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It's been 3 months and counting since my "medical mystery odyssey" began, and things are still not definitively revealed.  There are results waiting to be confirmed.  So far, so good. What started out as a swollen leg has led to a full body scan of almost every organ, but there are still unknowns so I can't say the odyssey is completely wrapped up.  However, I would like to give a special shout-out to some people who reached out to me, presumably because they were moved to share their stories, their tips, and their own odyssey from what they read about my journey in this newsletter, and they offered me some very moving words and loving concern.  So, besides my immediate family of course, I want to give a shout-out to my friends, colleagues and clients (some of whom are client-friends), including Joyce, Sheryl, Ann, Linda, "Sois", Irene, Dottie, Ellen, Louise, Janis, and even someone who knows me only through a friend-of-a-friend (Gloria) for your feedback, your concern, and your loving words.  Many thanks!


My journey through this health thing continues, but I want to tell you about using even scary things like health concerns as a part of the Art of Manifestation, and the co-creation of reality.  I take this stuff seriously, and when things get serious, all the more reason to trust in it and utilize it.  If we're talking about results from a scan, or biopsies of an organ, we're talking about what is being created in your mind as you're waiting for the procedure.  Do you go into fear?  Do you trust in the universe?  Do you help the cells in your body by visualizing a good immune system, more positive energy, radiance in the form of glowing golden light?  And sometimes, when there is talk of inflammation, do you visualize a calming green color overlaying the red of the inflamed tissue?


Many people who reached out to me also spoke of nutrition, and I value those concepts as well.  For example, some people were moved to send me health tips about raw foods, organic juices, and homeopathy.  Whatever puts you in the driver's seat - whatever opportunity you have to choose between one outcome versus another, use it.  Take it!  Your doctor is an authority figure as is your technician and the lab report, but the greatest authority figure is what you create in the moment in your own mind.  I have always believed in a positive outcome, and whatever this journey entails my heart rate and blood pressure have stayed level because that's where my head is for the most part.


As the Zen Buddhists say, "Ah, so... another interesting experience!"


When I know more and can be definitive, I will talk about that in another newsletter.  For now, stay well, try to be cool in the heat wave, and believe in your vast higher power. 


With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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Oct. 16th, Bay Dreams.
Middletown DE. Discussing karmic choices, forks in the road, knowing the time-frame of the challenges, and working inwardly.
Exploring a merging route towards our spiritual evolution affecting our very notion of reality.
- Dell Horoscope Magazine, October 2012.
Viewing End Times predictions as political and social upheavals, including the American presidential election, and the tension between Israel and Iran.

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"Love is the force that returns Soul to God."


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"PRESIDENT'S INAUGURAL AMBITIONS MEET POLITICAL REALITY" - (Prediction: Mid April is turbulent and confusing...the second half of the month indicates disappointment but a sensible approach about what is possible." - Spirit's Words, April 2013)

- Leaks turn to deluge for reeling W. House" - New York Post, 5/21/13
(Prediction: "The News Media.
With a stellium of secondary and solar arc progressed planets in the nation's third house, the news media itself plays a huge role in the history of this era...
The news media becomes the news!- My article in Dell Sept 2011)

"STAR TREK TECH" - If you've spent much time on the Starship Enterprise, you'll recognize that many of its 23rd-century devices are materializing in our hands. USA Weekend, May 3-5, 2013
(Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

News-Journal, 5/4/13
(Prediction: Innovations in the health fields too.)

(Prediction: Yin is rising. [Female empowerment.])

Book Review: "Spiritual Wisdom on Karma and Reincarnation", by Harold Klemp (Eckankar)

This is a physically tiny book that a friend gave me.  So much wisdom packed into 74 little pages!

Brief but to the point, this handbook gives the important concepts behind the philosophy of the spiritual path known as Eckankar, a path which is based on Perennial Philosophy, also known as ancient wisdom.  Written in readable fashion, the book tackles subjects such as Soul, Karma, Why People Are Unhappy, Being Curious about Your Past Lives, Reincarnation, Soul Travel, Improving Your Life through Deeper Understanding, and Getting Off the Wheel of Karma (which the book calls Graduating).  It also gives spiritual exercises.


Another book on the subject - more definitive, that I read years ago - was called simply Eckankar: The Key to Secret Worlds, by Paul Twitchell, (Illuminated Way Press, 1969).  I had encountered the concepts behind Eckankar decades ago, and even went to a few meetings.


