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Great Crested Butte Lodging
February 2016 Newsletter
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The Talented Folks at Christy Sports - who offer 20% to Great Crested Butte Lodging!


Discount Ski Tickets - for late March! -$40 off/day

March Event Calendar - Slush Huck Video Fun


Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream


Get Ski Tickets and Vacation Rentals at all North American Resorts!



Call Robin!
Discounts for Black Tie Skis!
Great Crested Butte Lodging has a great offer on ski rentals from this great company!

Looking to Buy?
Talk to Don Turk at  [email protected]. Or call 970-209-5822. Great broker, great guy, seriously savvy about Crested Butte.
Discount Ski Rentals
Great Crested Butte Lodging offers 20% off ski rentals at Christy Sports at the base. You have to order ahead! Phone is 
AFTER you fill in the form to get discount.
Ski Discounts

Get discounts for tickets, lodging, by owner rentals and even packages all over North America - at all the major resorts.
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The Talented Folks at Christy Sports
Crested Butte Discount Ski Tickets
Only 6 days are available with discounts - March 22,23,24, and March 28, 29 and 30, so click to March and order!
The March and April Event Calendars!
The March and April Event Calendars are up! When are you coming??? Check for fun!
Have you ever been to the Slush Huck at the end of the season? This year it is April 2, 2016. It is hilarious. Take a moment to enjoy these mini-videos of the event, and the brave souls who try to make it across freezing water!

Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream

"All of our ice creams are made from scratch, in small batches, right Here in Crested Butte! We also serve fresh homemade donuts!" 
Address: 201 Elk Ave, Crested Butte, CO 81224 - Phone:(970) 349-2888
Discount Ski Tickets & Lodging in ALL of North America and Canada
Go to our new series of websites for all the major ski resorts in North America, ! This new series of websites presents discounts and deals for all the major ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada. Deals on ski tickets, ski rentals, hotels and by owner rentals.

robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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Robin Dreyfuss
Great Crested Butte Lodging