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Some random thoughts.


First, let me say thanks once more to all the people who continue to email me with their loving concern and helpful tips.  To everyone, rest assured that not only is the seemingly entire Dover medical profession actively involved in follow-up, but despite a dozen tests, there have never been any symptoms.  I feel great!  I've got the typical aches and pains associated with my age group, but other than that, all the dots, blurs, and blips on any screens have been ultimately labeled "inconclusive".  And I'll continue to use mind power to manifest positive determinants, which is not only the right metaphysical method but also now the perfect quantum physics choice.  If everything exists in potential, and consciousness chooses its reality, then that's the game!


I see on Facebook a lot of concern over Big Agriculture and our food supply.  We're now under a long transit, beneficially, of Jupiter in Cancer.  The sign of Cancer has a lot to do with food and nurture, so this is an excellent period to address concerns over cleansing the food supply and revamping our approach to healthy living.  I'm sure if enough of a stink is made, Big Agriculture will have to sit up and listen.


Here's another thought:  The world in general feels pretty unsafe to many of us.  The headlines show chaos - ecological, political, racial, and much strife.  Chaos always precedes new birth, and is also as they say, the opportunity for change.  When our new planetoids were recognized and renamed from Xena the Warrior Princess and her sidekick Gabrielle, to Eris and her satellite Dysnomia (two names for chaos and strife), I knew we were in for a bumpy ride.  (The stars reflect this in the long square between Uranus and Pluto now in effect.)  But here's what you can do: You can go within - today, now, this moment - and create for yourself a nice little bubble of calm and protection.  That's what I kept doing during my whole medical odyssey!  In your bubble, regardless of what other people say, feel or believe, you remain in positive energy.  You create it.  You make it so.  It's not being an ostrich; it's not turning a blind eye.  Your heart can be heavy, your mind can be agitated, you can worry about your family, your town, the nation, the world... still, all your worries won't help the situation as much as creating that calm and Zen sphere of sunshine around yourself.  I speak from experience; I walk my talk.  If I didn't do this through half a year's worth of doctors' anxiety, I'd now be a perfect wreck!  But I didn't go down that road, and I'm saying you don't have to either.


Maybe next issue I'll have some news about my new book.  I'm very excited to have brought it to a stage of completion that now rests in the hands of publishers.  I call it an acceleration tool, for it's designed as a roadmap to develop spiritual awareness and raise consciousness in a fun and speedy way.  I'll be traveling next month so I'm not sure if I'll be able to put out a newsletter but I hope to give you more news about the new book as soon as something develops.


With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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Oct. 16th, Bay Dreams.
Middletown DE. Discussing karmic choices, forks in the road, knowing the time-frame of the challenges, and working inwardly.
Exploring a merging route towards our spiritual evolution affecting our very notion of reality.
- Dell Horoscope Magazine, October 2012.
Viewing End Times predictions as political and social upheavals, including the American presidential election, and the tension between Israel and Iran.

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"One of the challenges that spiritually inclined persons are experiencing, and will continue to experience for some time, is the deep recognition that they have unresolved issues and deep-seated hostilities that may not fit very well with their self-image.  Indeed this is a time when self-images will be shattered....In the process of self-liberation, you must deal with this negativity in yourself regardless of the methods you may use to free yourself."


- "Orchidium: A Hathor Planetary Message", through Tom Kenyon

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"FOOD SAFETY REVOLT" - News Journal, August 27, 2013 (Prediction: Jupiter et al in Cancer puts focus on food supply promoting nurture over genetic modification - Spirit's Words, July 2013.)

"THE FUTURE IS NOW: WHY 3D PRINTING CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE" - Bloomberg Business Week, May 20-26, 2013 (Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

- (Prediction: Mid April is turbulent and confusing...the second half of the month indicates disappointment but a sensible approach about what is possible." - Spirit's Words, April 2013)

- Leaks turn to deluge for reeling W. House" - New York Post, 5/21/13
(Prediction: "The News Media.
With a stellium of secondary and solar arc progressed planets in the nation's third house, the news media itself plays a huge role in the history of this era...
The news media becomes the news!- My article in Dell Sept 2011)

"STAR TREK TECH" - If you've spent much time on the Starship Enterprise, you'll recognize that many of its 23rd-century devices are materializing in our hands. USA Weekend, May 3-5, 2013
(Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

News-Journal, 5/4/13
(Prediction: Innovations in the health fields too.)

(Prediction: Yin is rising. [Female empowerment.])

