about.   My health problems, while not definitively resolved, are on the back burner; I haven't lost or given away a pet because I don't have any; my business is humming along as much as I feel I would like to handle it at this age and stage (a kind of semi-retirement but never full retirement because I love to hear from my clients and I love to work one-on-one with people to gain insight and help them in making wise choices); my relationships with my kids have grown warmer and more fulfilling, and their lives are going fine; and on the home front everything is relatively peaceful, or we make our effort to work it out.  So I feel as though I've been replacing anger or distress with gratitude.

Every day I feel grateful.  Grateful for relocating here, grateful for the love of friends and family, grateful for my chosen career (which was sort of "fringe-y" back in the 70s when I started it but now is kind of cool).  I feel grateful for finding my "peeps" and being loved and supported in my calling.  And maybe most of all I feel grateful for being enthusiastically creative even at this late stage of the game.  I've realized that energy is something that can flow and be scooped up and become part of you at any time you want, just by calming down or getting rid of all those negative thoughts.  And I've realized that age is just a number except for the physical body's limitations (aches and pains and other reflections of aging), because the mind is not limited.  The mind is not stuck in an aging paradigm.  The mind can be alert, awake and full of life.  That's how it feels, and that is one of my most important pieces of gratitude.


Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, a good season full of warmth, good eats and loving people around you.  There's a lot to be thankful for always, but this is the time of the year when that is brought forward into consciousness most clearly.  So when you celebrate your Thanksgiving, make sure to be truly grateful for what you've got.



With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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"WOES MOVE BEYOND WEBSITE: Carriers may drop millions of insured"- News Journal, October 30, 2013 (Prediction: Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable! - Spirit's Words, June 2012.)

- News Journal, October 13, 2013 (Prediction: Yin is rising. [Female empowerment.])

"GET OUT OF OBAMACARE FREE: With one set of rules for Congress and unions, and another for us, is it any wonder people distrust the health-care law?"
NY Post, October 6, 2013 (Prediction: Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable! - Spirit's Words, June 2012.)

- News Journal, August 27, 2013 (Prediction: Jupiter et al in Cancer puts focus on food supply promoting nurture over genetic modification - Spirit's Words, July 2013.)

"THE FUTURE IS NOW: WHY 3D PRINTING CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE" - Bloomberg Business Week, May 20-26, 2013 (Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

- (Prediction: Mid April is turbulent and confusing...the second half of the month indicates disappointment but a sensible approach about what is possible." - Spirit's Words, April 2013)

- Leaks turn to deluge for reeling W. House" - New York Post, 5/21/13
(Prediction: "The News Media.
With a stellium of secondary and solar arc progressed planets in the nation's third house, the news media itself plays a huge role in the history of this era...
The news media becomes the news!- My article in Dell Sept 2011)

"STAR TREK TECH" - If you've spent much time on the Starship Enterprise, you'll recognize that many of its 23rd-century devices are materializing in our hands. USA Weekend, May 3-5, 2013
(Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

News-Journal, 5/4/13
(Prediction: Innovations in the health fields too.)

(Prediction: Yin is rising. [Female empowerment.])

Book Review: "Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution", by Caroline Weber (Picador, 2007)

Thanks to my sister-in-law Connie's suggestion, I scoured this book (far from my normal reading range) from cover to cover, devouring every scholarly footnote, enjoying the color plates of the Queen and her contemporaries, and appreciating the very new perspective it achieves on this infamous personage who precipitated the French Revolution.

The author, Caroline Weber, a professor of French literature and specialist in French 18th century culture, presents a radically different viewpoint of Marie Antoinette's actions and motives within her cultural role without in any way excusing the flaws that led to her self-destruction.  Fashion is shown as first a tortuous duty, then as an escape mechanism from the dictates of her rigid role, then as a political statement of her value to the King and his Court, and finally as both liberating but scandalous rebellion
and powerful political message during one of history's more chaotic moments.  "For a French consort to modify the conventions of royal appearance, or to seek attention or empowerment on her own terms, was virtually unheard of."

