June 2, 2016
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Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,

The presentations from the May 26 meeting at the Lenox Hotel     
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are linked and summarized below. See the other sections, too.

Our next meeting will be Thursday June 30 at The Langham, Boston.

Boston Green Tourism Meeting

May 26, 2016

Location: Lenox Hotel
Hosts: Daniel Donahue, Tedd Saunders, Scot Hopps and Samantha Sorrin
Present: Samantha Sorrin, Tedd Saunders, Scot Hopps, Mike Carlisle, Jeff Hanulec, Brian Hoffman, Fred Mahoney, Marc Cohn, Jackson Pierce, Ed Dustin, Fabienne Eliacin, Alex Alexandrovich, Kevin Debasitis, John Paquette, Deborah Coppins, Stephen Wessling, Cameron Ritzenthaler, Dan Ruben. 

Eco-Initiatives by the Saunders Hotel Group
Tedd Saunders, CEO, EcoLogical Solutions, Inc. & CSO, The Saunders Hotel Group
Scot Hopps, Director of Sustainability, The Saunders Hotel Group
Samantha Sorrin,Sustainability Program Coordinator & Executive Assistant, EcoLogical Solutions, Inc.
Mike Carlisle, Director of Food and Beverage, The Lenox Hotel, The Briar Group 

The Saunders Hotel Group is a fourth-generation family business and an international green hospitality leader. 

Here are some of their recent eco-initiatives:  
  • Local food and drinks:  More customers are asking for them--and they have become cheaper and easier to source.  Guests are also increasingly demanding GMO-free, antibiotic-free and organic food. 
  • Sustainable purchasing policy: The SHG policy helps their purchasing staff incorporate many green and local products, such as Beekman amenity fixtures, soaps and lotions; Enviro Care cleaning products from Clean Green Solutions; Equal Exchange coffee; Bern bicycle helmets; and a foldable electric scooter that managers use to travel between properties.
  • Allergy-friendly rooms: The Lenox offers them on the 11th floor. They appeal to many guests.
  • Dimmable, warm-color LED candelabra lights: The Lenox has been searching for the right vintage-style product. They think that they're close to finding one.
  • Energy Management System: SHG uses a Sol Vista platform to monitor their HVAC systems and detect problems.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): The Comfort Inn & Suites installation cut its energy use by 10% and its energy bills by $38,000 per year. The 4-year project payback is just what SHG expected.
  • Environmental advocacy: SHG speaks up for environmental sustainability in many forums.

John Paquette, President Window Services, Inc.
Deborah Coppins, Vice President, Window Services, Inc.
Stephen Wessling, CEO - President, Stephen J. Wessling Architects, Inc.

Windows installed in the early 1980's or before can't be made energy efficient and should be replaced when they become dysfunctional. But there's a strong advantage to refurbishing windows made since then.

Compared to installing new windows, refurbished windows cost over 70% less; the energy efficiency gains are similar; the projects produce much less waste; and the completion time is much faster. Refurbished windows can be restored to optimal functionality.
Cameron, Ritzenthaler, Project Manager Engineer, Air Solutions & Balancing

Kitchen ventilation controls have improved. There's now a now a solution for every kitchen configuration--even for kitchens with multiple hoods that use one fan. New systems use less energy, are more durable and easier to maintain. The ROI is attractive for these projects.


Sheraton Boston Hotel, June 15

Come to this conference if you can! 

If you contact me by tomorrow, I may still be able to get you a discounted rate of $50 (as opposed to $99 for Eversource customers, and $500 for general attendees, $500.)

The highlight for me will be the Energy Savings Walking Tour of Sheraton Boston, led by Jeff Hanulec. I'm also interested in learning about new technology at the sessions and the trade show floor. 

I hope to see you there.


National Restaurant Association, May 22

The following meeting will be 2:30 to 4:00.
June 30
The Langham, Boston
September 8
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
October 13

December 1 
Seaport Hotel

See you June 30 at The Langham!
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