May 29, 2014
Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  

The next Boston Green Tourism meeting will be Thursday June 5, from 2:30 to 4:00 at Boston Marriott Long Wharf, in the Constitution / Faneuil Room, floor 2. Directions are here.


Thank you to our host: Matt Moore! 


I hope to see you at the meeting.


Dan Ruben 

Jeff May, Principal Scientist, May Indoor Air Investigations 
The biggest indoor air quality issues in hotel rooms come from mold problems--mostly stemming from HVAC equipment. Jeff will talk about why and where mold growth occurs, how to identify it, how to clean it and how to prevent it.
Jeff is is principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations LLC, located in Tyngsboro, MA. His company investigates moisture, odor and mold problems throughout the U.S. Jeff is the author of "My House is Killing Me!" (2001), and My Office is Killing Me! (2006), and co-author, along with Connie L. May, of "The Mold Survival Guide" (2004), and Jeff May's Healthy Home Tips, (2008). 


Alan Lamson, Senior Account Manager at Philips Lighting Company 


The lighting field is changing so quickly that I schedule a new speaker at least annually. 

On Thursday, Alan Lamson will introduce us to new LED products and tell us what products 

to expect in the coming months. He will describe the latest LED replacements for fluorescent 

tubes; LED's for candelabras that are due by the end of 2014; digital controls that notify 

facility managers when lights burn out, and more.



Jesse Lyons, General Manager, Boston Pedicab  

With goofy grins and an exponentially smaller carbon footprint than standard transportation, Boston Pedicab is moving people around our city. Whether it be transportation for corporate events and weddings, customizable individual and group tours, or point A to point B shuttles and quick trips; locals and visitors alike are catching on to this 3-wheeled phenomenon...and loving the experience. 
Jesse will discuss how pedicabs can help hotels guests travel the city in a fun and pollution-free style.

Langham Boston to Install Advanced Window Film to Save Energy  

and Improve Comfort 


The Langham Hotel Boston has contracted with Showroom Glass Coating to install Eastman Chemical's EnerLogic Low e window film on the east, south and west facing of the top three floors of their building. The project will be completed this month.


EnerLogic film, like other window film products, reduces energy use by keeping out heat and UV radiation. However, EnerLogic also improves windows' insulating value--more than other films on the market. Single pane windows are transformed into windows with the thermal efficiency performance of double-panes; and double-panes attain the insulating value of triple panes. 


To date, EnerLogic is the only window film to qualify for Mass Save rebates from NSTAR. NSTAR evaluates window tinting projects on a custom basis.


The Langham Boston project will cost about $70,000. NSTAR will cover 25% of that bill. The energy savings are projected to be 245,000 kWh's, and save Langham Boston's over $38,000 per year. The ROI is expected to be 1.54 years.


The EnerLogic film comes with a 15-year warranty. Thanks to the clear distortion-free adhesive, films of this type have lasted for over three decades.


While many window tinting projects have attractive ROI's, most are not as lucrative as the Langham Boston job. Typical ROI's are in the 2 - 4 year range, before rebates. Projects with some of these characteristics have especially good ROI's:  
  • The windows have full sun exposure.
  • The windows are single pane.
  • The windows don't already have low-e coatings.
  • The hotel heats with electricity.
While hotels enjoy the benefits of reducing their winter and summer energy bills, they install window film for other reasons, too. By filtering out UV, window film protects furniture and carpeting from fading caused by the sun's UV radiation. It also helps hotels reduce guest complaints by moderating the temperature in rooms that overheat from sun exposure. In addition, EnerLogic film satisfies guests who are in rooms that are difficult to heat in winter, because they have large or single-pane windows.  


In one way, window film applications are different than other energy efficiency projects. Most energy-saving projects improve the performance of building systems and equipment. By contrast, window film reduces the demand for energy by moderating building temperature.


Langham Boston will host the December 4 BGT meeting. At that meeting, the hotel's Director of Engineering, Fred Mahoney, will show off the window film project and discuss its impact on the property. 


New England Energy Efficiency Conference: Discounts Available
BGT hoteliers can attend this conference for only $50, if 10 or more of us register. People who register on their own would pay $99. (This promotion is for hotel employees only. Other BGT members can register directly on the conference website.)
Please send me an email ( if you are interested in attending the conference, or if you already registered. Once we get 10 names, I will send you the special discount code that we can use to register.
This annual conference is popular among hoteliers and other building professionals because it has outstanding workshops  and it provides an opportunity to talk to New England's leading vendors and colleagues in the exhibition hall and over lunch. 
This conference, at UMass Lowell on June 26, will help green team members engage other hoteliers in meaningful conversations that generate shared vision and creative solutions, and build motivation to act. It includes training on effective meeting leadership techniques. 
Deirdre Fernandes, The Boston Globe, May 21


Boston building owners and insurance companies are acting to reduce their risk from flooding and other climate risks.

Green Steam Expands in Boston

William Opalka, Energy Manager Today, May 21 


EV Charging Stations: Time to take charge

Greening the Inn, August 17, 2012


This article helps guide hotels that are considering adding electric vehicle charging stations. 


The following BGT meetings will be 2:30 to 4:00. Please mark them in your calendars!


June 5:  Boston Marriott Long Wharf

July 24:  Sheraton Commander

September 18

October 23

December 4:  Langham Boston                  


See you Thursday at Marriott Long Wharf!