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How many of you have asked yourselves the following questions:


  1. Why won't a provider ever give me a straight answer on what a procedure costs?
  2. Why does the price of the exact same procedure vary as much as 300% depending on where I get it done?
  3. Why can't I shop different medical providers to find the best price for a procedure?

If so, we are pleased to announce that your questions now have an answer!



PriorityRewards is a unique health care solution that rewards you for being a savvy consumer! This service will be available to all individual, small group, and large group clients of Priority Health on 07/1/2015 and will allow you to do the following:

You will be able to search on over 300 medical procedures and diagnostic tests provided by board certified providers in your area

The online tool will show you the various providers in your area for the procedure you have searched on and give you the cost of the service based on your specific plan

If you select one of the providers listed with a "Green Trophy" next to it - Priority Health will send you a Visa gift card valued at between $50 and $200 depending on the service!

(it's only 2 minutes long)


PriorityRewards gives you the tools to research procedures based on cost before you go so there won't be any surprises when you are billed by the provider.  In addition, you get a Visa gift card just for using the service!  To learn more about this amazing service provided by Priority Health please contact your benefit advisor at Altruis Benefit Consulting for more information!

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