Daughter of Austria's powerful Empress Maria Theresa, Marie Antoinette was born to step into a stultifying life of scrutiny, wild (even ridiculous) excess, and traditional bondage.  Upon her marriage at the tender age of fourteen to a feeble young heir to the French throne, she was subjected to being literally stripped naked and re-outfitted in suitable French garments in front of snobbish noble witnesses.  Powdered, pampered, and strenuously corseted, she first set the tone by pioneering excessively ornamented dresses and headgear (all of which "became the rage"), then (as any modern woman might do) she found alternative costumes such as riding habits and peasant clothes that freed her body at the same time they unexpectedly narrowed the gap between how men and women were expected to dress, and how the aristocracy were distinguished from the smallfolk.  This action by itself threatened the French status quo, diminished the lucrative silk trade, and brought wrath upon her.  From there to overthrow, imprisonment, and ultimately the guillotine was a direct and perhaps inevitable route, but as the author points out, even in dire circumstances the queen used fashion to display her beliefs and to challenge the contemporary mindset.

The astrologer in me couldn't help casting Marie Antoinette's horoscope!  I knew that Libra, the sign of fashion, must be spotlighted as well as Uranus, the rebel.  Sure enough, Queen Consort Marie Antoinette (11/2/1755, 7:30 PM, Vienna, AUS) had a Libran Moon with Jupiter placed there as well, showing a natural bent towards fashion and art, with Uranus at the top of the chart, both afflicted (square Mercury and Pluto) and blessed (in a grand trine to Mars, Venus and Sun) indicating an indulged rule-breaker who nevertheless inflamed opposition.  She could be sweet (Venus/Sun) but certainly had a mean streak (Moon square Saturn, square Mars), and was arrogant (Mars square Jupiter).  Ergo, the remark about the cake!  From this point of view, her earthly mission and her karmic comeuppance were one and the same.

This type of book might not be for everyone (although it earned rave reviews from top sources), but the fresh perspective it brings to a stale tale is definitely worth the read. Good stuff!




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cvr design
Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- December '13

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:


As we sit, we see the expanse of the world, and within it, as upon a field, we see points or dots.  Each of these is what can be described as in individual consciousness, i.e., a person.

In truth, each person is connected as all dots on a field would be.  It might be helpful to think of a cloth of polka-dots to help one's mind to understand one's relationship to others, and in fact, to the whole nature of existence.  And as we continue with this analogy, if there is a ripple in the cloth at a far end, it will in some fashion ultimately transmit to the dot that is your location, for whatever affects the whole works its way towards your point.

And so this is humanity's new discovery: that all are connected, that individual points of consciousness are not insulated from each other, are in fact not even all that individual but are part of what make up the fabric of the world, of the great expanse of life.  This understanding can be applied to many things nowadays, as become apparent through advanced communications... things such as catastrophic weather events, epidemics, or economic suffering within large groups.  Such matters were formally relegated to distant shores, foreign lands, and other cultures, but that point of view can no longer be sustained, for instant video images, cell phones and much more rapid deployment of aid makes these tragic news stories very immediate.  And we feel the ripple that has gone through the fabric of time and space, and we are, if not personally affected, certainly moved through our heart center.

The new perspective on life, therefore, increases humanity's empathy and sympathy.  As the hardness of the times increasingly challenges humanity, simultaneously does it soften the heart.  Each point on the Great Cloth is affected in its own way, and with almost infinite variety, there will be infinite types of reactions.  However, make no mistake, each great catastrophic event affects the whole world.

What does this mean, and how must one react?  We turn again to the analogy of the fabric of time and space, and the individual points of consciousness - the polka-dots.  When an effect reaches your awareness, the best response as you are moved by the story and sympathize with those who suffer, is to increase your own light.  Rather than being affected in a negative way which would cause your vital energy to dim or be overwhelmed, battered, and thus diminished, the better response would be to become inflamed.

Yes, anger is one sort of inflammation.  But so is enthusiasm.  So is increased energy.  So is motivation.  And best is aspiration.  The flame of radiant light can be stoked; it can be increased as your mind strives to better the world as well as your personal circumstances.

What is the most  inflamed aspiration?  The most lighted energy?  The answer is: it is love.  Greater love - a specific form of energy - is reverberating through the fabric of the world.  More love from the heart center is rushing outwards from the points of individual consciousness to meet and neutralize danger, suffering, and the harshness that life might be throwing out, encountering, and rippling with.

Love is always the answer, but we paint the picture to show it energetically, to show it emanating from individual points - the polka-dots - to smooth the ripples and in fact add luster and radiance to the entire network.

