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May 2016 Newsletter
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Petfriendly Lodging in Crested Butte

Event Calendars for Crested Butte are Full!

Having Fun in  Crested Butte

Fun for Kids in Crested Butte

Get Prepared with Hiking Guides!
Call Robin!
Rafting on the Taylor River!
white water rafting crested butte  
The Taylor River offers  Class I, II, and III River Rafting! Call 3 Rivers Resort in Almont at 888-761-3474. They also offer combo rafting and ziplining trips!

Fishing Guides Willowfly Anglers
 fly fishing crested butte
3 Rivers Resort, thru Willowfly Anglers,  offers great fly fishing trips and guides
Don't miss the Taylor and Gunnison Rivers!
Looking to Buy?
Talk to Don Turk at  [email protected]. Or call 970-209-5822. Great broker, great guy, seriously savvy about Crested Butte.
Hiking Guides!
crested butte hiking
Get your hiking guide BEFORE you go to Crested Butte!
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Petfriendly Lodging in Crested Butte
Coming up with your pet and looking forward to some great fun? Check our info page to get  informed on the local regs.
And find a place to stay! We put together a new pet friendly lodging page to make it easy for you to locate some great pet friendly lodging - no matter when you are coming, or how many people in your party. This page will only continue to grow. Meantime, check out the cabins at  3Rivers Resort, Susan's San Moritz condo, Ray's gorgeous 4 bedroom home! and much more!
Summer Events in Crested Butte
Summer Event Calendars are up! I search far and wide to include everything I find interesting going on in the area. 
chef in crested butte So check out the June, July, and August event calendars for the dates you are going. 
Don't miss a single concert, Tour de Forks dinner, archery contest, movie night, bike race, science walk, parade, or any of the other amazing and wonderful things that go on in Crested Butte !
Summer Fun in Crested Butte
Check our summer activities page for GREAT ideas on fun activities.
There is river rafting (plus ziplining if you want) with 3Rivers Resort, horseback riding, hiking, ballooning, fly fishing with Willowfly Anglers, ATV riding, hiking, biking, golf.... plan for fun! call ahead to 3Rivers Resort to book your rafting trip at 1-888-761-3474, or your horseback riding adventures with Fantasy Ranch at 970-349-5425!
Summer Fun for Kids in CB
There are great offerings for your kids when going to CB on vacation. Check our kids' summer activity page!
kids classes at rmbl There is of course Camp CB, which takes care of all ages, from 2 months old to teens. And there are interesting choices, like the active science day classes at the Rocky Mountain Biology Lab, or the dinner Bible camp (how smart is that!) 
Read up and pick! the choices have never been as various, interesting, and well-planned!
Hiking & Biking Guides For Crested Butte! Not so easy to find...
Go It isn't easy to find great hiking and mountain biking guides for Crested Butte. 
 I keep a watch on what is available on Amazon. Click thru and get a great guide BEFORE  you go to CB!  Or go to my guide page and gather up some great maps and guides. And get organized from some great hikes or bike rides!
robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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Robin Dreyfuss
Great Crested Butte Lodging