September 11, 2015

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  
Our next meeting will be Thursday September 17, from 2:30 to 4:00 at Hyatt Regency Boston in the Rockport Room, street level. 
I thank our hosts: Terry Dunbar, Brian Gorski and Ganga Singh.

Bring your Housekeeping managers, because we will be treated to a presentation by Stephen Ashkin, the "Father of Green Cleaning." 
I hope you can come!
Brian GorskiDirector of Engineering & Facilities, Hyatt Regency Boston

Mr. Gorski wil discuss the hotel's recent green achievements  and its plans for the coming year. 

Stephen Ashkin, President, The Ashkin Group

Mr. Ashkin is considered to be the leader of the Green Cleaning Movement.  He advises the US Green Building Council, Building Owners & Managers Association, International Facility Management Association and more. 

He is the primary author of the cleaning credits in the LEED-EBOM Rating System; he is a US Presidential Award recipient for his contribution to the President's Green Chemistry Awards Program; and he authored The Business of Green Cleaning.  

Mr. Ashkin's will discuss simple, inexpensive and effective housekeeping actions that  reduce the risk of Norovirus and Staph--which could be devastating to hotels.

He will also cover the cleaning industry's recent green innovations regarding chemicals, paper, equipment and plastic liners. They are easy to implement and cost-effective. They help hotels stay on the leading edge of green cleaning.

Finally, his presentation will include ideas for engaging guests to save energy, water, cleaning supplies and more.  

Tory KempfAccount Executive, Energy Efficiency, Eversource Energy

Mr. Kempf will explain what hoteliers should know about chiller plant optimization, and how it can reduce energy bills. 

There are many vendors who offer chiller plant optimization solutions.  Mr. Kempf will help hoteliers be educated buyers. He will explain how true optimization is defined, and  the difference between plant optimization and component optimization.

Geoffrey Phillips, Product Management, Energy Efficiency, Eversource 

Mr. Phillips will demonstrate Eversource's new tool for its largest customers, which will help hotels reduce energy bills and meet their sustainability goals.

This tool provides detailed usage and billing information. It enables customers to analyze their energy use, benchmark their buildings and track their participation in energy efficiency measures offered through Eversource.    

Tesla Offers Hotels Free 
EV Charging Stations Through 2015
There are currently 350,000 plug-in electric vehicles (EV's) on US roads. This total is growing by 9,000 EV's per month.
These numbers suggest that EV charging stations will no longer be "nice-to-have" options for higher-end US hotels--they will soon be necessities. It behooves hoteliers to track the growth of EV's so they can have the appropriate number of charging stations for their guests.
This map shows which Boston area hotels (and other businesses) offer stations now. It is created by PlugShare, which has a mobile application and an online tool  that enables EV owners to find nearby stations. 

Tesla is making it easier for hotels and restaurants to add stations. They are installing up to two stations for free until December 31--as long as they are placed in visible or convenient locations. As noted in the previous BGT newsletter, Tesla has already installed stations at Millennium Bostonian, W Boston, Four Seasons Boston and Sheraton Boston.
Participating hotels receive the Tesla Wall Charger, which is designed for Tesla cars only. The company's agreement with hotels is, "pending an estimate from your electrician."
Installations are coordinated with hotels' Directors of Engineering or parking garage management companies.
For more information about Tesla's offer, see the company's Destination Charging document. To contact Tesla regarding  free charging stations for your property, go here
[Correction: In the August 19 BGT newsletter, I said that Tesla installed the Tesla Supercharger at Millennium Bostonian. That's wrong--they installed the Tesla Wall Charger. They also installed a ClipperCreek station that all EV drivers can use.]

LED's Improve Garage and Parking Lot Lighting  
Has your property replaced its garage and parking lot lights with LED's yet? LED's provide sizable energy and cost savings, and a short payback period. The economic case for LED's in  parking garages is particularly strong, because they are lit 24/7.
LED's often provide better illumination than conventional high intensity discharge (HID), metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) luminaries. The traditional light sources produce over-lit "hot spots" on the ground below. LED's provide more consistent illumination across the designated spaces.
LED fixtures can be equipped with bi-level controls, or "motion sensors," that reduce lighting levels in unused parking zones. Bi-level controls set lights at higher lumen levels when motion is detected and lower levels when it's not.

This case study from Axiom Energy Solutions shows how DoubleTree by Hilton in Denver reduced kWh's in their garage and parking lot by over 60%, improved visual acuity and reduced the incidence of burnt-out lights by installing long-lasting LED's.

Building Automation Systems (BAS's) help facility managers cut energy use, identify malfunctioning equipment and schedule maintenance work optimally. 

The author provides tips for the process of purchasing new BAS's and upgrades. She explores the question, "is it better to...integrate older controls into a new communications system to keep costs down, or spend more now to build in new functionality?"

She recommends that potential BAS customers read ASHRAE Guideline 13-2015, Specifying Building Automation Systems.

Frederick Salvucci, George Bachrach, Ekongkar Singh Khalsa, Dan Ruben 

Site preparation has started on the Wynn Resort in Everett. The transportation issues associated with this project  are contentious. 

That issue aside, the project is remarkably green. It features the cleanup of contaminated land, restoration of the abutting section of the Mystic River, new public access to open space along the river, a LEED Gold or Platinum facility, landscape irrigation using roof rainwater runoff, water-conserving fixtures, combined heat and power, on-site solar panels, the purchase of renewable energy, etc.

The following BGT meetings will be 2:30 to 4:00. 


September 17:
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See you Thursday at Hyatt Regency Boston!