PPO Plan Terminations Effective 12/31/2016

Valued Clients

You are receiving this communication because you are currently enrolled in a Priority Health PPO Individual Health Plan.  As you may have already been notified, Priority Health has chosen to discontinue their individual PPO health insurance plans for 2017.  We wanted to get ahead of this and put a process in place to transition you to another plan for January 1st, 2017.  Please see the information below:

Is my plan being cancelled right now?

No, your current plan with Priority Health will remain in effect through the remainder of 2016.  We will be transitioning you to another plan during Open Enrollment this year for a 01/01/2017 effective date

Why is this happening?

PPO plans allow customers to go to any provider for medical care.  While this flexibility works quite well for customers, it results in higher costs to health insurers because they do not get the same discounts for "out of network" providers.  This is why, historically, PPO plans have higher premiums than their HMO counterparts.

Will I be forced to take an HMO plan?

No, there are still PPO plans available with other carriers but they will cost much more than HMO plans.  We also have "Point of Service" or POS plans available through Priority Health which are essentially a hybrid of the PPO and HMO plans.  A POS plan will allow you to still seek coverage "out of network" and require you to utilize their HMO network for "in network" medical care.

To be completely honest, with the rate increases coming next year (CLICK HERE to view our previous newsletter on this topic) we will be advising our clients to consider lower cost plan options like Health Savings Accounts (HSA), HMO, and POS plans.

What can I do to prepare for this transition?
Our goal at Altruis Benefit Consulting is to make this transition process as easy as possible for you.  Here are the steps we would like to you to follow to help us with this transition:

  1. Please CLICK HERE to download and complete an updated pre-qualification application - this form will  give us all the information we need to quote alternatives for you and enroll you in the plan you ultimately select
  2. As soon as we are able to quote plans for next year (hopefully in mid-September) we will email you a proposal containing options we feel will offer similar benefits to the plan you currently have
  3. Once you have a chance to review the proposal, we will have a conversation to address any questions/concerns you may have and select a plan
That's it!  Three simple steps and we will handle the rest for you.  We will be following up with each and every one of you personally once we are able to get plans quoted for 2017.

As always, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your health insurance needs!  You can contact the professionals at Altruis Benefit Consulting using the information below if you have any concerns about your coverage, Open Enrollment, or Health Care Reform in general.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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