March 10, 2015
Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  

Our next meeting will be March 19 at InterContinental Boston from 2:30 to 4:00. This meeting will make up for the one I recently postponed. 

We will have some very interesting speakers--so I hope you can attend on short notice!
  • Joe Kreis, InterContinental Boston
  • Galen Mook, Landry's Bicycles
  • Kevin Lubinger, Eversource
  • Donna Hunnewell, The Wish Project
I will introduce their presentations in the next newsletter.

I thank our hosts: Bradford Rice, Fabienne Eliacin, Vasco Foster and Joe Kreis!

 Dan Ruben 


A Better City Releases Document and Toolkit, 

Enhancing Resilience in Boston: A Guide for Large Buildings and Institutions  


This report illuminates the climate change risks that Boston buildings face, and describes technologies and actions that can protect the area's properties.


Boston is vulnerable to increased storm intensity, sea level rise and heat waves. The report's Toolkit, embedded in the document and posted on A Better City's website, offers 32 solutions for building retrofits and new construction.


"The Toolkit provides a short description of each potential action, and is grouped by climate impact: sea level rise and flooding; stormwater management; and urban heat island. The toolkit also notes whether the action is targeted for buildings inside or outside the floodplain. Information is provided about potential costs, regulatory touchpoints, financing and incentives, local vendors and case studies, where available."


Is your property at risk for flooding? You can get a sense of its vulnerability by viewing the Fall 2013 Proposed FEMA Flood Map for Boston Area on page 4 of the report. It demarcates the Flood Hazard Zone, which currently has a 1% annual chance of flooding. Maps on page 5 show the anticipated area of vulnerability in 2050, assuming that the ocean rises two feet by then.


Enhancing Resilience in Boston was commissioned by the Boston Green Ribbon Commission in support of the City of Boston's Climate Action Plan. It will be updated continuously. One of the report's author will speak to us later this year.


I encourage you to read it, or at least the Toolkit, and determine which actions make sense for your property. 


Will Your Hotel Celebrate Earth Hour or Earth Day?  
Many hotels worldwide, including several in Boston, will celebrate Earth Hour this year. The event will take place on March 28, 8:30 to 9:30. Hotels and other entities will turn down their lights, offer eco-inspired, candle-light meals or drinks, organize activities to mark the event and more. 

The World Wildlife Fund helps hotels by producing Earth Hour Starter Kit and the Earth Hour How-To Guide for Hotels.

Some hotels will celebrate Earth Day, on April 22, too.

Recycling Signs: Are Yours Attractive and Effective? 

Effective recycling bin signs improve recycling rates and reduce contamination. Some properties us pictures to communicate their message and to help non-English speakers recycle.

The Lenox Hotel's recycling signs are particularly attractive, so I thought I would share them with you.

Have meeting planners or corporate customers asked your hotel to provide HCMI reports? If so, I recommend this webinar.



The following BGT meetings will be 2:30 to 4:00. 


March 19:         InterContinental Boston

April 9:              Sheraton Boston

May 21

July 16:              Mandarin Oriental Boston

September 17

October 22:       Taj Boston

December 10:    Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT