February 11, 2013
Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  

Our next Boston Green Tourism meeting will be Thursday March 6 at the Lenox Hotel. Directions are here.


Thank you to our hosts: Tedd Saunders, Scot Hopps and Marcella MacKenzie.


Please note the time-sensitive ideas in the OPPORTUNITIES section below. 


Dan Ruben 


EPA Launches WaterSense H2Otel Challenge                           

The EPA's WaterSense program has launched the H2otel Challenge to help hotels reduce their water bills. The program will help hotels discover opportunities to reduce water use, switch to certified water-efficient products, incorporate best management practices (BMP's) and track their progress using ENERGY STARŪ Portfolio Manager or another tracking tool.


You can learn more about the program by attending the webinar, Take the Plunge! The WaterSense H2Otel Challenge on Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00. 


Hotels can participate in the challenge by registering and taking the pledge.


H2otel Challenge participants will be invited to attend seven webinars between March and June: 

  • Assess, Track and Realize Payback
  • Washing 101: Laundry and Plumbing Primer
  • Water Assessment and Evaluation Tool
  • Splash with Outdoor Water Savings
  • Minimize Water in Mechanical/HVAC Systems
  • Let's Talk About Education and Outreach
  • What's Cooking: Commercial Kitchen Savings 

Participants will also receive water-saving resources, tips and hotel case studies.


The BMP's are described in "WaterSense at Work: Best Management Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities," which is a comprehensive guide to commercial water efficiency. WasterSense certified products can be found here.



Mass Save Promotion on LED and LFL's Runs Through February 

Mass Save reduced the minimum hotel contribution for qualifying LED bulbs from $5.00 to $2.50 through the month of February. The minimum contribution for linear fluorescent lamps is reduced from $2.00 to $0.50.


Linear Fluorescent Lamp


2013 Incentive Levels

Minimum Contribution  
(through 02/28/14)


Reduced Wattage 28 watt T8 Lamp



Reduced Wattage 47-51 watt T5HO Lamp



Reduced Wattage 25 watt T8 lamp



Reduced Wattage 25-28 watt T8 U-Bend Lamp




LED Replacement Lamp


2013 Incentive Levels
Minimum Contribution  
(through 02/28/14)


PAR20 or BR20



PAR30 or BR30



PAR38 or BR40



PAR 16 or MR-16 or GU10






Decorative Lamp (including G and B shapes)



Screw base and GU-24 base LED down-light kit




EPA Webinar. Smart Roofs: Portfolio-Based Roof Asset and Energy Management

This webinar (February 12, 1:00 to 2:00) will help businesses take advantage of an often unused asset: their roofs. Participants will learn how commercial roofs can be used for insulation, daylighting, reducing runoff, re-using rainwater, reflecting heat and for solar energy.


Go here for the program description and to register.


The Lenox Hotel Becomes Boston's First TripAdvisor Green Leaders' Platinum Hotel 

Congratulations go to Dan Donahue and his team at The Lenox Hotel for earning this distinction, with support from EcoLogical Solutions.   


The City of Boston now has 16 GreenLeader hotels. Besides the Lenox, there are 3 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze hotels. There are 10 more GreenLeaders in Cambridge and other Greater Boston locations.


Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban to Take Effect October 1

The Patrick Administration announced that the ban will take place on October 1 rather than July 1. It applies to entities that dispose of at least one ton of organic material in a given week. The official press release is here


The MA DEP document, "Your Business and the Waste Bans: What You Need to Know," is here.


RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is a good resource for recycling food waste, as it is for all materials. They are a, "recycling assistance program that helps businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse, and food waste diversion opportunities." They: 

Of course, you can also contact me to learn about what strategies Boston hotels use to comply with the new waste ban, and what they have experienced to date. 


March 6: The Lenox Hotel

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October 23 [Please note that this meeting date was changed from Oct. 30 to Oct. 23.]

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See you March 6 at the Lenox!