Eckankar is a beautiful path.  There's nothing particularly new in its teachings, but it is brilliant in bringing deeper concepts into everyday life.  It talks about the soul and its purpose in coming to Earth, to gain "the spiritual purity and experience it needs to become a co-worker with God".  Eckankar provides methods for doing so, and as the book advises, "the best spiritual opportunity is not necessarily the easiest life", explaining that the soul is making choices based on karma - choices of birth into certain families, and choices about opportunities, personality, and emotional situations.


It's informative and helpful, with a wonderful Glossary at the back explaining general words such as Karma, Soul, or Self-Realization, but also words that are specific to Eckankar such as Eck itself (another word for the life-force that other paths might call Qi or Prana).  Eckankar uses a meditative sound - HU - considered a secret name of God, or the love-song that God sings to the world, its own creation, as a mantra to bring one's consciousness into alignment with the higher planes.  Eck has its particular definition of the Holy Spirit, and considers certain individuals in each era to be Eck masters - that is, spiritual guides - from a long lineage of god-realized souls.


I like Eckankar - it's not my particular path in this life, but it resonates very closely and harmoniously with the more generalized path that I follow.  This little handbook might be hard to come upon unless you are lucky to find an Eckankar group in your area, in which case I recommend it for its condensed but very useful nuggets of information for your spiritual development.  Otherwise, you might also like to read Twitchell's fuller material.





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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- August '13

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:


It is easy to get distracted and agitated by disturbing and disharmonious energy patterns around you.  These patterns can arrive through the news media, people's gossipy conversations, what you read, and even the sound vibrations of your environment.  Unlike early man, who lived in a predominantly silent world, tuning his senses to nature and to that which helped master survival, our modern brains are often bombarded by a noisy environment, by endless bits of data, and also by assault of constructs from other minds that may be glamorized yet dark imagery and projections.  None of this goes unnoticed by your awareness, although much of it is "under the radar", felt subconsciously and reacted to or against without your alert mind even knowing that.  How then, can you attune to sounds and vibrations that you need to hear for survival, or to feel for healthy restoration of your energies?  By what device can you tune out the bombardment of the modern world, and by what method can you travel in this distracting and agitating environment towards your goal of peace, joy and bliss?


The very dissonance between that happy goal and the modern world is obviously one of humanity's current great challenges.  A good part of your answer lies in your ability to discriminate.  Identifying that which assaults you on many levels and categorizing it as beneficial or disturbing is your first line of defense, for if you know that certain people, certain noise, certain environment, or certain emotional states is equivalent to unhealthiness for you, you can begin to sort out and then tune out what you choose to pay attention to.  You can actually learn to use rational discrimination to give weight to the good stuff and remove importance from the negative stuff, and thus rebalance your world in the midst of torment.


Having discriminated all that is being thrust at you, you can then choose aspects of your immediate situation that are pleasing, even delightful.  Perhaps in a traffic jam, you see a beautiful tree or flower, or a cloud in the sky; horns are blaring, brake lights are constantly flickering, and your alert brain must pay attention to the drive.  But there can be a secondary aspect that appreciates nature.  Then again, someone is barraging you with negative information - information that encourages anger or speaks ill of a colleague, or describes the world in dreadful terms.  That person on a tv screen or sitting nearby can be heard as the same time your mind is enjoying the color of her blouse, or his complexion.  Somewhere in every moment is the means to refocus your mental power on beauty, appreciation, joy, and even love. 


If this be practiced, all the swirling energies that everyday life is full of can be moderated.  Modern humankind cannot return to living in caves or wilderness, but can and must evolve to deliberately shift awareness from the negative to the positive in order to thrive and aspire in a state of healthy joy despite the obvious challenges of the contemporary world.  It is more than do-able.  It is mandatory.  Part of the next step upwards.-
2013 by Judi Thomases



The month starts off tense, even with some abrupt violence (Mars square Uranus).  During the second week, there are a lot of dramatic happenings (New Moon in Leo), as well as efforts to get past obstacles, perhaps by throwing money at problems - overreaction which will not be beneficial (Jupiter opposite Pluto).  By the 15th to the 23rd, communications favor technology and new ideas (Mercury trine Uranus).  Progressive innovations and even wild ideas may be attempted (Full Moon in Aquarius; Jupiter square Uranus).  Economic pressure continues through the 25th (Venus square Pluto).  August 27th is a very active but confusing day, with short-lived peace attempts, resistance and blockage to communications, and vague idealism (Venus opposite Uranus; Mercury square Saturn; Sun opposite Neptune).  The last few days from the 28th - 31st can see some attempts to lift spirits (Venus square Jupiter), and better news reports, perhaps with some progress reached through negotiations and compromise (Mercury trine Pluto, sextile Jupiter).