Book Review: "Quantum Shift in the Global Brain: How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World", by Ervin Laszlo (Inner Traditions)

This book began ponderously with much hard science, statistical charts, flow charts, and other such, to illustrate the Macro Shift in Society. Included in these charts were titles such as Evolution through Bifurcation, The Evolutionary Spread of Homo Sapiens, Human Sociocultural and Sociotechnological Evolution, a Critical Chaos Phase, Biological Systems, and the Time Scale of Society (Mythos, Theos, Logos, Holos). This part of the book requires quite a scientific type of mind to fathom, and plow through. However, his point is well taken that we are in an evolutionary curve, rapid, previously unforeseen, that is bringing into existence a new type of human society on a global scale, and even a new type of materialistic approach called "conscious capitalism".


Much further statistical evidence is brought to bear to prove the unsustainability of our current path, including outdated beliefs and dangerous myths. Out of this, the author proposes a new planetary ethic which includes reverence for nature, a new vision with different behavioral codes, and a holistic thrust to aid personal development. He calls it "a call to evolution, not extinction".


I found the second part of the book more readable. It talks about a paradigm shift in science, i.e., a new fundamental concept of reality. Topics include quantum entanglements, the cosmic plenum (also called "a unified vacuum"), and nonlocal coherence. Scientific minds like the author's that tend towards holistic and even mystical acceptance can't help but begin to speak of a godlike concept, not random but a radically new perspective. The implications, he says, have metaphysical, theological, and ethical impact. Much discussion focuses on the new science, and with it, the new reality it describes, allowing the author to make a visionary leap to predict the next evolution of human consciousness.


The third part describes a group formed in Europe for the activist purpose of implementing the beginnings of the new society.


I chose to read this book not necessarily for escapist enjoyment, nor even to satisfy curiosity since the author doesn't cover new ground but reorganizes it into a clear structure. I've been reading a lot of books along these lines, and am particularly happy to see scientific minds coming into alignment with what's called ancient wisdom or perennial philosophy - that which has been known for centuries by the seers and gurus, mystics and ascended masters - that all is one, that everything is a unified consciousness, that there is a plan for humanity to evolve toward higher stages of awareness, and that in our personal and societal evolution, we go through periods such as what we're facing now, that can be called Chaos. Chaotic. It's comforting to know that everything is swimming along purposefully and as it should. For me personally, one who has been reading whatever I could fathom on the cutting edge of science, it's encouraging to see the rational mind of the left-brained scientists falling into alignment with age-old truth.





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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- September '13

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:


Beautiful days. The glory of nature. The treasures that Earth and the physical world provides. These can be treasured in between periods of anxiety or concern, for humanity is on a roller-coaster ride. There will be periods of stress, chaos, and upheaval, all of which will of course impact emotions and daily living. But there will also be moments of appreciation of the goodness of being alive. There is nothing equal to life itself. It is the greatest blessing that spirit gives us in order to experience the good and bad, highs and lows, of earthly existence.


For those who are terribly impacted by chaotic periods, it is well to pull within, conserve strength, and figure out a way to reserve your emotional core, for it is most needed then. But even amongst such individuals, there will be as well sufficient time to appreciate. That which can be appreciated will be beautiful sunsets, the love of family, the joy of beloved creatures such as pets, and sometimes simply health. We encourage these moments of appreciation, for they will return great gifts.


Earthly life has never been about continual calm, but has always been about contrast, opposites, and highs and lows. Above all, whether in periods of delight or even fear, remember to open your heart and send forth loving energy. It is that which you are reserving and conserving in your emotional core. The heart center, when active, alive, generous, and illuminated, is the key purpose of this exciting journey. Even whether you live or die, if you can radiate love to the very last moment, your journey will be a success.


Find delight in contrast. See life as lessons. Explore possibilities and moments of higher understanding. This is the purpose behind chaos, and will see you through safely, for you will be under the shield of love.

2013 by Judi Thomases


The month begins with high frustration (Saturn square Mars) but by the 14th-15th people will feel idealistic and hopeful as technological innovation increases with rapidity, and amazing possibilities electrify (Venus trine Neptune; Mars trine Uranus). The 16th brings harsh news, perhaps of an accident, a quake, or even terrorism (Mercury opposite Uranus). From the 19th -20th, general improvement progresses slowly (Venus conjunct Saturn/Node in Scorpio, sextile Pluto), indicating that a Higher Power wants people to keep it together and flourish (Pluto station direct in Capricorn, sextile Saturn exact/Venus/Node). The 27th is a day of enjoyment (Venus trine Jupiter).  


