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We are very excited to introduce the Altruis HR Workplace powered by ThinkHR!

The Altruis HR Workplace is a web based Human Resource portal that will provide our valued Employee Benefit clients with a wealth of HR based information, tools, live professional HR assistance, communications, and compliance checklists.  Altruis Benefit Consulting has arranged to have this resource available to you on an unlimited basis as absolutely no cost!  The acquisition of this IT asset will be the first in a number of technology additions we will be making over the next 12 months to improve your customer experience with Altruis Benefit Consulting.

The Altruis HR Workplace consists of 4 separate categories of service technology that you can use to significantly improve how your company administers its HR activities. 

Altruis HR - Comply 
  • Thousands of forms, documents, tools, and checklists
  • Dynamic tools that allow you create and update employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance reviews, and aligning compensation
  • Access to the latest HR laws and best practices on topics like hiring, time off, compensation, and employee benefits
  • Access to Health Care Reform compliance information

Altruis HR - Learn 
  • Access to a catalog of courses that develop employees and ensure compliance
  • Both you and your employees can enroll in a variety of courses and receive a Certificate of Completion in the following categories:
    • Compliance
    • Safety
    • Wellness
    • Customer Service
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Performance Management
    • Workplace Skills
    • Human Resources

Altruis HR - Live
  • Access to a team of experts available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 7PM
  • Resources are former HR Directors and Managers with the experience to solve the most complex HR issues
  • HR Professionals have PHR or SPHR designations
  • Written summaries of call and FAQ's are always available as well

Altruis HR - Insight
  • Keeps you current with need-to-know news and analysis on employment law, Health Care Reform, legislative updates, and compliance changes
  • Expert analysis from HR professionals
  • White papers that dive deeper into important HR topics
  • Free HRCI and SHRM approved webinars to keep your HR certification active

You will be receiving a personal "Welcome Email" directly from ThinkHR on September 28th providing you with your client ID and login information to the Altruis HR Workplace portal.  We strongly encourage you to take some time and browse through this powerful tool and determine how it can benefit your specific organizational needs.  We are extremely impressed with this service and we hope you will be as well!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Altruis HR Workplace portal please let us know! 


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