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Beyond The Surface.
The Real Life Stories of the Youth Project

The Youth Project is honored to work with so many brave teenagers, willing to share their lives with us.  Each month, we'll bring you firsthand accounts of pain, trauma and hope -- from the teens themselves. Here are a few of their stories.

Female, Valencia HS - "I liked getting to talk with someone who was from outside of school and therefore less likely to be biased about issues I had with teachers and being able to do so with a regular schedule."


Female, Golden Valley HS - "The parent with illness group helped me a lot to know that I wasn't alone in this."


Male, Hart HS - "I liked that I could talk to someone about my problems and be open about things."


Female, West Ranch HS - "I liked the SCV Youth Project a lot.  It was a way for us to trust and talk to someone and get a second point of view.  It allowed me to openly talk about my problems and get great advice.  I loved this program."


Male, Canyon HS - "This was a good experience because I was able to openly talk about my issues and get relief from them."  

Female, Placerita Jr High - "I could really open up about issues in my life and trust the person at SCV Youth Project"

The Youth Project is celebrating 12 years of successfully providing free services to teens in the Santa Clarita Valley. Since their doors opened in 2000, the Youth Project has assisted more than 33,000 local families, including 29,000 youth and 6,000 adults.   
To learn more about us and how you can help visit www.HelpNotHassle.org


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