For The U.S., September begins with a very fortunate pattern of prosperity (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Sun), but progress proceeds slowly (Jupiter square Saturn). Most of the month remains hopeful and idealistic (Neptune trine U.S. Venus), with stability and maturity holding strong (Saturn trine U.S. progressed Sun). On the 9th, Hollywood and the entertainment industry are given a boost (Mars conjunct U.S. Node in Leo). There are pleasant feelings and a celebratory atmosphere from the 12th-16th (Venus conjunct U.S. progressed Moon, trine U.S. Venus/Jupiter).   However, sudden news can reflect a shock of rebellion, disruption or drastic change on the 19th, with much tension surrounding government, legislation, or the job market (progressed Sun square U.S. Uranus); it will be hard to get a straight answer on that day, as much is obfuscated (Full Moon in U.S. H3 opposite U.S. Neptune exact). The 20th features a positive transformation taking place within the news media itself (Pluto station direct sextile U.S. progressed Sun exact in H3). This is a good day for longterm planning (Mars sextile U.S. Saturn in H10). The 23rd is a day of pleasantries (Venus trine U.S. Sun), and the 24th, a day to focus on strengthening the economy (U.S. progressed Moon in Scorpio semi-sextile U.S. Midheaven). Tact vies with aggression from the 29th-30th (Venus square U.S. progressed Mercury; Jupiter square U.S. progressed Mars), with the latter prevailing.


For President Obama, the month brings a continuation of excessive fantasizing or lack of grounding (Neptune square his Moon). He may be writing and speaking a lot, or arguing, on the 1st (Mars conjunct his Mercury). From the 7th-10th, he can vacillate between charisma or hurt (Venus conjunct his progressed Mars/progressed Mercury, square his Saturn/progressed Jupiter), and by the 10th-11th, he feels drained (Mars square his Neptune). The 13th brings a reopening regarding alliances (e.g., with Putin) (his progressed Moon in H3 trine his progressed Uranus in H7), while a good reality check continues mid-month (Saturn sextile his progressed Pluto). There can be quarrels on the 17th (Mars conjunct his Sun).   The 20th shows him to be growing tougher, and less likely to be bullied (Pluto station direct sextile his Neptune exact, trine his progressed Pluto exact). He should avoid signing agreements on the 24th as to not be too conciliatory (his progressed Moon opposite his Libran progressed Mercury). The second half of the month requires reevaluation of his dreams (Saturn conjunct his Neptune). From the 26th-27th, domestic troubles force change, and he will either find team players or conflict with others (his progressed Moon quinqunx his Midheaven; Mars conjunct his Descendant). The end of the month gives enjoyment on the homefront once more (Jupiter conjunct his progressed IC).


Many people think Hillary Clinton (10/26/47, Chicago) will seek the presidency in 2016. I will write more about this as things unfold. However, this Fall is undoubtedly a period of blockage for her, with very karmic portents (Saturn conjunct her Chiron/Venus/Mercury, square her Mars/Pluto/Saturn). Depending on her true birth time (8 AM or 8 PM), about which she has been coy, her career prospects may even unravel by next Spring (Neptune conjunct a possible Midheaven).

CORRECTION: Baby Prince George, because Daylight Savings Time was in effect in London (which my program neglected to adjust for), misses being a Leo by 1 minute 16 seconds! He is instead a (29◦ 58' 49") Cancerian with a Scorpio rising. This will make him far more emotional than a Leo with a Sagittarius rising, as I first stated. However, most other planetary placements remain the same. A person with such a close cuspal placement is completing a cycle of lifetimes, so this life will finalize many previous ones concerned with family and nurture. Sadly, the only planetary placement change was one that strengthens the difficulty between his parental differences or negatively affects his health prospects (Saturn/Node moves from H11 to H12).



(c) 2013 by Judi Thomases

Unsolicited Testimonials:


"So happy you have finished the book! I can't wait to read it; you're so brilliant it's ridiculous!" - Rebecca B., psychic (CA)




"Your newsletters are so amazing.  What a tremendous amount of work you put into that each month. You should be so proud of yourself." - Nancy G., artist (NY)




"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 




"Thank you, Judy, for channeling the Brotherhood of Light Workers.  This month's uplifting and inspiring, "Be The Eagle" was very helpful to me, touching and inspiring me.  Yes, times have been chaotic (Uranus squaring Pluto) but as astrologers, we intuitively know that everything that is happening and everything we are feeling is part of the process to move us higher up in our spiritual evolution.  Your monthly newsletter helps us to understand the process.  You and the Brotherhood of Light Workers can clear the fuzzy cobwebs out of our frightened minds.  Thank you for sending out your monthly newsletter.  It has brightened my month!"


Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry, astrologer (email) 




"Thank you for your inspirations... I look at your portal of happiness and sensibility every day and am finding my way."


Wendy, DE 



 "I received your newsletter, and it is great.  I really liked the Astro Bits sections, it is exactly what I am looking for in astrology.  You have the astrology stuff in small letters to back up the interpretation in the bigger font.  This makes it easy AND interesting to read.  Thank you for sending it to me."


Kathy Bird, Wilmington DE




"Thank you so much for the article in February Dell Horoscope on Neptune and Quantum Physics.  Your explanations brought together many experiences I have been having in a meaningful way.  In one word, brilliant!  Blessings to you, Judi."


Elizabeth Dally (on Facebook) 




Hello Judi
While wandering through pathways of positive personal energy
I was blessed to find your portal of inspiration. You are a
gifted person whose life and work kindle a light of creativity
and spirit. I enjoyed everything. You are truly impressive. Thank
you for sharing who you are as doing so is living your highest self.
I wish you joy on your journey.
May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and
May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that
embrace a higher vibration.
Yours in Freedom and Creativity"


MicHEAL Teal , The Ancient One (email) 



"Judi and I go back several years. She inspires my creativity and through her guidance, I have achieved so much more. Thank you, Judi."
Laura Dunnigan (Colorado, formerly New York)


"Each month, Judi does some very good 'big picture' astrology of trends that we might see on a national and global scale.  This alone is worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is free).  So, if you have a moment, be sure to send Judi your email and get on her mailing list!"


James Lee (Futurist, DE) 



"I find you so easy to talk to and finally have found someone who affirms and encourages my journey."


Sonia Brakowski (Delaware)



"Your level of expression and understanding put a smile in my spirit. Thank you."


Morene Massey (Montana)



"I enjoyed your podcast 'All Is Chosen". It brought clarity to me on a few things. Thank you!"


Josette Blackburn (California)



"Thank you for coming on the show.  It was a great one.  You shared a lot of valuable insight and wisdom with our audience." 


Paul Lamb, Host of New Perspectives radio show (New Jersey)



"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter, in part because you've been using astrology to focus on the 'big stuff', not just personal sun signs.  Keep it coming!" 


 Jim Lee (Wilmington DE)



"I feel very moved by hearing your words and so grateful to have been given the gift of insight into my own psyche." 


 G. Ryder (New York)


"Had I not had the CD of our conversation, it would have been very easy for me to have lost hope but things came through as you were able to predict and I am so grateful to have had you as a resource."


 D. Blackburn (California)  



"Was reading along and thinking, 'Who on earth wrote this?'  Thanx for the article (9/11: Ten Years Later).  Comprehensive, beautifully written.  Intelligent + and so helpful.  Merci,"

 Marnie (Toronto)



"I have been rereading your article because it is so very good.  In fact, I have been wondering for a long time when some astrologer was going to write an article as good as yours about our current times and have it published in Dell Horoscope.  It seems to me that your article has really been the very best to come out in a very long time.  So thanks!  I feel very blessed to have found you and very blessed to have you do a personal reading for me!" 9/11 Ten Years Later article".

Elisabeth Barry, Dell magazine reader



"This is the best astrology article I have EVER read.  I intend to keep it handy for the future."


  R Patterson, Dell magazine reader



"Thanks again for a great presentation last night!  Very credible and very good."


 Jim Lee, Foresight Salon



"Dear Ms Thomases,

 "You did an amazing job [in your new book "The Wisdom Keys"] of putting together such a huge span of work!  Quantum physics, mysticism, and personal experience all flowed together seamlessly...    Thank you so much for letting me read the manuscript ahead of time!



 Katie Critelli, Student




"Dear Judi.

  "A heartfelt applause, appreciation and thanks for your 'Personal Note.'  A right-on perspective on our interdependence and what anyone can contribute to the world scene.

 Love and Light always,"


  Alice Kann, Interfaith Minister



"Dear Judi,

 "I want you to know how much I appreciate your site.

"I love it.

"I thank you for all your hard work / your inspiration.



  Mary Aver, Hampstead, London UK 

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