PPACA Update:
2014 - 2015 PPACA Open Enrollment is coming... Are you ready?




We hope you have had a wonderful Summer with your family and friends!


That special time of year is fast approaching and the professionals at Altruis Benefit Consulting are your #1 resource for questions, concerns, and advice on Health Care Reform.  Due to the tight time frame of Open Enrollment this year (only 3 months) we are encouraging our clients and prospective clients to get ahead of the madness, schedule some time with our professional advisor staff in the coming weeks, and nail down a date/time after 11/15/2014 to facilitate any changes.  Here are some important dates and information you need to know prior to this year's Open Enrollment season:


Important Dates

  • 10/01/2014 - This is the date we are projecting the various insurance carriers will have their 2015 individual rates approved by CMS.  Although this approval time frame may fluctuate, we are certain that we will have these rates well before open enrollment begins
  • 11/15/2014 - Open Enrollment begins for the 2015 calendar year
    • Enroll before 12/15/2014 for a 1/1/2015 effective date
    • Enroll between 12/16/2014 and 1/15/2015 for a 2/1/15 effective date
    • Enroll between 1/16/2014 and 02/15/2015 for a 3/1/15 effective date
  • 02/15/2015 - Open Enrollment closes for the 2015 calendar year.  If you do not secure individual coverage for your self by this date you will have to wait until 01/01/2016 to enroll in coverage unless you have a "Qualifying Event".


We will keep you updated as we gather more information from Center for Medicare Services (CMS) and the insurance carriers we represent.  As we stated above, we strongly encourage you to speak with your advisor at Altruis Benefit Consulting before 11/15/2014 to develop a strategy for your individual/family health insurance.  This will give us more time to address your situation and schedule a time to facilitate our strategy once open enrollment begins.




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