This is our message for today.  Love is the answer. 
2013 by Judi Thomases

The month kicks off by highlighting education, risk-taking and foreign affairs (New Moon in Sagittarius), while a generally protective pattern enfolds the world, especially around Week 2 (Saturn trine Jupiter).  However, by the 8th, peace negotiations can engender friction (Mars enters Libra).  Bright solutions can be put forth on the 10th (Mercury trine Uranus), yet with little care for extravagant wastefulness (Sun square Jupiter).  The 17th makes headlines replete with turmoil and upsets (Full Moon in Gemini; Uranus station direct in Aries opposite Mars).  The 21st emphasizes thrifty caution regarding holiday pleasures (Venus station retrograde in Capricorn).  Violence can erupt on the 31st (Mars square Pluto).  

 The very much in the spotlight right from the start (New Moon conjunct U.S. Ascendant).  Military preparations are energized, and perhaps an uproar breaks loose by the 10th (Mars conjunct U.S. Midheaven).  Clashes are evident on the 14th (Mars square U.S. Venus).  However, holiday spending boosts the economic picture from the 12th on (Venus stations on U.S. Pluto in H2).  The 17th brings aggression to a head (Full Moon conjunct U.S. Mars), and favors the individual over large institutions such as government (Uranus station direct trine U.S. Node, semi-sextile U.S. progressed Sun).  The 19th shows boldness, maybe fighting, with no one willing to back down (Mars square U.S. Jupiter).  Discussions require compromise and adjustments by the 28th (progressed Sun sesquiquadrate U.S. Mercury), yet a kindly and idealistic tone pervades the final week (Neptune trine U.S. Venus).


For President Obama, most of the month holds a hopeful and trusting aspiration yet with much continuing delusion even through January (Neptune sextile his progressed Ascendant, square his Moon).  The 8th is a pleasant period regarding popularity and enjoyment with women and in domestic matters (progressed Moon sextile his Venus; Jupiter conjunct his progressed IC).  However, trouble is brewing: on the 9th-10th he pushes others for results (Mercury square his Pluto), while on the 12th he is likely to blow his top (Mars conjunct his progressed Sun).  By the 14th some bold persuasion sees progress being made (Mars sextiles his Mercury, trines his Moon).  Matters are very turbulent with the courts and legislative branch of government on the 17th (Uranus station direct in Yod to his Neptune in H9 and progressed Pluto in H7) with few willing to bend or cooperate with him (Saturn square his Ascendant).  From the 21st-22nd, he is illogical and overreaching (progressed Moon square his Mercury; progressed Jupiter square his progressed Ascendant), yet might have a secret reason to celebrate (Venus station retrograde conjunct his progressed Jupiter in H12).


I don't think Obamacare will be repealed (t. Saturn trine its Jupiter; n. Sun trine Mars) but will probably never meet enrollment expectations (natal Saturn opposite Sun, in Grand Cardinal Cross to Moon and Pluto).  From now through 2014, radical enforced changes and sudden shifts in policy are likely (Uranus conjunct its Mercury in H10; Pluto square same)  It will endure many challenges in the next few years, especially in the direction of practical management and realistic goals (n. Node in Capricorn), but will certainly not be liked (n. Moon afflicted).  Quoting from Bob Marks in the latest NCGR Commentary:

"Obamacare was signed into law at 11:56 AM, EDT on March 23, 2010.   The chart is difficult enough with that Cardinal Grand Cross involving the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto. I just looked at the midpoints and found the following:   Saturn = Moon/Hades = Pluto/Hades = Hades/Kronos.   From 'Rules for Planetary Pictures' 1959 edition, Witte writes:    

Saturn = Hades/Kronos: 'Losses by mismanagement of the government. The government is not keeping its promise. To be deserted by the government.'"  Pretty grim, huh? 




(c) 2013 by Judi Thomases

Unsolicited Testimonials:


"So happy you have finished the book! I can't wait to read it; you're so brilliant it's ridiculous!" - Rebecca B., psychic (CA)




"Your newsletters are so amazing.  What a tremendous amount of work you put into that each month. You should be so proud of yourself." - Nancy G., artist (NY)




"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 




"Thank you, Judy, for channeling the Brotherhood of Light Workers.  This month's uplifting and inspiring, "Be The Eagle" was very helpful to me, touching and inspiring me.  Yes, times have been chaotic (Uranus squaring Pluto) but as astrologers, we intuitively know that everything that is happening and everything we are feeling is part of the process to move us higher up in our spiritual evolution.  Your monthly newsletter helps us to understand the process.  You and the Brotherhood of Light Workers can clear the fuzzy cobwebs out of our frightened minds.  Thank you for sending out your monthly newsletter.  It has brightened my month!"


Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry, astrologer (email) 




"Thank you for your inspirations... I look at your portal of happiness and sensibility every day and am finding my way."


Wendy, DE 



 "I received your newsletter, and it is great.  I really liked the Astro Bits sections, it is exactly what I am looking for in astrology.  You have the astrology stuff in small letters to back up the interpretation in the bigger font.  This makes it easy AND interesting to read.  Thank you for sending it to me."


Kathy Bird, Wilmington DE




"Thank you so much for the article in February Dell Horoscope on Neptune and Quantum Physics.  Your explanations brought together many experiences I have been having in a meaningful way.  In one word, brilliant!  Blessings to you, Judi."


Elizabeth Dally (on Facebook) 




Hello Judi
While wandering through pathways of positive personal energy
I was blessed to find your portal of inspiration. You are a
gifted person whose life and work kindle a light of creativity
and spirit. I enjoyed everything. You are truly impressive. Thank
you for sharing who you are as doing so is living your highest self.
I wish you joy on your journey.
May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and
May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that
embrace a higher vibration.
Yours in Freedom and Creativity"


MicHEAL Teal , The Ancient One (email) 



"Judi and I go back several years. She inspires my creativity and through her guidance, I have achieved so much more. Thank you, Judi."
Laura Dunnigan (Colorado, formerly New York)


"Each month, Judi does some very good 'big picture' astrology of trends that we might see on a national and global scale.  This alone is worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is free).  So, if you have a moment, be sure to send Judi your email and get on her mailing list!"


James Lee (Futurist, DE) 



"I find you so easy to talk to and finally have found someone who affirms and encourages my journey."


Sonia Brakowski (Delaware)



"Your level of expression and understanding put a smile in my spirit. Thank you."


Morene Massey (Montana)



"I enjoyed your podcast 'All Is Chosen". It brought clarity to me on a few things. Thank you!"


Josette Blackburn (California)



"Thank you for coming on the show.  It was a great one.  You shared a lot of valuable insight and wisdom with our audience." 


Paul Lamb, Host of New Perspectives radio show (New Jersey)



"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter, in part because you've been using astrology to focus on the 'big stuff', not just personal sun signs.  Keep it coming!" 


 Jim Lee (Wilmington DE)



"I feel very moved by hearing your words and so grateful to have been given the gift of insight into my own psyche." 


 G. Ryder (New York)


"Had I not had the CD of our conversation, it would have been very easy for me to have lost hope but things came through as you were able to predict and I am so grateful to have had you as a resource."


 D. Blackburn (California)  



"Was reading along and thinking, 'Who on earth wrote this?'  Thanx for the article (9/11: Ten Years Later).  Comprehensive, beautifully written.  Intelligent + and so helpful.  Merci,"

 Marnie (Toronto)



"I have been rereading your article because it is so very good.  In fact, I have been wondering for a long time when some astrologer was going to write an article as good as yours about our current times and have it published in Dell Horoscope.  It seems to me that your article has really been the very best to come out in a very long time.  So thanks!  I feel very blessed to have found you and very blessed to have you do a personal reading for me!" 9/11 Ten Years Later article".

Elisabeth Barry, Dell magazine reader



"This is the best astrology article I have EVER read.  I intend to keep it handy for the future."


  R Patterson, Dell magazine reader



"Thanks again for a great presentation last night!  Very credible and very good."


 Jim Lee, Foresight Salon



"Dear Ms Thomases,

 "You did an amazing job [in your new book "The Wisdom Keys"] of putting together such a huge span of work!  Quantum physics, mysticism, and personal experience all flowed together seamlessly...    Thank you so much for letting me read the manuscript ahead of time!



 Katie Critelli, Student




"Dear Judi.

  "A heartfelt applause, appreciation and thanks for your 'Personal Note.'  A right-on perspective on our interdependence and what anyone can contribute to the world scene.

 Love and Light always,"


  Alice Kann, Interfaith Minister



"Dear Judi,

 "I want you to know how much I appreciate your site.

"I love it.

"I thank you for all your hard work / your inspiration.



  Mary Aver, Hampstead, London UK 

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When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including our contact and copyright information.  


Thanks and enjoy! 

Judi Thomases 

Wisdom Path


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