December 3, 2015

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,
Our next meeting will be Thursday December 10, from 2:30 to 4:00 at Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT.  
I thank our hosts: Ryan O'Heir and Melvin Santos.
I hope you can come!
Gerrit Reinders, Executive Vice President, Telkonet, Inc.

There are advantages to updating older guestroom energy management systems (GREMS). For example, they sense occupants much better, they control lights as well as HVAC, they can be networked and integrated with door locks and they can control shades and draperies. New systems are also more intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing than older systems. Mr Reinders will tell us about the latest in GREMS, and where the field is headed.

Bill DeFlavio, Director of Business Development, PathoSans

Mr. DeFlavio will discuss the benefits of ElectroChemically Activated Water (ECA) solutions  for the world of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection. This paradigm, used by several Boston hotels, has sustainability, safety, savings, and simplicity. It uses ionic membranes and electricity to convert softened water and salt into two distinctly different cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Our third speaker had to cancel today. I will announce his replacement next week. 

Most Efficient Toilets Use Less than One Gallon Per Flush  
Many Boston hotels have installed water efficient toilets in recent years. The EPA gives the WaterSense label to toilets that use 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less.
The most water efficient units on the market are the Niagara Conservation Stealth toilets. Their single-flush unit requires only 0.8 gpf. Their dual-flush model uses 0.95 gpf or 0.5 gpf. Both units use vacuum-assist technology.
Over 1 million Stealth toilets have been installed. Many hotels use them, including Sheratons, Hyatts, Wyndhams, Holiday Inns, Embassy Suites and Comfort Inns.
Does such an efficient toilet work well? Consumer Reports called the toilet "quiet and powerful." A Conservation Warehouse survey found that customers were "overwhelmingly satisfied"  with the Niagara toilets.  
Niagara also offers a very efficient Hot Start Showerhead. When guests turn the shower on, the water will flow until the temperature hits 95 degrees. Then it will slow to a trickle until the guest hits the "Resume" button. 

How Trash Can Liners Can Impact Both Waste and Wallets  
Cleaning & Maintenance Management, November 18

Properly fitting waste can liners, with no more than six inches of overhang, reduce waste and costs. Thinner, linear high density liners are recommended, unless the containers collect sharp objects. The article helps users determine the right kind of liners to buy.

Matthias Kassner, Energy Manager Today, October 27

The author discusses the advantages of standardized wireless technology. "The key advantages of wireless control are the ease of upgrading existing buildings and expanding a system at any time. No new control wiring is required for existing lights; they simply have to be upgraded with wireless control units."
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