May 2013


PPACA Update:
Altruis Benefit Consulting acquires PPACA "Decision Support Tool"


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will impose significant challenges to the business community both today and in the future.  The unique and complex questions we have fielded from our clients this past year have put us in a situation where we need to provide "tangible" data, information, and reports in addition to sound advice.  Recognizing this need, we have taken a significant step to ensure that you have access to the most up to date reporting information possible with respect to the PPACA by acquiring the ACA Decision Support Tool.


Thoroughly vetted for accuracy and compliance with PPACA regulations, the ACA Decision Support Tool is a comprehensive utility that will allow us to provide our clients with a customized analysis of the PPACA's impact as well as an extensive variety of potential strategies and scenarios.  Altruis Benefit Consulting has acquired a unique version of this tool that will continue to update "real time" as continued PPACA guidance comes down from the IRS in the future.  This tool will allow us to gather and enter key client data and generate a customized analysis of the PPACA impact.


The ACA Decision Support Tool includes the following capability:

  • Potential tax liability under the "Pay or Play" tax
  • Minimum wages that employers must pay to avoid offering "unaffordable coverage" to employees
  • The cost of current benefits plan that an employer provides
  • A "Small Business Health Care Tax Credit" eligibility test
  • "Cadillac Tax" tax applicability and tax liability
  • The cost of supplemental insurance products offered by the employer
  • Health Care Reform provision applicability
  • Future health care costs
  • Alternate strategies to help employers deal with PPACA
  • A "Full-Time Equivalent" employee calculator
  • And much, much more!

We have taken it as our personal mission to be the single best source of PPACA information and advice for our clients this past year and we believe that the ACA Decision Support Tool will help us achieve this goal!  We will be going through extensive training on this tool over the coming weeks and will begin to take appointments to start gather data on those of you who will be most impacted by this legislation.  If you have any questions about this tool and how it can benefit your business please do not hesitate to contact us.


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