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The USRA May Event


A three day event which brings the industry together to network and connect.  The USRA May Event has now become an Industry Event - It is the only one like it in the industry!  Vendors provide sponsorship, speakers, knowledge, resources and support for the Event.  We consider our May Event Sponsors our "VIP's - 

Very Important Partners".  


The May Event is meant to be a "Team Building/Networking Event, not a shoe show, not a fundraiser.  It is a place where we share ideas & information and we meet & connect with the best in the shoe industry.  Other organizations have tried to duplicate the May Event, but since their goals are different than the USRA's, so none have even come close.  The May Event Committee is comprised of large retailers, small retailers, sales reps and vendor executives. By having representation from all facets of the industry, The May Event offers attendees educational information, networking & connections AND an opportunity to look at shoes while having fun in a stimulating atmosphere.  


The tag line of the May Event is

"One Industry....One Goal...One Place!"  It really says it all!  


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Red Carpet.......18 Pairs of Oscars Shoes Examined

Ever wonder what shoes say about their wearer?
At Sunday's Oscars, Anne Hathaway's black stilettos screamed, "I'm edgy!"
while Anna Kendrick's knotted peep-toe heels said, "I like to flirt."
Here's what other personality traits were learned by way of foot candy. 

March 03, 2014
Meghan Cleary

You know what they say: If the shoe fits, wear it. And on Sunday, Hollywood's biggest stars most certainly did that as they stepped onto the red carpet for the 86th annual Oscars -- complete with trusty friends Choo, Blahnik and Calvin in tow. Turns out you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes. Here, we examine what each pair of 18 carpet walkers' foot candy really means. 


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Footwear Cares® | April 2014

Over 5000 people from 100 footwear companies  
will come together to give back. ....Will you?  
During the month of April, 2014 the footwear community will paint, prepare  
meals, read to children and clear land. We will help seniors, fix playgrounds,  
and sort canned food. But most of all, we will unite an industry to make a  
difference where it's needed the very most. How? It's called Footwear Cares®.

Participating in Footwear Cares provides an opportunity for people who work within the industry to come together in a way that will forever change lives; their own and the lives of the people they've touched. Footwear Cares helps create the unity in the footwear community.


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Late Boomers
February 2014 Special Report
The buying power of aging Americans presents enormous opportunity. Here's how to go about attracting that Baby Boomer buck. 

By Lyndsay McGregor
At 76 million strong, Baby Boomers have shaped this country's culture for decades. Born between 1946 and 1964, they have reinvented and redefined each stage of life they've passed through, from young adulthood to careers to parenting to retirement. This year the youngest of the Boomers turn 50, while many of the oldest have already left the workforce. But whether they're working or retired, wealthy or on a fixed income, living alone or with other seniors, they have taken it upon themselves to stay active and young looking-and they spend plenty of money doing it. 
Article from Footwear Plus Magazine
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24 Years of Experience
The award-winning Footwear Plus magazine is the leading B-2-B fashion publication of the footwear industry. In a world of instant messages, texting, daily e-mail blasts, junk mail, 24-hour news outlets and tickers across the bottom of countless TV channels, Footwear Plus is a magazine in the truest sense of the format: in-depth, comprehensive and analytical, not to mention beautiful. Industry leaders rely on Footwear Plus to educate, inform, provoke and inspire.
Passion Play
It is our mission to propel the footwear market forward in all that we do by communicating the dedication and passion that manufacturers and retailers have for delivering greater style, performance, comfort and service. It is a mission delivered with equal dedication and passion.

Foot care tips everyone should know!

Foot Pain is Not Normal - Your feet should mirror your general health. With the right fit, proper footwear and orthotics for your foot type, most common foot pain can be relieved and prevented.


Buy Shoes that Fit Your Needs - Most people do not know their true foot size (length and width) and too often purchase shoes that are too small. Today, many full service stores are equipped with foot scanning technology that is able to capture your foot size, arch type and pressure points and recommend the ideal footwear and orthotics for your needs.


Give Your Feet a Break -While we love our heels, women have four times as many foot problems as men and high heels are partly to blame. Whenever possible, wear comfortable shoes that fit your feet properly.



Nighttime Care - After being on your feet all day, give your feet a little TLC. Knead them gently with your thumbs to increase blood circulation. Then cover them with a good quality foot cream or nourishing gel to help keep the skin from cracking and drying.


Socks are Important Accessories - Socks are important foot health accessories too. Damp and dark conditions, such as those found in shoes, promote the growth of fungi, bacteria and odor. Protect your feet by wearing socks made with copper fibers that have been clinically proven to help eliminate these common problems and improve your skin's appearance and texture.


Educate Yourself - Sites such as offer comprehensive information about foot conditions, sports injuries, foot health for diabetes, and an online shop with products that help treat or prevent foot pain.


*Always consult your podiatrist or physician if you suffer from persistent pain or a medical condition


More info can be found on the Aetrex Site CLICK HERE


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