For The U.S., the first half of the month is beneficial for slow growth in the economy (Saturn trine U.S. Jupiter), and should bring good news about growth and expansion from the 2nd - 5th (Jupiter trine U.S. progressed Sun).  From the 1st - 6th, we are aggressive and hard-driving (Mars conjunct U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter).  Much building and renovation can take place then.  On the 10th, people are aggravated and belligerent (Mars square U.S. progressed Mars).  From the 16th-17th, there is little patience regarding romantic matters or having one's way via one's desires (Mars square U.S. Venus).  Most of the month shows new approaches and an individualistic spirit (Uranus trine U.S. Ascendant).  From the 19th-23rd, a lot of debates and arguments can reach the news and perhaps break a stalemate in Congress (Mars conjunct U.S. Mercury/progressed Node/Fortuna).  On the 21st, emotions are very high in the news and with family or neighbors (Full Moon conjunct U.S. Moon in H3).  On the 22nd, a shift takes place from compromise and politeness to more intensity (U.S.  progressed Moon leaves Libra and enters Scorpio).  Faith and spirituality still influence many people who long for a different type of solution to aggravating and divisive polarization (Neptune trine U.S. Venus, trine U.S. progressed Saturn in a Grand Water Trine).  The last days of the month show high energy to get things done but not much tolerance (Mars sextile U.S. Midheaven, square U.S. progressed Moon), yet continuing through September 1st lovely opportunities to prosper and develop on many levels are available (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Sun). 


For President Obama, his month (as did recent months) continues a process of redesigning his dream (Pluto sextile his progressed Neptune).  From the 2nd - 5th, his efforts can help the economy (Jupiter sextile his progressed Pluto, trine his Neptune).  On August 6th, he will be found at his desk for long hours under the signature of a workaholic (New Moon in his H6 conjunct his Sun).  On the 7th, he can have some relief with pleasantries and social activities (Venus trine his progressed Midheaven), but on August 10th he will be pushing hard for the results he would like to see on the homefront (Mars conjunct his progressed IC).  From the 11th-17th, he can make smart choices regarding business (Venus trine his progressed Saturn/Saturn/progressed Jupiter/Jupiter).  From the 17th-18th, he will make a lot of speeches, be overly generous, and find a good avenue through media (his progressed Moon into H3 square his progressed Jupiter, trine his Node).  Most of August through Week 3 gives him more flexibility to try new approaches or use innovative technology (Uranus trine his Sun).  During the second half of the month, he can make good use of resources and energy (Saturn sextile his Pluto).  On the 21st, old patterns surface as he rebels and feels blindsided (Full Moon conjunct his South Node in H1, opposite his Uranus exact in H7).  He will be impatient and perhaps show anger on the 22nd (Mars square his progressed Moon).  For the last week, his mind wanders and his hopes soar back into fantasy; he is too pie-in-the-sky (Neptune square his Moon)!

The horoscope of Edward Snowden (6/21/83, 4:42 AM, Elizabeth City, NC) shows a natal pattern in which he must communicate (Mars/Node/Sun in Gemini H1; Gemini rising conjunct chart ruler Mercury; H3 ruler Moon in H6).  Perhaps in a past life, he was an idealistic visionary but trusted the wrong people (Neptune/South Node in Sagittarius H7).  He is impulsive, risk-taking, a gambler but often lucky (Uranus/Jupiter in Sagittarius).  His mind is brilliant and very "techie" but rebellious (Mercury chart ruler opposite Uranus).  It seems as though his energy fluctuates between savvy planning and boldness (Mars trine Pluto/Saturn) versus alternating weakness (Mars opposite Neptune).  He is blocked and unable to complete risk-taking in a successful fashion right now, especially being blocked from access to his funds (progressed Sun in H2 square progressed Saturn).  Late September will see him engaged in a power struggle with others (Pluto SD conjunct his progressed Descendant).  As the seasons wear on, he finds himself in an uncomfortable position, perhaps a man without a country or without friends, essentially floating (progressed Moon conjunct his progressed South Node/Neptune).  It will be difficult for him to find anyone whom he can trust (progressed Moon conjunct his Neptune in H7), and he will be feeling particularly alone in late October - mid November (Saturn conjunct his Moon, square his Venus). 


 H.R.H. PRINCE GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS is an early Leo, (0 degrees) which always emphasizes a new cycle regarding whichever sign it falls in, in this case a royal, a king.  It is to be a new life of rulership... and drama!  There is a great deal to do with issues of mortality, deaths, and also healing (his Sun is placed in the 8th house), so he comes with a mandate to rule and perhaps preside over a sovereignty in which there is a great deal of catastrophe, so this will be an issue of great magnitude during his reign (Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury are also in this 8th house along with the Vertex). 

    There is an indication that he will come in with a strong degree of executive abilities from previous lives (his Sun opposes a late Capricorn Moon - Capricorn being a business and executive sign).  But there can be deep differences of opinion between the parents (the Sunin opposition to the Moon), and he will feel a lack (Capricorn being cold and status conscious) of the love, attention, or special treatment that he (Leo) would prefer.

    He has a difficult combination indicative of emotional distance from the primary female figure, which could be his mother Kate, or could be another important female in his life (Sun and Moon in opposition are also squared to Saturn in Scorpio which is conjunct the North Node, and forms a t-square) with the likelihood of periods of depression(Moon square Saturn in opposition to a fiery Sun).  Also, sadly, the emphasis in his chart speaks of a life that is very colored by people's deaths (Scorpio the ruler of death and the 8th house, along with Pluto opposite the Jupiter/Mars/Mercury stellium in the Cancerian 8th house)... whether these are personal within his family or national within his realm can't be known as yet. These patterns do not bode for a comfortable life. 

    As saving grace, he is born under lucky stars for goals, ideas, and money(a lovely Grand Water Trine from Saturn in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces to Jupiter/Mars in Cancer, involving the 11th house, the 3rd house, and the 8th house) indicating that he will be protected, survive, and have help in accomplishing what is probably a difficult mission (in addition to the Grand Water Trine, Venus at 0 degrees of Virgo sextiles a few of these planets, and Pluto at 9 degrees of Capricorn does so as well, forming a Double Kite).  This type of favorable combination motivates people to utilize their otherwise too easy luck.

    Financial matters will be very important (Capricorn Moon in his 2nd house and with Pluto in there too), and he will have a great deal of sway with economic decisions.  His chart is health-conscious (Venus at 0 Virgo), so perhaps he will have an influence in helping his people towards better nutrition and health standards.

    He has a very artistic combination, and romantic (Venus opposes Neptune), indicating that he can be quite a lover although too much of an idealist (Fortuna conjunct the Descendant, and the Ascendant also involved, in a Grand Mutable Cross).  A Royal usually must get married for the sake of perpetrating the bloodline, but he is "ruled by" the bachelor sign (Sagittarius rising).  So there is a great deal of desire for personal freedom, with further indications that he will be no one's puppet, will seek to be a free agent, will execute his duties but also keep a lot of freedom and perhaps a playful and athletic side to his nature (Uranus trines this Ascendant).

    Sharing the difficult pattern that everyone being born now has (Pluto square Uranus), he additionally suffers a tough combination (Cardinal T-Square aspecting personal planets such as Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter as well) which will give him a high-strung nature, perhaps a very intelligent mind, quick to respond, temperamental, forceful, and in short, quite a handful.  Over the course of British history, several royals have been hot-headed and difficult to handle, and Prince George will be no wimp in that company.

    He has another lovely pattern involving mental planets, friends, and perhaps a fascination with life's mysteries (Grand Water Trine from the Node to Mercury, and to Chiron).  His chart is busy, complex, and highly emotional.  Family will be very important to him throughout his life, and his life will be quite interesting although probably not easy.

    When most people see a baby born to such wealth, luxury, fame and importance, we think: what a lucky soul!  What a great life!  I wish I could have been born a king!  But be careful; this is not always the way it is.  An old saying was: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown".  And while it's no longer that dangerous to be royal and have one of your relatives seek to bump you off, it's still a position that can draw a lot of extreme and difficult challenges to the individual. 

    All hail Prince George!  He will need a lot of love and a lot of support in this incarnation.




(c) 2013 by Judi Thomases

Unsolicited Testimonials:


"So happy you have finished the book! I can't wait to read it; you're so brilliant it's ridiculous!" - Rebecca B., psychic (CA)




"Your newsletters are so amazing.  What a tremendous amount of work you put into that each month. You should be so proud of yourself." - Nancy G., artist (NY)




"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 




"Thank you, Judy, for channeling the Brotherhood of Light Workers.  This month's uplifting and inspiring, "Be The Eagle" was very helpful to me, touching and inspiring me.  Yes, times have been chaotic (Uranus squaring Pluto) but as astrologers, we intuitively know that everything that is happening and everything we are feeling is part of the process to move us higher up in our spiritual evolution.  Your monthly newsletter helps us to understand the process.  You and the Brotherhood of Light Workers can clear the fuzzy cobwebs out of our frightened minds.  Thank you for sending out your monthly newsletter.  It has brightened my month!"


Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry, astrologer (email) 




"Thank you for your inspirations... I look at your portal of happiness and sensibility every day and am finding my way."


Wendy, DE 



 "I received your newsletter, and it is great.  I really liked the Astro Bits sections, it is exactly what I am looking for in astrology.  You have the astrology stuff in small letters to back up the interpretation in the bigger font.  This makes it easy AND interesting to read.  Thank you for sending it to me."


Kathy Bird, Wilmington DE




"Thank you so much for the article in February Dell Horoscope on Neptune and Quantum Physics.  Your explanations brought together many experiences I have been having in a meaningful way.  In one word, brilliant!  Blessings to you, Judi."


Elizabeth Dally (on Facebook) 




Hello Judi
While wandering through pathways of positive personal energy
I was blessed to find your portal of inspiration. You are a
gifted person whose life and work kindle a light of creativity
and spirit. I enjoyed everything. You are truly impressive. Thank
you for sharing who you are as doing so is living your highest self.
I wish you joy on your journey.
May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and
May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that
embrace a higher vibration.
Yours in Freedom and Creativity"


MicHEAL Teal , The Ancient One (email) 



"Judi and I go back several years. She inspires my creativity and through her guidance, I have achieved so much more. Thank you, Judi."
Laura Dunnigan (Colorado, formerly New York)


"Each month, Judi does some very good 'big picture' astrology of trends that we might see on a national and global scale.  This alone is worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is free).  So, if you have a moment, be sure to send Judi your email and get on her mailing list!"


James Lee (Futurist, DE) 



"I find you so easy to talk to and finally have found someone who affirms and encourages my journey."


Sonia Brakowski (Delaware)



"Your level of expression and understanding put a smile in my spirit. Thank you."


Morene Massey (Montana)



"I enjoyed your podcast 'All Is Chosen". It brought clarity to me on a few things. Thank you!"


Josette Blackburn (California)



"Thank you for coming on the show.  It was a great one.  You shared a lot of valuable insight and wisdom with our audience." 


Paul Lamb, Host of New Perspectives radio show (New Jersey)



"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter, in part because you've been using astrology to focus on the 'big stuff', not just personal sun signs.  Keep it coming!" 


 Jim Lee (Wilmington DE)



"I feel very moved by hearing your words and so grateful to have been given the gift of insight into my own psyche." 


 G. Ryder (New York)


"Had I not had the CD of our conversation, it would have been very easy for me to have lost hope but things came through as you were able to predict and I am so grateful to have had you as a resource."


 D. Blackburn (California)  



"Was reading along and thinking, 'Who on earth wrote this?'  Thanx for the article (9/11: Ten Years Later).  Comprehensive, beautifully written.  Intelligent + and so helpful.  Merci,"

 Marnie (Toronto)



"I have been rereading your article because it is so very good.  In fact, I have been wondering for a long time when some astrologer was going to write an article as good as yours about our current times and have it published in Dell Horoscope.  It seems to me that your article has really been the very best to come out in a very long time.  So thanks!  I feel very blessed to have found you and very blessed to have you do a personal reading for me!" 9/11 Ten Years Later article".

Elisabeth Barry, Dell magazine reader



"This is the best astrology article I have EVER read.  I intend to keep it handy for the future."


  R Patterson, Dell magazine reader



"Thanks again for a great presentation last night!  Very credible and very good."


 Jim Lee, Foresight Salon



"Dear Ms Thomases,

 "You did an amazing job [in your new book "The Wisdom Keys"] of putting together such a huge span of work!  Quantum physics, mysticism, and personal experience all flowed together seamlessly...    Thank you so much for letting me read the manuscript ahead of time!



 Katie Critelli, Student




"Dear Judi.

  "A heartfelt applause, appreciation and thanks for your 'Personal Note.'  A right-on perspective on our interdependence and what anyone can contribute to the world scene.

 Love and Light always,"


  Alice Kann, Interfaith Minister



"Dear Judi,

 "I want you to know how much I appreciate your site.

"I love it.

"I thank you for all your hard work / your inspiration.



  Mary Aver, Hampstead, London UK 

You may absolutely share this newsletter with people you think may enjoy it.

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Thanks and enjoy! 

Judi Thomases 

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