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The other day was quite a mixture, as the whole year seems to be!  A health scare is prompting a blood test and a CAT scan, (ancillary to other ongoing illnesses, none of which anyone seems able to definitely diagnose), but at the same time life has been filled with delightful excursions, serendipitous acquaintanceship, and new discoveries.  For instance, one night, we went to a historical cookbook author's free talk at the library, with yummy demo food as a bonus, and met a woman there from a Unitarian church who seemed interested in having me give a talk for her group once she found out about my book, "Wisdom's Game".  Next day, after the blood test, we drove down to the beaches and found the delightful Lavender Fields, a garden and gift shop of the most precious "herbs of Provence", sachets, tea cozies, wreaths etc, from which we bought oils and items (oh, I'll be back there... in mid-summer when the lavender is in full bloom), then we had lunch at the quaint Victoria's on the boardwalk (the ocean was gray, cool, yet welcoming), and then we walked down to the Art Show in Rehoboth, meeting creative funky folk and buying little pieces of jewelry for my friends.  We bought tickets to the big Powerball (no, psychics don't have insider info on the winning numbers), and saw a decent movie.  The drizzle cleansed the ozone.  My swollen legs are subsiding.  More tests are scheduled.  Life is... full of contrast!


With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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Oct. 16th, Bay Dreams.
Middletown DE. Discussing karmic choices, forks in the road, knowing the time-frame of the challenges, and working inwardly.
Exploring a merging route towards our spiritual evolution affecting our very notion of reality.
- Dell Horoscope Magazine, October 2012.
Viewing End Times predictions as political and social upheavals, including the American presidential election, and the tension between Israel and Iran.

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Spiritual Quote 



"Hell has three doors: lust, rage and greed.  These lead to man's ruin.  Therefore, he must avoid them all.  He who passes by these three dark doors has achieved his own salvation.  He will reach the highest goal at last."


- Bhagavad Gita: The Song of God, translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood (Mentor)

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"FEDS ALSO SPIED ON FOX NEWS REPORTER" - Leaks turn to deluge for reeling W. House" - New York Post, 5/21/13
(Prediction: "The News Media.
With a stellium of secondary and solar arc progressed planets in the nation's third house, the news media itself plays a huge role in the history of this era...
The news media becomes the news!- My article in Dell Sept 2011)

"STAR TREK TECH" - If you've spent much time on the Starship Enterprise, you'll recognize that many of its 23rd-century devices are materializing in our hands. USA Weekend, May 3-5, 2013
(Prediction: Uranus in Aries will bring rapid technological innovations in this era.)

News-Journal, 5/4/13
(Prediction: Innovations in the health fields too.)

(Prediction: Yin is rising. [Female empowerment.])

Book Review: "Bhagavad Gita", translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood (Mentor)


Reviewing a book such as this is like reviewing the Bible because this is part of the gospel of Hinduism.  It's an ancient poem of a conversation between an aristocratic warrior and an aspect of God - Krishna - whom he considers his friend.  Basically, the warrior - Arjuna - questions his friend God as to the rightness of his participating in a deadly battle in which he must kill his kinsmen and acquaintances.  And the entire Song of God gives him the answers to his deepest questions.


I have read the Bhagavad Gita before, and have been moved to re-read it.  In it is found what is sometimes called the Perennial Philosophy, and this can be summarized as four fundamental doctrines: 1) the world of matter and of individualized consciousness is the Divine Ground from which all partial realities have their being; 2) human beings can not merely understand about this Divine Ground but can realize its existence by a direct intuition that is superior to reasoning; 3) humans are dual, or have a double nature: an ego and an eternal self, or inner spiritual self, a piece of divinity within; and 4) the purpose of life is to identify yourself with the eternal spark within, and thus unite with the Divine Ground.


In reading some of this material, it's remarkable that it foreshadowed many of the modern findings of science - that all is one, that all is energy, and that consciousness affects the result of action.  However, as in many holy works, it's also a reflection of the state of evolution of the authors who write down and interpret the given concepts, and in this case, I found myself disturbed to see some faulty and negative concepts that were part of early Hinduism embedded in this work, to wit: the caste system, which is really about unequal rights and a sort of karmic doom that has thankfully been surpassed and shucked aside in the more modern view of human relations by contemporary Hindus.


