great crested butte lodging
Great Crested Butte Lodging
April 2015 Newsletter
In This Issue:
Books, Guides and Maps for Crested Butte
Great map for hiking Crested Butte and all the trails that lead towards Aspen. Map and Guide page!

Discount REI
$23 for this amazing REI backpack! See more deals on the REI page.

Looking to Buy?
Talk to Don Turk at [email protected]. Or call 970-596-3219. Great broker, great guy - I work with him on some of his properties that he owns. Very knowledgeable and seriously savvy about Crested Butte.
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Check the Calendars for Summer! 

Coming up this Summer Spring or Fall? Please check our Calendar Page for available dates for all our great properties! We also have a new
4 bedroom Condo - petfriendly! Also, the May event calendar is up! Or, call or email and I will help you get situated! Robin Dreyfuss 954-610-2000 [email protected] 

New App for Mountain Biking Trails 
mountain bike
Crested Butte has allocated quite a sum of money to create an app for all the great mountain biking trails and events in Crested Butte. Look for it this summer!
The goal is to really put Crested Butte on the map for mountain biking and make it easier for all to find and use the trails. Hurray!
Oh Be Dogful Pet Ranch   
The Oh Be Dogful Pet Ranch! - Instead of leaving your dog home alone, bring her to daycare. Here she can play all day with her friends in our huge fenced in yard or inside in our large playroom. We've got a jungle gym, lots of toys, kiddie pools, a sandpit, and plenty of room for running. 

Remember, every dog has to be interviewed! And it is better to book ahead because,... it is Crested Butte, and capacity can get filled up! But what a wonderful way to make sure you AND your dog are happy during the day!
It would also be good to check their hours - although they do board as well if you are doing  a longer hike.
United Airlines Special Flight  
  Full Flight Schedule to Gunnison! - United Airlines has created a non-stop flight to Gunnison from Houston! Non-Stop! It will run from June 20-September 6!
Please check the Full Flight Schedule

robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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Robin Dreyfuss
Great Crested Butte Lodging