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August 2014 Newsletter
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Ski Season is Coming! Let's Get Organized!  


September Calendar is Done!!   


The Art Fair 2014


The Rubber Ducky Race 2014  


Paddleboarding in Crested Butte 


20% off on Mountain Bikes




Call Robin!



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Ski Season! Lodging, Flights and Ski Tickets! Let's get organized!  
ski pass - the peak pass Winter is coming!
Our fabulous DISCOUNT SKI TICKETS will go on sale in September. Want us to contact you? Please just answer this email and write "ski tickets" and we will reach out to you by mid-Sept., when I will have pricing.

happy skiier FLIGHTS! are spelled out on our air travel page. Each carrier has special service days for Denver, Chicago, Dallas and Houston- more than last year. So please be sure to check the offerings before you book your flights.

bienasz-home We are open for WINTER BOOKINGS!  We have homes, townhomes and condos for rent. The season is coming!


  Please check our Availability Calendar Page and take the guesswork out. Or better? call me, and I will make sure your rental fits your needs.

ROBIN!  954-610-2000954-610-2000

 [email protected]  


September Calendar is Done! 
 There is alot going on this September in Crested Butte! The event calendar is ready! Don't go up without checking all the wonderful happenings. You wouldn't want to miss anything! For example- the Chili and Beer Fest on Sept. 20!
Mt. Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival - The Crowd Report 2012
Mt. Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival-  
The Art Fair 2014, as seen from....


   The Eldo!, Such a Great Bar! It was a great, chill, inspiring and artistic Art Fair this year. Film Short:  

The Art Fair Crested Butte Colorado 2014- August
The Art Fair Crested Butte Colorado 2014- August



The Rubber Ducky Fundraiser, as seen from the


    Back of the Eldo - kind of a secret.  Funny Video of the Duck Race.... was your ducky yellow? 

Ducky Race Fundraiser, Crested Butte, Colorado 2014
Ducky Race Fundraiser, Crested Butte, Colorado 2014



Paddleboarding in Crested Butte!



The newest and really fun sport in Crested Butte is Paddleboarding! or. Stand up Paddleboarding, called SUP!
Irwin Outfitters will take you to the Slate River, and Three Rivers and Scenic River Tours will take you to Lake Irwin or Blue Mesa. It all sounds fun to me! harder than you think, guys. Learn more on our summer activities page!



Discount Mountain Bikes!


   steve on bike We offer 20% off on mountain bikes at the base! Perfect for taking advantage of all the new biking terrain being built at the base! All you have to do to get the discount is fill in the online form, then you are free to call the store!  They will store your bike, or you can take 'em back to your place!



robincb Hope to hear from you soon!

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Robin Dreyfuss
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