Part of the doctrine that still makes wonderful sense includes the inevitability of death as well as rebirth; non-attachment as your motive in taking action, the goal being to do your part and not be concerned with the fruits that your actions might bear; to first unite your heart with the Divine, and then to act (which is the secret of non-attached work).  Statements such as "work is holy" or "the intelligent will" are part of the strength of this message to all.  The message includes the concept that an evolved soul seeking inner peace weds every action to the welfare of fellow creatures.  It also promises that no one who seeks enlightenment ever comes to an evil end.  Moreover, a clear understanding is presented that as soon as we are born, we are led astray by the delusion that this relative world is real, when all it is, is constant change, and all that is real is one's consciousness.


Today's astrophysicists are looking at the Big Bang Theory - the initial moment when all was created as a universe, or the reversal, when the universe implodes back into a singularity.The Bhagavad Gita is even the source for the statement that the entire universe exists in cycles called The Days and Nights of Brahma.  Eternal truth seen through different lenses. 


Written about twenty-six centuries ago, the Bhagavad Gita gives answers to many of our deepest questions, and is well worth reading from time to time, especially by anyone who is interested in comparative religions, and the gradual evolution of what will eventually become a universal belief system.  We must act through our karma, for that is our destiny, but we do not have to be attached to the fruits of our actions.  The goal to aspire towards is a state of tranquility, purity and calmness.  When we can be in that state most continuously, then we have achieved not just transcendence of the phenomenal world but union with the eternal divine spark within, and in this way we can bring ourselves to the desired state of blissful union otherwise known as heaven on earth.


Highly recommended.





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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling- July '13

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats:


In fact, there are only two options with which to approach life. One demands full engagement so that each and every moment is registered as a drama full of emotionality, intensely ambivalent, and with the reasoning mind working over time both to understand it and to fathom its "correct" reaction. This is strategizing in the midst of a maelstrom. Now, not every moment of life feels this way, but in fact this is the approach or attitude that is always primed when one chooses this option.


Life is a hair trigger that can be set off at any moment, and from which you must scramble to recover and prevail. This option is full of excitement and vitality; however, it is also full of fear and anxiety, and one feels quite helpless as though moving through an eternal tornado.


The second option is so different and rare it must be explained. In this case, one moves from moment to moment as an observer watching the action of the figure that is you, remarking, considering, even sometimes amused by the reactive nature of life's game, but is never fully engaged. There is an overview. It is as though you exist in a dual place within the action but also as its audience. Thus, when momentous things occur, this option sees them as blips or peaks on a frequency band, inevitably leveling out, smoothing, and relinquishing their hold upon the mind. This is a more detached and mellow position, and can be labeled "going with the flow".


For those who can move through life separated in this fashion from the turbulence of emotions, fears, confusion, and all such components of life's drama, there is a continuous serenity. The buffeting is felt more like an amusement park's ride than a deeply frightening engagement. The eras of your life and the moments of your days are calmer, less fraught, more peaceful. That is not to say you are numb. You are observant, and you place yourself in the wise and gracious hands of your creator.   


Everyone has these two options. You are not fated to live your life in one or the other. The observer option is a learned trick. It has been known and taught forever. The difference now is that it is being broadcasted more, described, explained, and taught broadly, and at any time can be the chosen path.


Live serenely, even in the most momentous of times. That is still your choice.

� 2013 by Judi Thomases




The first two days of July hardly lend themselves to celebratory behavior (Saturn square Venus); in fact, there is subtle pressure underlying many areas around the globe (Sun opposite Pluto). There is an emphasis on food - the global concern for real, nurturing food rather than genetically modified stuff - would come into prominence more so by the 8th (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in Cancer; New Moon in Cancer as well). In the middle of the month, a stabilizing trend is evident, with good long-term and practical plans set in place (Saturn SD sextile Neptune, trine Jupiter/Mars); this can even be a time of hope and aspiration (Jupiter trine Neptune). From the 17th - 20th, the news is upsetting, and things are very tense and on edge (Uranus SRx square Mercury SD, from Aries to Cancer). On July 27th, tensions can erupt in war, violence, and explosions, including another terrorist act (Mars opposite Pluto).


