November 2012


The 2012 Election and Health Care Reform
What Happens Next...

We have finally reached the end of what has proven to be a relentless, never ending political campaign season.  The American people have voted to keep the current administration and its legislative agenda in place for the next four years.  With this historic vote, the American people have also solidified the forward progression of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).


A question many of you may be asking is:


"Is my business fully prepared for the impact of the PPACA"


If you are a client of Altruis Benefit Consulting the answer to this question is "YES"!  We have read the law, we understand the law, and we are able to ensure that our client base is up to date and fully informed on how this legislation will continue to unfold.  The main components of this legislation will go into effect in 2014.  Between now and then, we will be delivering a series of communications to keep you up to date on industry changes and compliance requirements.  Upon your renewal, we will be discussing the structure of your benefit offering and how it will need to be modified to ensure compliance with the PPACA.


The important thing to take away from this message is that your business is in safe hands with Altruis Benefit Consulting when it comes to the PPACA.  We will continue to educate ourselves on the complexities of this legislation and how it will impact the various markets we service - Individual (under 65 years old), Medicare (over 65 years old), Small Market Group (under 50 employees enrolled), and Mid-Market Group (over 50 employees enrolled).




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