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Roberta at finishSamaritans was founded in Boston. We had runners and their families and volunteers participating in the Marathon. Although our own community has been deeply affected by the tragic events last week, our dedicated volunteers have not skipped a beat in answering phones and providing the compassion and support people have come to expect from Samaritans for the past 40 years. When Boston hurts, Samaritans is here to help. And we will continue to be here for our city after the television cameras leave, after the national news stories fade, and when the long term effects of this trauma continue to weigh on our community.


After the events of last week, I am reminded about why now, more than ever, we are focusing on events like Hi Five in the Fifth, Orange you happy, and our upcoming Hope Events. The smiles of Happier Boston volunteers are symbols of the hope that people need in order to heal, cope, thrive, and sometimes just survive.  At this difficult time, Boston needs compassion, kindness and concern. When a Samaritan volunteer picks up the phone, they say five magic words, "Samaritans, may I help you?" and no matter what the story of sadness, worry, anxiety, or despair, they listen - with compassion, kindness and concern. 


A helpline that helps

During the chaos that erupted on Marathon Monday, our volunteers were answering calls. During the lockdown in Boston on Friday, our volunteers were answering calls. This week is National Volunteer Appreciation week, and we couldn't be more appreciative of these heroic individuals who put aside their own worries and concerns in order to be there for others. Since the events of last week, Samaritans has called on our volunteers more than ever to get out the message that we are here, that Boston is strong, and that part of being strong is asking for help when you need it.


Samaritans is here for Boston, but we also need to ask for help. The reason we are able to answer the phone more than 130,000 times a year is that our community supports us - by volunteering and donating. Click the picture above to hear from one person who asked Samaritans for help, and, if you are moved by the dedication of our volunteers and the service that Samaritans offers to our community, please consider making a gift in honor of the local service that has been here supporting Boston for 40 years. 


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Roberta Hurtig
Executive Director
The Hope Events:
Another Way to Help
Our Hope Events offer an amazing, one-hour program that is informative and inspirational.
The 2013 Hope Events
They are also happening in less than two weeks! While we are always there for Boston, we are also grateful that our community is always there for us with the support we need to answer calls, provide support, and educate our community. If you are one of the thousands of people looking for something productive to do to help, please consider joining us for these free, fundraising events.
At the Hope Events, in addition to telling stories of those who have  found comfort, solace, and healing at Samaritans during the past year, we will honor our Marathon runners and the volunteers who provided uninterrupted service during a difficult week. RSVP online, or, if you can't join us, please consider a gift to support the helpline that helps.  
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hi five group 
Hi Five in the Fifth 
Samaritans was honored to join the Boston Red Sox on Sunday, April 21st to kick off Family Week with Hi Five in the Fifth at Fenway Park. During the middle of the fifth inning, our Happier Boston message comes on the jombotron, and the announcer asks everyone in the park to "Hi Five" the people around them in order to build connections and a happier Boston. We have been at every game this week, and will continue to be there through Saturday to let the Boston community know that Samaritans is here, and that a "Hi Five" can be part of building a happier, healthier Boston.
Hi five face paintWe've had a great response from Fenway fans who have told us how much Boston needs events like this - to remind us who we are and what Boston is really all about. The following was a note we received from a "Hi Five in the Fifth" volunteer following the game she attended:
" I just got back from the Hi Five in the 5th at the Red Sox game. I had a great time. I really saw a lot of great impact on people and getting a lot of thank you's made it all worth it...People were so happy to see us trying to keep the smiles on everyone's faces after a hard week. I applied to this year's Marathon Team and I am going to try again next year with a bigger and greater reason to go for it."
Samaritans will be at all the games through Saturday. Look for us tonight in an interview before the game on NESN.