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Beyond The Surface.
The Real Life Stories of the Youth Project

The Youth Project is honored to work with so many brave teenagers, willing to share their lives with us.  Each month, we'll bring you firsthand accounts of pain, trauma and hope -- from the teens themselves. Here are a few of their stories.
14 y/o, female - adopted from Guatemala at age 8.  Her adoptive parents gave her up after 2 years because  she was "too much trouble"; she has been re-adopted but has a bad relationship with Mom who really wanted to adopt a baby vs. a young girl.  She is acting out, lying and feels unwanted and is afraid she will be sent back.
14 y/o, male - trans-gender female to male who has lost  the acceptance of his parents; they are completely against his lifestyle  choice. 
15 y/o, female - struggling with a possible pregnancy;  she is currently involved with a drug addict and has stated she has "lost herself" and is overwhelmed with pressure of his sobriety/addiction being in her hands.
17 y/o, female - has been experiencing feelings of anxiety and "darkness" and finally admitted to being molested years earlier, by a trusted family friend/coach.
16 y/o, female - struggling with consistent bingeing and purging due to low self esteem and lack of support at home. The Youth Project is her only source of support at this time.
18 y/o, male - has been working with the Youth Project for 4 yrs.  He said it has been a great support and feels confident in his abilities to cope and make healthy decisions on his own ... 
which is the ultimate goal.  Congratulations! 
The Youth Project is celebrating 12 years of successfully providing free services to teens in the Santa Clarita Valley. Since their doors opened in 2000, the Youth Project has assisted more than 33,000 local families, including 29,000 youth and 6,000 adults.   
To learn more about us and how you can help visit www.HelpNotHassle.org


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