March 17, 2015

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  
Our next meeting will be Thursday  from 2:30 to 4:05 at at InterContinental Boston in the Griffin / Robinson Room on floor 2.


Thank you to our hosts: Bradford Rice, Fabienne Eliacin, Joe Kreis, Arlete Burgo and Vasco Foster.


I hope to see you at the meeting!





Boston Green Tourism Meeting

March 17, 2015


Location: InterContinental Boston


2:30 to 2:40 


2:40 to 2:45


Dan Ruben  


2:45 to 3:00

InterContinental Boston: Green Initiatives, "Let's Engage"         

Joseph Kreis, Director of Stewardship

Arlete Burgo, Executive Housekeepe

Fabienne Eliacin, Engineering Coordinator


3:00 to 3:25

How Hotels Can Become Bike-Friendly for Staff and Guests  

Galen Mook, Marketing & Advocacy Associate, Landry's Bicycles


3:25 to 3:45

2015 Mass Save Incentives for Hotels; Success Stories

Kevin Lubinger, Program Manager, Energy Efficiency, Eversource


3:45 to 4:05

Hotels and Furniture Banks: Working Together to Help the Planet and the Homeless

Donna Hunnewell, Owner, The Wish Project Furniture Bank   



Chemical Free Cleaning Making Inroads  

In a recent Green Lodging News article, Stephen Ashkin, the "father of green cleaning," posed this question: Is it Time to Stop Using Cleaning Chemicals? Chemical-free cleaning is desirable, because it eliminates chemical exposure to staff, guests and the environment.


Mr. Ashkin described several chemical-free methods now used in commercial settings: 

  • steam vapor systems
  • spray-and-vac cleaning systems
  • activated or electrolyzed water systems
  • dry ice blasting 

He cited early studies that show that these methods clean and sanitize well.


I agree that the chemical-free cleaning movement is worth following. These are my questions about it: 

  • Environmental impact: Mr. Ashkin says that chemical free cleaning "eliminates cleaning's impact on the environment." However, the systems he cites do use energy, which affects the environment. I will also point out that electrolyzed water is not truly "chemical-free." I would like to see a more robust comparison of the various cleaning methods so hoteliers could know when chemical-free cleaning is indeed environmentally-preferred.
  • Cost: Mr. Ashkin says that under certain circumstances, chemical free methods are a "major cost savings for hotel owners." What are those circumstances?

I will explore this issue in future newsletters. We have already had speakers on electrolyzed water. I will schedule a speaker on steam vapor cleaning in 2015. 


Two Young Entrepreneurs Offer Way to Grow Food Even in the Dead of Winter 
credit: freightfarms
Cole Mellino, EcoWatch, February 18

A Boston company, Freight Farms, converts shipping containers into "farms" called Leafy Green Machines. These units enable users to grow vegetables all year, even in New England. They are pricey: $76,000 per unit, plus $13,000 per year for utilities and supplies. But they make it possible for Boston restaurants to buy local produce from the farmers who operate them.

The following BGT meetings will be 2:30 to 4:00. 


March 19:         InterContinental Boston

April 9:              Sheraton Boston

May 21

July 16:              Mandarin Oriental Boston

September 17

October 22:       Taj Boston

December 10:    Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT


See you Thursday at InterContinental Boston!