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September 28th was
A Great Day to Be Alive!
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Running Chicago!
Samaritan Marathon Team Alums Nicole Costa (left) and Kirstie Crawford (right) are running the Chicago Marathon next weekend, and it's not too late to support Kirstie's fundraising efforts for Samaritans! Good luck!
Running Hartford!
Blair Balchunas (pictured) and Sharon Dennison will be running the Hartford Half Marathon on October 12th in support of Samaritans' suicide prevention efforts. They are both raising funds and awareness and it is not too late to support them by making a donation (click on their names for a link) Good luck!


41 West St., 4th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

We are always wowed by the 5K when it finally arrives each fall. It is an unparalled day of remembrance, joy, sorrow, love and re-commitment to the power of a community in preventing suicide. This year's 5K once again broke records, and that does not happen without the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers, team captains, runners, walkers, and staff. Thank you for being a part of our community and making so much possible:  


Our biggest event ever! There were over 3,000 runners, walkers, volunteers, special guests and other members of our community. It was inspiring to see the community come together for the single largest gathering of people for a suicide prevention event in Greater Boston or MetroWest!


151 teams! Most of our teams are organized in memory of someone lost to suicide. Please view our 2013 5K Memorial List, and consider reading about our teams - there is a wonderful list on the 5K webpage, and a way to view every single personal webpage at our 5K fundraising hub. You can read their touching stories on their individual webpages, and still make a donation to support their efforts.


Most financially successful 5K in Samaritans history! Without any fundraising minimum requirements for individuals or teams, we are on track to exceed our goal of $350,000 for the event.

With your help we could raise 15% more during these difficult times when the demand for our services is at an all time high. A gift in honor of an individual, team, or any of the 263 loved ones memorialized makes a huge difference. 


Fundraising winners! Our 5K website crashed the night before the event meaning that we did not make awards on the day of the event - but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate all of our amazing individual and team fundraisers, with a special callout to our winners:


Top Fundraising Teams:

Katherine's Pride - $21,865

Kathy's Team - $14,690

Team Bon Bon - $12,976


Largest Team:

Christian's Team - 95 members


Individual Fundraisers:

Kara Hines (on a team): $18,000

Nancy Delaney (not on a team): $1,345 


Please enjoy the photo gallery of the day (with about 500 more photos added since Saturday) - celebrating the many teams who joined us on this glorious, and incredibly beautiful Saturday morning.


Save Saturday, October 4, 2014 as the likely date for next year's event (pending approval). If you would like to be a sponsor or want to make sure you are on our 5K mailing list, contact 5K Event Director, Garrett Owen.


Thank you!
Roberta's signature 
Roberta Hurtig
Executive Director
Marathon hopes & dreams
Our 2013 Marathon Team being honored at Fenway
The 2014 Marathon is going to be a very special event, and we are thrilled to announce that eight members of our 2013 Marathon Team whose runs were interrupted by the bombings this year will be joining our team again in 2014. We are also fortunate and thankful to the John Hancock Boston Marathon Non-Profit Program which has granted twelve marathon numbers to Samaritans for the 2014 Boston Marathon to be held on Monday, April 21st. We are in the process of finalizing our timeline and application process to manage the overwhelming interest in participating in the 2014 Boston Marathon. We would love to hear from members of our extended community who would like to be considered for one of these valuable bib numbers. If you are interested, please contact Garrett Owen  for a copy of our application - due to be released Wednesday, October 9th.


We are also always looking for individuals who qualify and secure a Boston Marathon bib number to join our team! If you have qualified to run Boston (or obtained a bib number through another source), and would like to make your marathon experience more meaningful by training, running and fundraising with the Samaritans Team, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Marathon Team Coordinator, Garrett Owen, at 617-536-2460 or with questions or comments about joining our team. 

More Samaritans!

Between the start of Samaritans' new Crisis Text Line, and the start of the school year and internship programs, we are welcoming lots more new Samaritans to the office. We're thrilled to have so much great help to accomplish so much vital work. Please help us welcome:

Beata Momtaz has joined us as our Weekday Chat/Text Coordinator. Beata first joined Samaritans as a Happier Boston and Helpline volunteer a little more than a year ago and was a stalwart member of our welcoming parties! She recently graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts.


Daniel Weiss joins Samaritans from the Boston University School of Social Work Program. Daniel will serve an internship as a part of Samaritans' Crisis Services Team through April of 2014, and has a particular interest in working with trauma survivors.

A special visit
We were delighted and honored to welcome Felicity Varah Harding to our office this month. Felicity is the daughter of Samaritans' founder, Chad Varah. Chad was an Anglican priest who was deeply affected early in his career by the suicide of a 14 year old girl. He founded Samaritans in 1953 to provide non-religious support to those who were contemplating suicide. Felicity continues her father's work as an ambassador for Samaritans in the United Kingdom. She is pictured (far right) with her husband, John Harding, with Roberta Hurtig.