For The U.S., the general trend can be optimistic (Neptune trine U.S. Jupiter), but also unstable, with undercurrents of chaos (Uranus square U.S. Sun). Maturity and wisdom are demanded, and can be applied (Saturn trine U.S. Jupiter). On the 4th, our national holiday finds an excellent pattern for Hollywood blockbusters such as "Superman: Man of Steel" (release date June 14th), and stirs patriotism and even a better archetypal ideal for humanity (Venus conjunct U.S. Node in Leo). From the 10th - 13th, the country is upbeat (Jupiter conjunct natal Venus), and on the 13th, progress is apparent and a bold attitude seems able to get the job done (Mars trine U.S. progressed Moon, trine U.S. Moon in a Grand Air Trine). From the 19th - 22nd, a new era for growth can be seen (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Jupiter: a Jupiter return). July 20th can be an important day for the news media itself (Mercury SD conjunct U.S. Sun exact) but retains the undercurrent of subtle pressure and resistance (Sun opposite U.S. Pluto). During the month, progress can be blocked, and a great deal of frustration can feel like a crisis regarding diplomacy versus business (progressed Moon at 29 Libra square progressed Pluto).  


President Obama is under relatively good aspects during the month. On July 1st, he can be found celebrating (Jupiter conjuncts his Venus) but also argumentative (Mars square his Mars). On the 5th, he will be prone to extravagance (Jupiter square his progressed Sun), and on the 8th, he may throw a big party (Venus conjunct his Leo Sun). On July 10th, he will likely give many speeches or an important speech (Mars trines his progressed Mercury; sextile his Fortuna). On the 17th, he will feel less constrained and more able to be himself (Uranus trine his Sun). On the 19th, he can be very angry, confrontational, and antagonistic (progressed Moon opposite his progressed Mars). On the 20th-21st, he can definitely overdo favors or his role (Venus conjunct his Node; progressed Uranus square his Midheaven). On the 22nd, fortunate matters are taking place behind the scenes (Full Moon conjunct his Jupiter exact in H12). On the 23rd, he feels more empowered (Mars sextile Pluto, trine Neptune).


Eric Holder (1/21/51, unknown time of birth, Bronx, NY) has been dealing with restrictions and authority-figure problems since 2012 (progressed Sun opposite his Saturn). Last September, was the turning point in a power struggle regarding his job, his political ties, other people's money, messages and paperwork, and sudden surprises regarding finances or, in general, the IRS scandal (Pluto SD at 6 Capricorn triggered his natal t-square exactly of Mercury at 6 Capricorn, Uranus at 6 Cancer, and Saturn at 2 Libra). By October 1st, he will have a heavy load regarding family or homeland duties (progressed IC conjunct his Saturn). By December, it may be hard for him to stay in office or retain popularity (Saturn conjuncts his Descendant, squares his Pluto, and t-squares his Venus). His crisis is likely to come to a head by mid April of 2014 (Pluto opposite his Moon).




For more forecasts, check out my articles "Quantum Physics Joins Metaphysics: Neptune Moves into Pisces" and "On the Brink of World Change" now posted on my website.



(c) 2013 by Judi Thomases.

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"I have said many times in the last few years, 'Judi Thomases my astrologer, was the ONLY one who warned me to consider financial possibilities.'... I just wanted to make this re-connection with you to let you know how often I have thought of you and likewise how you were truly the only person who had uncanny insight into my future."


Best and most 'High' Regards to you!

Bonnie D., (email) 




"Thank you, Judy, for channeling the Brotherhood of Light Workers.  This month's uplifting and inspiring, "Be The Eagle" was very helpful to me, touching and inspiring me.  Yes, times have been chaotic (Uranus squaring Pluto) but as astrologers, we intuitively know that everything that is happening and everything we are feeling is part of the process to move us higher up in our spiritual evolution.  Your monthly newsletter helps us to understand the process.  You and the Brotherhood of Light Workers can clear the fuzzy cobwebs out of our frightened minds.  Thank you for sending out your monthly newsletter.  It has brightened my month!"


Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry, astrologer (email) 




"Thank you for your inspirations... I look at your portal of happiness and sensibility every day and am finding my way."


Wendy, DE 



 "I received your newsletter, and it is great.  I really liked the Astro Bits sections, it is exactly what I am looking for in astrology.  You have the astrology stuff in small letters to back up the interpretation in the bigger font.  This makes it easy AND interesting to read.  Thank you for sending it to me."


Kathy Bird, Wilmington DE




"Thank you so much for the article in February Dell Horoscope on Neptune and Quantum Physics.  Your explanations brought together many experiences I have been having in a meaningful way.  In one word, brilliant!  Blessings to you, Judi."


Elizabeth Dally (on Facebook) 




Hello Judi
While wandering through pathways of positive personal energy
I was blessed to find your portal of inspiration. You are a
gifted person whose life and work kindle a light of creativity
and spirit. I enjoyed everything. You are truly impressive. Thank
you for sharing who you are as doing so is living your highest self.
I wish you joy on your journey.
May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and
May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that
embrace a higher vibration.
Yours in Freedom and Creativity"


MicHEAL Teal , The Ancient One (email) 



"Judi and I go back several years. She inspires my creativity and through her guidance, I have achieved so much more. Thank you, Judi."
Laura Dunnigan (Colorado, formerly New York)


"Each month, Judi does some very good 'big picture' astrology of trends that we might see on a national and global scale.  This alone is worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is free).  So, if you have a moment, be sure to send Judi your email and get on her mailing list!"


James Lee (Futurist, DE) 



"I find you so easy to talk to and finally have found someone who affirms and encourages my journey."


Sonia Brakowski (Delaware)



"Your level of expression and understanding put a smile in my spirit. Thank you."


Morene Massey (Montana)



"I enjoyed your podcast 'All Is Chosen". It brought clarity to me on a few things. Thank you!"


Josette Blackburn (California)



"Thank you for coming on the show.  It was a great one.  You shared a lot of valuable insight and wisdom with our audience." 


Paul Lamb, Host of New Perspectives radio show (New Jersey)



"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter, in part because you've been using astrology to focus on the 'big stuff', not just personal sun signs.  Keep it coming!" 


 Jim Lee (Wilmington DE)



"I feel very moved by hearing your words and so grateful to have been given the gift of insight into my own psyche." 


 G. Ryder (New York)


"Had I not had the CD of our conversation, it would have been very easy for me to have lost hope but things came through as you were able to predict and I am so grateful to have had you as a resource."


 D. Blackburn (California)  



"Was reading along and thinking, 'Who on earth wrote this?'  Thanx for the article (9/11: Ten Years Later).  Comprehensive, beautifully written.  Intelligent + and so helpful.  Merci,"

 Marnie (Toronto)



"I have been rereading your article because it is so very good.  In fact, I have been wondering for a long time when some astrologer was going to write an article as good as yours about our current times and have it published in Dell Horoscope.  It seems to me that your article has really been the very best to come out in a very long time.  So thanks!  I feel very blessed to have found you and very blessed to have you do a personal reading for me!" 9/11 Ten Years Later article".

Elisabeth Barry, Dell magazine reader



"This is the best astrology article I have EVER read.  I intend to keep it handy for the future."


  R Patterson, Dell magazine reader



"Thanks again for a great presentation last night!  Very credible and very good."


 Jim Lee, Foresight Salon



"Dear Ms Thomases,

 "You did an amazing job [in your new book "The Wisdom Keys"] of putting together such a huge span of work!  Quantum physics, mysticism, and personal experience all flowed together seamlessly...    Thank you so much for letting me read the manuscript ahead of time!



 Katie Critelli, Student




"Dear Judi.

  "A heartfelt applause, appreciation and thanks for your 'Personal Note.'  A right-on perspective on our interdependence and what anyone can contribute to the world scene.

 Love and Light always,"


  Alice Kann, Interfaith Minister



"Dear Judi,

 "I want you to know how much I appreciate your site.

"I love it.

"I thank you for all your hard work / your inspiration.



  Mary Aver, Hampstead, London UK 

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